A recap celebrating Ocean Nomads highlights of 2023

What an adventurous year it has been! A few highlights in this blogpost to celebrate the adventures and impact of the Ocean Nomads Community. Members realizing ocean ADVENTURE dreams  We are so proud of many of our community members how they took action towards making their ocean adventure dreams real. Here we highlighted some of …

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The word dream big written in the sand at sunset.

A Deep Dive into plastic pollution for Ocean Enthusiasts

Over the years plastic pollution has got a stage. More and more awareness seems to exist about this challenge planet ocean is facing. But why is plastic pollution in the ocean such a problem? Do you know the full scale of the issue? What is plastic in the first place? And what can we do as Ocean Nomads to make a difference?

A polluted beach littered with trash.

Call for local environmental conservation people and projects around the Atlantic and Eastern Caribbean | Team up with Ocean Nomads for positive impact

As sailors, and especially as a community of sailors, we revisit places, we have a unique skillset, and unique opportunity to support with our tools, skills, hands, eyes, and cargo sailing possibilities. We can build connections between places that do not exist in any other way. And very often we are privilidged living the lifestyle we are living, and drives us to be more giving. We are expanding and updating our database on local collaborative ocean projects and positive change – driven destination representatives, tourguide, ocean companies. For our upcoming Expedition ON, but also for all ocean nomads sooner or later sailing the Atlantic circle.

a beach with a lot of trash on it.

Mission accomplished Ocean Nomads, and to be continued… Sailing 400 Nautical Miles for Ocean Impact, Adventure, and Community with Mission Atlantis | Portugal

From the last new moon until the June super full moon we have been sailing the coast of Portugal to raise awareness and act for ocean regeneration. We joined the team up with Oceans and Flow Portugal and sailed over 400 Nautical Miles to experience, celebrate, and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

a group of sailboats sailing in the ocean.

Sailing along the Coast of Portugal for Ocean Regeneration: Mission Atlantis

Mission Atlantis: Creating a wave of regenerative change Only one more week until the next ocean adventure and impact gathering: Mission Atlantis!  From the next new moon at the end of May until full moon we’ll be sailing the coast of Portugal in a beautiful team-up with the Portuguese ocean community, to celebrate and activate …

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a group of people scuba diving in the ocean.
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