Uniting Ocean Nomads at Sea | Spain to Portugal | Summer 2021

This summer we will explore the Rias Baixas and Islas Cies in Galicia, and sail to Porto. Uniting Ocean Nomads members and celebrating the love for the ocean. 

The region is a paradise on earth. It’s nowhere nearly as crowded as the Mediterranean . We have a few vessel members aiming to make way or based there, as well as land based nomads. AND 2021 is the special Holi year of the Camino of Santiago. Driven by passion and purpose for the love of the ocean, we’re on a mission to travel the seas, meet-up and team-up with fellow salty souls, and live, be and do more consciously.

Explore. Connect & Make Impact

DATES: We unite August 15. We set sail August 16-21 

THE VESSELS: Ocean Nomads Member Vessels 

PORT of DEPARTURE: Maona, Galicia, Spain

DESTINATION: Porto, Portugal

ROUTE: Riax Baixas, Islands, and Porto. The weather and our intuition decides the details.

DURATION: 7 days

BERTHS AVAILABLE: 5 initially. Perhaps more.

CREW INVESTMENT:  50 euro trip contribution / day (x7 days)+ sharing costs (Food/Marina/National park fees). Diesel we cover. (+ Nomad Membership if you’re not a member yet)

VESSEL INVESTMENT:  Free for members

ON MEET-UP: August 15 we welcome any member in the zone.

two sailboats in the water near a hill in croatia.
offshore sailing adventure
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The Camino the Santiago

Optionally adventure add-on :).  To walk back from Porto to Galicia doing part of the Camino the Santiago. Or all of it 🙂


About this Sailing Adventure

This happening is organized rather spontaneous and without a fixed program. On purpose. We go with the wind and our feelings. This event is a gathering of ocean nomads vessels and members to keep the community spirit alive. Out there. Away from the internet. 


It’s a brilliant opportunity to sail with live aboards, in their soulful nomad homes, to meet fellow ocean nomads, and explore if this lifestyle is for you or to simply keep that salt in your veins. 



Since most vessels are slowly heading south we unite this part of the voyage sailing from Galicia to Porto. Something that’s not possible to do when you simply rent a boat. It’ll be a diverse, nature-minded, shared adventure. 


Everyone on board is expected to take part in the running of the ship. It’s part of the fun, experience, development and epiphany moment creation.

A seagull on a wooden railing overseeing the offshore adventure.

“The future is in the hands of those who explore… and from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

We Facilitate & Accelerate

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Nothing beats exploration and discovering new islands, lands, and sailing into a new place. 

A captivating illustration portraying an offshore sailing adventure in the Atlantic.


Expand your network with insight and inspiration. Connection and conversation at sea goes deeper in one day than months on land. 

a hand holding a wrench icon during an offshore sailing adventure in the Atlantic.

Skill Building

Learn and expand your seamanship, sailing, navigation, resilience, conscious living, adaptation & social skills.

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We share tips & tools, helping accelerate personal journeys to alternative adventurous conscious life on or near the sea.

A sailing adventure in the offshore Atlantic featuring a green circle with a heart and arrows.


We strive for minimum negative and maximum positive impact with our preparation & execution. The difference is in the details. 

Who's joining?

It’s the people who make the adventure. We carefully curate a diverse, multi-skilled crew who share a similar adventure and dream it do it mindset, to create a powerful team mix. 




a group of people sitting at a table on a tall ship.

The Crew

a woman sitting on the deck of a sailboat.


The soul captain of Ocean Nomads. Slow travelling oceans by sail, van and fins to learn and encourage for a more conscious way of life. Suzanne, aka @oceanpreneur is super driven to connect you to the ocean and each other. She has sailed more than 30.000 miles on about 60? different boats. 

An adventurous woman embarks on an offshore sailing journey in the Atlantic, accompanied by her faithful canine companion.


The salty sea dog. He’ll be the first to jump in the dinghy to explore the shore. AND the first to jump in the dinghy to go back to the boat to sail ON. Good treasure hunter too.

black and white photo of a man on a sailboat.


Thomas could sail almost earlier than walk. He has a big love and hunger for new adventures, traveling, nature, film, books, and chess or whatever game there is on the boat available. The last 3 years he has been prepping SV Windfall to sail around the world. The voyage has now started and with his Windfall joins the fleet.

a black and white photo of a woman on an offshore sailing adventure.


