Hey Salty Super Supporter!

Here’s your invitation to be an Ocean Nomads ambassador!

This can take different forms or shapes depending on what excites you and how you would like to be involved. On this page you can read more about it. If you say ‘Hell Yeah’ I’m in, fill out the form thingy below.

What is Ocean Nomads?

Ocean Nomads is a global opportunity, collaboration, and support network for adventurous, ocean-loving people with a drive to explore and safeguard the ocean. Read more.

We aim to evolve into something much bigger than ourselves, and we need people like you to help develop and move the Ocean Nomads community. We would like to go live as soon as possible and with your support we’ll make it work. Each one of us has different skills, experiences, and areas of expertise. We’d love to have you involved with what excites you!

Who is we?

The acceleration team consists out of Selene, Frederick, Eleanor and Suzanne. You can read more about us on the team page.

What are we about to launch?

 An online social platform to connect you all and enable for more adventure and impact offline. It’s a simple user-friendly app that you can access via your phone or computer. Some main cool features:

  • It  provides multiple ways to dicover and connect with likeminded pirates (via location, via topics of interest, and via similar profiles).
  • It’s ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for building databases, creating exclusive content, have deeper conversations, and communicating crew possibilities, trips and events. 
  • We can do more and be more, together. Right now, I’m juggling a bunch of facebook groups, trips, social media, and creative projects in different places. It doesn’t allow me to create the best experience for you. The big aim is connecting you to the ocean and each other. By launching this community, and have an epic bunch of ambassadors spreading good vibes, ideas, and contributions, we can introduce each other to more people, and unlock valuable collaborations and team-ups.

The online tool is set up to enable connection and action offline. We plan to launch spring 2020.

When we have created our first ambassador team, we’ll give you ambassador access so you can check it out for yourself.

Why we need you?

First of all, If I reached out to you, you already ARE a great ambassador! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support so far. It really is what has kept me going. But to be able to make more impact it’s time to get organized and scale up. Ocean Nomads are scattered all over the world with particular ocean experiences, knowledge, interests, vessels, basecamps, skills and ideas. You are standing out because of a particular ocean experience, skill, knowledge, facility or enthusiasm you have. By being an ON ambassador you can help accelerate the movement by contributing your insights, thoughts, skills and superpowers which in turn help others going on ocean adventures and doing good, and accordingly lift you up to your potential. You help tackle the ocean and ocean nomads challenges.

The goal

The main purpose of the Ocean Nomads online platform is to connect like-minded people, build community, share ocean adventure opportunities and provide the tools and tips for ocean adventure, conservation, and community. It’s a tool that we would like to keep as simple but as valuable as possible to help you and people like you going forward and make a positive impact around us. We only have one life and no time to loose when it comes to making dreams real and preserving the ocean.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

A bunch of super exciting dedicated, motivated salty souls that share the same values, take initiative and are determined to make this thing work together! We welcome skills, stories, ideas, feedback, facility in all sorts of forms.

This can involve:

  • Testing the functionalities of the platform
  • Sharing feedback and ideas to improve
  • Spread the word to other salty souls about Ocean Nomads. Online, in anchorages, marina’s, universities, anywhere!
  • Contribution in the form of a sharing your story, an occasional article on your topic of interest, crew requests, and simply your ideas.
  • Be an Ocean Nomads point of contact in your region / of your specialty topic.
  • Collaborations on meet-ups, trips, and events. 
  • Much more!

Why be an ambassador?

  • You are a founding member and be the first to know about everything.
  • First-hand access and introductions to the Ocean Nomads network.
  • A place to put up your events, articles, jobs, journey questions, crew requests, content and ideas to a likeminded crowd.
  • Co-branding opportunities for trips and events
  • Discounts and scholarships for future Ocean Nomads trips & events.
  • You’ll be the first to learn and be given the opportunity about paid & volunteer Ocean Nomads jobs (Ocean Nomads captains, volunteers, online and offline support jobs)
  • Free Membership

It’s an opportunity to accelerate your personal passion projects and an opportunity to contribute to something bigger than what we’re able to do alone. 

The next step

If you’re excited to be on board, please fill out the form below (or click this link) so we can learn more about your interests, skills, area of expertise and activities that excite you. (If you have technical challenges we can set up a phone call).

Thank you! We’ll be collecting the data and get back to you in February 2020 about the next steps.