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The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide: How to Catch a Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean.

It started with a book

After years and years of hitchhiking 30.000 nautical miles on +/-50 different sailing boats the ocean stole my heart and the drive was there to help other experience ocean magic and lifestyle for themselves. This started with a book called Ocean Nomad. Then the Ocean Nomads community gradually came about connecting readers with vessels, resources and opportunities to get out there. I got my captain license. So I could rent boats, invite people to come sailing and share the magic. Over the years, different sailing trips and meet-ups have been organized and co-organized. And after each event the same conclusion, we got to do more of this! And we got to surround ourselves more with people like this. Gradually Ocean Nomads has been organically growing into a global network of ocean adventurers and changemakers where more and more members take each other out there, team-up, and meet-up for ocean impact and adventure, accelerating dreams and missions. Together. Join the Tribe!

Ocean Nomad | The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide: How to Catch a Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean.

This 400-page interactive Atlantic Sailing Crew guide is packed with inspiration and ‘how-to’s (and how not’s) on sailing the Atlantic ocean as crew. If you aspire to sail across the Atlantic, this is the resource to make it happen: happy, safe and meaningful. It is full of practical advice and stories, persuading and informing travellers to go from the idea of “I would like to cross the Atlantic”, to sipping a coconut on the other side celebrating. Ocean Nomad provides:
– A comprehensive look at all aspects of crewing
– Essential knowledge on routes, seasons, weather, costs, kind of boats, and destinations.
– How to find a boat (extensive review of all crew websites and marina’s to find your luck, and tips on promoting yourself)
-Tips and Checklists on (eco-friendly) packing, assessing safety, captain and capability, and provisioning. 
– Interviews of 32 captains, 58 crew members who sailed the Atlantic Ocean for a wide perspective.
In addition to providing the ‘how-to’s of sailing across the Atlantic as crew, Ocean Nomad informs and raises awareness about the state of our ocean, including +75 actionable takeaways on how you can make a difference for a healthier ocean as sailors and anyone.

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