Adventure Crew Opportunity with A Beautiful Mission on Classic Schooner!

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Ocean Nomads in the spotlight! Now and then, a member show up with a beautiful mission and project that the world needs to know about it. Here’s one of them. It’s a sailing crew opportunity to jump on that will open many new doors (or hatches) for you.

In this blog, we shine a light on a project brought to us by member Shawn. To inspire you that if it can be dreamt, it can be done and by supporting our ocean brothers and sisters! And this project could use a hand. Jump on board to get inspired, sail and be part of the next chapter. 


A story...

Sailing yacht heeling in strong wind with crew on deck, living their ocean dream.

Adventure Crew Opportunity with A Beautiful Mission on Classic Schooner!⛵️💫

Sailing Bahamas – Antigua 💙
Antigua Classics 😍
Antigua – Carriacou
Spring 2024

“….She completed her first sea trial gloriously! She recently carried 74 buckets of soil and seeds, each capable of feeding a family for a year – and infinitely if seeds are saved and soil cared for properly – plus 850 pounds of books donated to start a library and much needed materials for a local church. These items were delivered successfully to Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas, still struggling to rebuild from hurricane Dorian, where they were received with joy and a spark of hope. This first chapter of the story has warmed the hearts of so many involved who helped to make a dream into reality, and it is only the beginning…

…The next chapter involves sailing from the Bahamas to Antigua… And we invite ocean nomads to join us in Antigua – please come share a meal, join us for a sail, sing and dance and be merry until you fall asleep on the spacious deck under the stars! Following Antigua, the plan is to resume running humanitarian aid missions, with a sustainable and environmentally-conscious attitude, before heading to Carriacou to begin building a fleet of wooden schooners to exponentially expand the mission!

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This is not a UNICEF or Red Cross mission, with immense overhead and stifling bureaucracy. This is a mission to DO good things, to help people, to spread peace and love, and to dig deep to find the best in ourselves so that we may be most effective!

You can be a part of this mission. You can cheer us on from whatever part of the world you find yourself, the well-wishes and the love will not be lost on us. You can contribute donations to the cause in the form of money, boat parts, seeds, tools, knowledge, guidance, spreading awareness, or getting onboard and applying yourself to building and caring for a better world!

The plan for the near future is to set sail from the BAHAMAS to ANTIGUA no later than MARCH 31st.

Then sail the Antigua Classics and West Indies Regatta and make way to Carriacou, Grenada.

5 crew spots available at any stage of the journey

Learn More and Contact Vessel

And be part of “the beginning and the continuation,” as Alwyn shares in the film Vanishing Sail, a docu dear to our hearts.

This is just the beginning and we believe this project is going to turn into something so beautiful! It’s a sailing crew opporunity to jump on.


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