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Ocean Nomads sailing the atlantic 626

Sailing the Atlantic. The film is out!

What’s it like to sail across the Atlantic with a bunch of ocean nomads? Exactly 1 year ago we set sail across the Atlantic. We captured it not only by experiencing it but this time also by video. Thanks to the lovely ocean nomads cooperating and to Jonatan for not settling for anything less than

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A woman is sailing on the deck of a sailboat at sunset.

An introduction to Travelling by Sailboat as crew: A Journey Into Freedom, Adventure, and a Conscious Lifestyle with nature.

Introduction to travelling by sailboat Traveling by sailboat represents a unique blend of adventure, freedom, and a pure, natural way of travel. It’s not just about booking a sailing course or a holiday, or get a certification; it’s about experiencing life on the open seas, and embracing a different perspective on travel, the world, nature

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woman, camera, field

Hello Wild Ones! A Little update from Ocean Nomads founder Suzy

I hope you’ve had a summer of being wayyy more outdoors than indoors and got salty, muddy, sandy and sunkissed! Do you know that feeling of butterflies in your belly because you are in love with LIFE? Today, and pretty much every day this summer, I woke up like that. Next to the sea, happy

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A polluted beach littered with trash.

A Deep Dive into plastic pollution for Ocean Enthusiasts

Over the years plastic pollution has got a stage. More and more awareness seems to exist about this challenge planet ocean is facing. But why is plastic pollution in the ocean such a problem? Do you know the full scale of the issue? What is plastic in the first place? And what can we do as Ocean Nomads to make a difference?

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