Ocean Nomads

Impact-driven community of ocean adventurers


Ocean Nomads is a global community of impact-driven world sailors, ecopirates, and sustainability projects with the mission to safeguard the ocean. Our home. Our playground.

We are a bunch of young (by heart:)) adventurous entrepreneurial ocean lovers that are after an active sailing outdoor lifestyle. We share ideas, information and connections on simple, mindful, positive impact ways to live, travel, work and play in, on and near the ocean. We’re a mix of creatives, artists, founders, hands-on doers, unconventional life livers, and change-makers.

We are adventure spirits wishing to experience more of the world with sea travel, live simply, sporty, healthy, and we are after making a positive impact in the world that we call our playground.

We follow the wind, meet up, exchange experiences, learn from each other, (hitch) sail the seas, surf a wave, and make splashes together.

What we all have in common is a burning desire for exploration and making a difference in the ocean. Our home. Our Playground.

There are other humans out there in this world with your way of living. Ocean Nomads connect their energy, connections and resources to help each other achieve their ocean dreams and missions while making a positive impact on the world around us. 

Whether you’re a complete novice and curious, a salty sea gypsie, or an island-based ocean lover, welcome to join!


We have 12 years to save the ocean and we need all hands on deck. Mother ocean gives us so much and we have the responsibility to give back. 

We’re all on similar journeys, dreaming and doing about ocean adventures and to make a positive impact around us. We have brilliant ideas, projects, and dreams. We desire to experience, to learn, to connect, and to be part of something. We’re looking to connect with others honouring simple and sustainable lifestyles. We are concerned by the state of the planet. We want to make a positive contribution and do our bit. But alone we can only do so much! To reach for the stars, we must surround ourselves with likeminded entrepreneurial salty souls, share knowledge, and inspire and cheerleader each other. So much more is possible if we join forces on our journeys. We need to team up, amplify each others messages and build an army to turn the tide. 

“Systematic change can’t be achieved without the energy of community. If you want to save the planet, if you want to transform society, you need a strong community. Technology is not enough. Without mindfulness, technology can be more destructive than constructive. When we speak about creating a sustainable environment or a more just society, we usually speak of physical action or technological advances as the means to achieve these goals. But we forget about the element of a connected community. Without that we can’t do anything at all.” – Thich Nhat Hanh