Salty soul from tropics on sailing adventures around the world. First mate of SV Windfall. Currently wandering around Galician coast, Spain. 

a man in blue glasses is taking a selfie on a boat.


Lives at sea for about 50 years of which the last 20 as live aboard on his SV Kinetic. Keith is a retired YachtMaster Instructor, happy to teach and share the magic at sea. He refuses a smart phone. 

a group of people are swimming in the water on a boat.


Adventurer & explorer

Alternative lifestyle seeker

Striving to do good


Saying Hell Yeah that’s me when reading more about our community

The Vessels joining this Adventure

SV WIndFall

1975 53ft Steel Ketch Skippered by our Tomaatje, and with Chili and Lovisa as crew. After 3 years of prepping he set off to sail the world. And to welcome Ocean Nomads members on board along the way. SV Windfall is currently already in Galicia.

a black and white photo showcasing an offshore sailing adventure in the Atlantic.

You with your vessel?

Would you like to join the fleet with your vessel? Do you live and share the ON values:

Saying Hell Yeah that’s me when reading more about our community

Join the network with your vessel and join the fleet!

SV Kinetic

A simple and sweet beauty of a live aboard vessel by out Keith. Full with tons of little smart installations and creations to make life on board comfortable, safe, and fun. Keith is planning to sail in from the Azores, still some variables pending.

a sailboat docked at a marina for an offshore sailing adventure.

Are you ready to be part of THE FLEET?

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We’d love that. Be aware. This trip is not the usual holiday kind of champagne sailing where you sit back and relax. We want to be sure you’re ready and happy to join. In addition to the trip info here, check our Ocean Nomads values & expectations to make sure you’re happy with it – read more here. 


The biggest value is in having a crew mix on board with similar mindsets and missions but different background and stories. Share a little bit about you in the application to make sure we’re all on the same page, and have a happy, safe, and meaningful experience accordingly. 


  • +/- 1  week of sailing adventure & nature connection
  • A unique mix of adventurous & impact-driven salty souls
  • Being taught the ropes of the ship
  • Trip organisation (to a certain extent 😉 on purpose!)
  • The vessel & safety equipment
  • Professional Skipper
  • A bed (Shared cabin or saloon sofa)
  • Fuel


  • Food (+/- 5-7 euro/day) Part of the fun is provisioning and figuring out this prep part together. 
  • Transport to and from the boat
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal equipment e.g. waterproofs 
  • Bed linen
a group of people on a sailboat posing for a photo.
a group of people on a boat looking at a map.

WHAT ABOUT Covid 19?


Two things are for sure: 1. That nothing is for sure. 2. That nature is the answer to basically everything. And to stay top fit, healthy, and living! So we’re moving forward with our trip planning and ready to adapt again if needed.



We will be running the trip in accordance with  local regulations which are subject to change. 


Everyone joining must take responsibility for adhering to their home and host country’s travel advice and local regulations relevant to the trip. 



More About the Ocean Nomads Events & Expeditions

A connected, conscious community is key to accelerating positive change. Through community, we can harness our collective passion for the ocean into solutions for a healthier ocean. 

Ocean Nomads trips connect people to each other and to the ocean. Nothing brings people together like actually bringing people together. And nothing triggers more than actual experience. We add nature and adventure into the mix, and we have a recipe for creating a big dose of positive energy and accelerating change for a common good. We provide ocean adventure and encourage low-impact travel by sail.


On purpose we don’t plan out everything in detail. We roll with the weather, our intuition and opportunity. With good preparation. 


We live up to the Ocean Nomads’ slow sailing philosophy. We strive to have an onboard environment that inspires adventure and play, with a strong emphasis on health, simplicity, local, teamwork and environmental consciousness. Learn more about our trip values & expectations here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a burning desire for exploration. You like to create, grow and do good. You live in, on or near the ocean to cultivate a conscious alternative active lifestyle, or desire to do so. You can’t be ‘boxed.’  You have a variety of interests with nature, health, simplicity, adventure and sustainability at the centre of it. The ocean is your home. Your playground. Your place to treasure, respect, and protect. The thought of leaving land for a few weeks excites you. You have a ‘can be done’ mindset. You have a team spirit.

