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Join the Ocean Nomads ‘Sail across the Atlantic’ Theme month for more fun, knowledge, and connections

This August we dedicate the full month knowledge sharing about Sailing Across the Atlantic. We have lots of members who have sailed across, and lots of members who are looking to do so. We can learn a lot from each other. Join the conversation, absorb the information, ask your questions, share your ideas, stories, curiosities and experiences in relation to sailing the Atlantic.

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a woman is taking a picture of the ocean from the deck of a sailboat.

Travel Across the Atlantic by Sailboat | 10 tips for a happy and safe ocean adventure

Travelling an Atlantic Crossing on someone else’s sailing boat is not a straightforward endeavour and an adventure to be taken lightly. Finding a boat is one thing, finding the right boat, crew and captain match is what makes all the difference. There are some things to be mindful of. Here are some tips to get your Atlantic ocean sailing dream started.

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean on a tall ship adventure of a lifetime. Join the crew and experience the beauty of the open sea.
Prepare for your transatlantic voyage with expert tips on sailing across the Atlantic. Navigate the open waters with confidence.
Ready to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? Discover the challenges and excitement of embarking on a transatlantic voyage on a yacht.
Join us on a sailing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean. Experience the thrill of navigating the open sea on a tall ship or yacht.
Learn everything you need to know about sailing across the Atlantic. Prepare for your transatlantic voyage with top expert advice.

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a group of sailboats sailing in the ocean.

Mission accomplished Ocean Nomads, and to be continued… Sailing 400 Nautical Miles for Ocean Impact, Adventure, and Community with Mission Atlantis | Portugal

From the last new moon until the June super full moon we have been sailing the coast of Portugal to raise awareness and act for ocean regeneration. We joined the team up with Oceans and Flow Portugal and sailed over 400 Nautical Miles to experience, celebrate, and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

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introducing ocean nomads community captains.

Introducing new Ocean Nomads Community CaptainS: Jacky & Brianna

I’m super excited to introduce you to not only your new Ocean Nomads Community Captain, but CAPTAINSSS! The ocean nomads community keeps growing organically all across the world. It’s exciting and inspiring to connect ocean souls with each other and to nature. This is at the core of what Ocean Nomads does.  To level up

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