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Ocean Nomads is a global opportunity, collaboration, and support network for adventurous, ocean-loving people with a drive to explore and safeguard the ocean. Read more.

Why we want you!

Ocean Nomads are scattered all over the world with particular ocean experiences, knowledge, interests, skills and ideas. You are standing out because of a particular ocean experience, skill, knowledge or facility you have. By being an ON ambassador you help accelerate the movement by contributing your insights, vessel, energy and skills which in turn help others going on ocean adventures and doing good, and accordingly lift you up to your potential. You help tackle the ocean and ocean nomads challenges. And together we can move this movement, but the greater purpose of helping the ocean and ocean people thrive!


Who are Ocean Nomads Ambassadors?

A bunch of super exciting salty souls that share the same values, take initiative, and are determined to make this thing work together! Have a look at our Ambassador page to see our current angels.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

Dedicated & Motivated Adventurous Movers!

Points of contact in different regions and experts on certain sustainability topics.

Online-savvy testers and engagers for our online space.

Spread the word to other salty souls about Ocean Nomads. You live our values by nature and advocate for a simple sustainable lifestyle in, on and near the sea. You’ll independently find innovative ways and generate buzz about the Ocean Nomads movement within your network and local area.

Contribution in the form of a column, occasional article, interview or on your topic of expertise or journey

Ocean Nomads style crewing and ocean adventure opportunities in different areas of the world

Organize Ocean Nomads Meet-ups in your area & Initiate ON trips and adventures

We’re currently looking mostly for:


  • Country Ambassadors predominantly based somewhere and knowledgeable about the local sailing scene and sustainability efforts. Strong preference for natives.
  • Liveaboard ambassadors living the Ocean Nomads values
  • Support with personalized member connecting on the network HUB
  • Support with collecting & sharing member stories
  • People shining the Ocean Nomads vibe to attract our Tribe
  • Social Media support 


What’s in there for you?

First-hand access to the Ocean Nomads network

You will be the first to know about everything

Personal introduction to anyone in the network

1 Year – Free Membership. Turning into a lifetime membership if we’re all happy.

A place to put up your crew opportunities, projects, events, articles, jobs, content to a like-minded crowd

Co-branding and Co-organizing opportunities for trips and events

Featuring your project on our website, newsletter, and social media of your project

Discounts on future merchandise, Ocean Nomads trips & events 

You’ll be the first to learn and be given the opportunity about paid & volunteer Ocean Nomads jobs (Ocean Nomads captains, volunteers, online and offline support jobs)


Being an Ocean Nomads Ambassador is an opportunity to accelerate your personal passion projects and an opportunity to contribute to something bigger than what we’re able to do alone.

Almost all of our ambassadors we know personally, but we know there are more of us out there living our values and eager to walk the extra mile to support our movement and network. On a case-by-case basis we consider more ambassadors to accelerate our mission. If you think this has your name on it, let us hear from you.


If this is a ‘hell yeah, I’d like to be an Ocean Nomads Ambassador,” please fill out the form so we can learn more about your interests, area of expertise, and a little bit about yourself (if we don’t have that yet).

If you would like to be part of our network, but not really knowing Ocean Nomads yet or ready to commit to the Ambassador tasks, join Ocean Nomads as a Member for just 6 euro/month.


who else is on board?

Meet the Ocean Nomads Ambassadors,
the beating heart of our community!

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