You don’t need to have sailing experience. We believe and have experienced that a positive mindset and active adaptive attitude is much more valuable. Our captains and fellow members are happy teaching you the ropes. After some days at sea you can sail the ship yourself! You need to be physically and emotionally fit. You are happy to take part in the running of the ship which include watchkeeping, cooking, cleaning, sailing, and jobs as they arise.  This on an angle, and in all sorts of weather conditions. You don’t mind getting wet, or salty, and go for a while without a freshwater shower, or limited fresh foods. 

When it’s maybe not for you?

  • You’re not excited about sailing and all that comes with it
  • You don’t want to share your space with others
  • You can’t adapt to a new situation with new people
  • You only want to sit back and relax
  • You’re not in a positive headspace for this kind of trip

If any of these are true for you, then you might want to pass on an adventure like this for now. But any other doubts can be taken away! There’s only one way to find out; make the decision and go for it! The seemingly impossible is not the path of the least resistance, but definitely the most rewarding one. You just need willpower, determination and a smile on your face.

Please note that this event is member only. 

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.” – Paulo Coelho

Less is more; less is more; less is more! But packing not being sure what the weather will do, what a regular day will look like, and what the next adventure will be? What to bring?
On our member platform, you’ll find an extensive offshore sailing packing list of the most important things to consider to bring as a crew member, for a pleasant, safe and happy ride. As a general rule, if you can live without it, leave it at home. For this trip a good wind and water proof jacket, and layers of clothes are smart to bring.

Possibly maybe 🙂 We have to check with the captain!  Please bear in mind that we mostly will be anchoring and there may not always be an opportunity to go onshore. 

Hell yeah! Our trips happen rather spontanously. Keep on eye on the event section on the Member HUB for the latest and on the trips page of this website. And subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed. 

Both Vigo and Porto have fairly well connected airports. Also Santiago airport is an option.  Between the cities is a train and bus connections. Also Blablacar is a good website to share a ride. For those arriving by car or vans the logistics may be a little of a challenge. Suzanne is planning to walk back from Porto with her dog and do part of the camino de Santiago. Join in! 🙂

One reason we can make this trip more affordable than other similar voyages out there is by provisioning ourselves, as a team. Unlike the ‘usual’ sailing holidays where one is generally more a ‘passenger,’ with Ocean Nomads we do things differently. No chef or food services will be present. 

We will figure this out together. And we provide together. And that’s a great part of the fun and making a difference! We like the challenge of sourcing local, healthy, budget-friendly foods for a voyage. Not only to maximize our positive impact but great for team building and learning too! We already have created an extensive resource present on our membership platform on what to consider when provisioning. As well as a growing recipe at sea section.  

Please note that our trips are vegetarian. We believe it’s healthier for us, the environment and our wallet. Also, we don’t catch fish. Here’s why. If you really struggle with the idea of having no meat or fish, there’s the shore ;). 

Often, a sailing trip is out of reach because of the financial investment that comes with it, lack of qualifications or the desire to be more than just a ‘passenger.’  We’re really teaming up to make the trip about more than half the investment than anything else out there. We host this event to simply enhance the ocean nomads community spirit, share the love for the ocean, create memorable moments, and get out there. Many of us have had our fair dose of landlocked situations past year and it’s time to get out there! You don’t need to have any sailing experience to join.  The intention is to bring a cool bunch together, accelerate each others’ journeys, create memories for life, create connections for life, explore, experience nature at its purest, and experience travel powered by the wind.  

  1. To apply fill out the application form.  The sooner the better. This trip will get full. We get back to you as soon as possible. Bear in mind we’re also nomadding and don’t always have immediate possibilities to reply so don’t worry if you do not hear something back right away.
  2. Members get priority access to this event. We only have limited spots and would like to give the opportunity to those truly determined. Not a member yet? Request to join.  
  3. If we’re all happy and there’s still space, the trip and membership contribution will confirm your spot.
  4. Vamos!

We create a group on the Ocean Nomads membership platform to connect you, communicate trip info,  and you can coordinate your travels together. This way the fun and preparation starts before and continues after the actual trip.

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