Who We Are?

Our Mission

Creating a global support network for adventurous ocean-loving and caring people by facilitating online and offline connections between:

– (Aspiring) Crew and Adventure seekers
– Captain & Boat Owners
– Community Projects
– Ocean Academics
– Ocean Professionals

To encourage personal development and maximizing potential. We can only do good when we feel good.

To increase ocean awareness and action
through experience-based learning and creating epiphany moments.

Ocean Nomads - Adventure Impact Community - 80 of 147

To accelerate social and environmental impact projects through synergetic team-ups, ocean citizen science data gathering and reporting, cargo sailing, which will boost existing local and global initiated sustainable solutions.
To inspire and inform for simple and sustainable living to minimize harm and maximize positive change.


Safeguard the Ocean.
Our home.
Our Playground.

Our ambition is to serve as a catalyst for engaging people into ocean adventure and impact projects and to harness our collective passion for the ocean into solutions for a healthier ocean.


  • Freedom Lifestyle and Simplicity
  • Curiosity and Knowledge Sharing
  • Collaboration and Contribution
  • Adventure & Play and Action

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Suzanne van der Veeken

The heart of Ocean Nomads. Enthousiastic about everything ocean and getting you involved! She started Ocean Nomads to connect people to the ocean and each other for more fun and ocean impact.
She’s a skipper, freediver, kitesurfer and learning surfer. Author of Ocean Nomad, the ocean travel guide. As the Oceanpreneur she connects people to the ocean, encourages for ocean adventure, and educates on conservation action.


selene suau

Ocean Enthusiast and mermaid in the making. She puts all hands on deck helping ocean solution turn real. She helps Ocean Nomads with listening what you need, the ocean needs and developing the marketing, organizational and planning accordingly.

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