A salty poem by Ocean Nomad Sophie

two women standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean.


Into the Unknown leg Galicia- Porto                                                   somewhere in August 2021

Once upon a time there was a nomadic spirited girl,

who at the other side of the world found her magic pearl.

It was about a life at sea she never knew before,
her heart sang wild since she opened that new door.
From that moment she swore,
to never continue her life on shore.
She thought sailing was only for the experienced and the rich,

but after her first ocean crossing she made a switch.

From that moment she was unstoppable,

as she convincingly screamed: ‘If you can dream it everything is possible!’

Thousands of wild, playful salty nautical miles followed,
including all the heavy storms, breakdowns and bumps that had to be swallowed.

Teared sails and dodgy captains didn’t stop her from going,
she knew these situations made her adventurous spirit only growing.
Big hearted she was she didn’t keep these enlightening experiences for herself,

and soon her book how to hitch-sail the world was on the shelf.

Mesmerized by the magnificence of her words,

the Ocean Nomads community grew in big herds.

A safe haven where your saltiest dreams become reality,

if you’re lucky enough you get to know all about Windfall’s bulletali.

Simultaneously, a sad abandoned French ship was screaming for attention,

As 3 angels, Thomaatje, Chili and Yolo arose from another dimension.

Dedicating 3 sweaty years to refit Windfall from the inside out,

with one mission, to become the slowest sailors around the world, without a doubt.

Cause those who walk fast,
miss out on the mystery of life’s quest.

The ever-phenomenal formula of the Ocean Nomads community found its way,
as Windfall generously welcomed 8 curious salty souls to stay.
Joining a leg into the unknown,
from Galicia to Porto time has flown.
At sea the perception of time is just another weird invention of the human mind,
those who are caught by the ticking of the clock slowly become blind.

Blind for all the signs of life communicating through you each day,
that it is the beat of your heart showing you the way.

The way to full connection,
cause the separation of human mankind and nature is world’s biggest misconception.
Life on Windfall made us remember our true essence,
in all its unconditional love, laughter and even a sweaty late-night dance.

Flowing with the trade winds down South,

made us intrinsically feel where life is all about.

Irresistible aromas and scents of Asian herbs leaving the kitchen on a daily base,

baking our own bread, delicious curries, Swedish specialties, it was all out of space.

These goddamn hippies keep surprising you for days,

mastering true seamanship, keeping us safe and anchoring in challenging bays.

It may look like they are just hoolahooping around,

these guys know how to sail although sometimes you may run aground.
Kissing sandbanks on the Portuguese Spanish river mouth,

challenging yourself and doing something new every day is goud!

A wonderful crew coming from different wind directions of planet earth,

sharing, caring, encouraging to give your authentic being birth.

Our special member Seadog Wingo was the cherry on the pie,

our biggest teacher, living his best life on an infinite natural high.

Treasure every breath you take even when it seems your life makes a spin,

and be grateful for all the superpowers you carry within.

Cause you are the creator of your own life,

and we as Ocean Nomads are there for you to strive.



a woman sitting on the deck of a sailboat.

Thank you Sophie! We’re so grateful for your energy, presence and supportive spirit. 


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