Crew Briefing
Sailing the Caribbean on SV Twister

Crew Briefing Leg 4-11 Caribbean

Team tropical!

Welcome on board the SV Twister in the Caribbean!
Soon your home for some time.

Not so long anymore until you set sail with us on SV Twister! A big part of the fun and the positive difference we can make is with preparation. Here is more information and a few action points to get the adventure started, safe, happy and meaningful.

Who is joining?

We have a beautiful mix of nomads from different nationalities and with all such interesting dreams, missions and backgrounds. Every single one of us is courageously jumping on board mostly alone, some with their partner to (dis)connect, adventure and make impact. We cheer you for your drive and mindset! Everyone is celebrated for sharing their questions, stories, skills, and perspectives. Above all this trip is about having fun, BEing, and getting energized! We can only do good when we feel good. The whole journey is a team effort. Together we’re going to make it an experience to never forget. 


Leg 7:  Martinique – Grenadines –  St. Lucia – Martinique

January 21, Captain Jakob, Julia, Robert & Ian, will welcome you on board in Fort de France, Martinique. Anchorage Anse Mitan. 

See here exact location on Marine Traffic.

We end the trip February 2, in Saint-Anne.

Leg 8 Martinique – Dominica – Guadeloupe

February 4 we welcome you on board in Le Marin Marina at 15.00, Martinique. The end of the trip February 11. Anchorage to be decided.

Leg 9 Guadeloupe & Surrounding Islands

February 11-18
Departure & Arrival Anchorage to be decided

Leg 10 A Guadeloupe – Antigua & Barbuda – Martinique

February 18-28
Departure & Arrival Anchorage to be decided

Leg 10 B Martinique – St. Maarten
February 28 – March 2
Departure & Arrival Anchorage to be decided

Leg 11 St. Maarten & Surrounding Islands

March 4 – 13
Departure & Arrival Anchorage to be decided

At any time, you can check out the current position of SV Twister via Marine Traffic (and share this with mum so she can follow)

Would you like to come earlier or longer and join more legs? Use code COCONUT20 for your multiple leg discount. 


We have created an SV Twister communication and meet-up group on the Ocean Nomads membership network. Here you can already team up and meet up with fellow crew mates, share your arrival details and logistical challenges. It’s optional to join our network and not essential for this trip.

Here is a FAQ page. For private matters, send an email to the team at [email protected] or PM Suzy or Brianna on the network hub.

Board phone Twister +31681339282 (To be used when on the trip for dinghy rides and emergencies). Save it on your phone 🙂

Photos & Video

Photos and video can be uploaded to for sharing

If you’re sharing on the socials, whare the ocean love, adventure and actions on the socials use #ONCaribbean #oceannomads and tag us so we can care and share. 

We will be sharing instant stories and updates about the voyage on this instagram account.

Let us know if you’re rather not be captured on camera or social media and we keep you off the radar.

Crew Registration

ACTION POINT Fill out this Embarkation Form prior arrival. We need your exact data for the official crew form, as well as a medical health declaration. Please do so at least 4 days before the trip start so we can make the customs visit efficient and have more time for sailing and island exploring.

Visa & Clearance procedures. Find out whether you need a visa for any of the countries you plan to visit on board and make sure you obtain it on time. If you are required an official document confirming your trip on board please send an email to team Twister [email protected]. There are currently no COVID entree requirements for the islands that we are visiting. 


There is no healthier environment than at sea. SV Twister sails under the Dutch flag including professional crew with the necessary qualification to undertake this voyage. On board, there’s an extensive medical kit.  In any case of a medical emergency, actions will be coordinated with a medical team.


Here is a recommended holiday sailing packing list, with things to consider and some feedback on why or why not to bring that thing.

Here are some personal packing considerations for a healthier ocean.


In the Caribbean you really do not need much.

Make sure to bring a bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, water bottle (We have filtered water on board safe for your to drink) , sun protective clothes, and sunscreen. We also have ocean friendly sunscreen on board for you if you don’t have it. A sarong and/or beach towel is useful too. A little USB fan could be really nice too if you’re struggling with the heat (or just sleep on deck:))

We have surfboards, SUP boards and some snorkeling gear available for you to use. Also we have kitesurf gear that can be rented. Where the anchorage / situation allows and there’s interest, Suzy is happy teaching mermaid skills and Jonathan is up for giving you an introduction to kitesurfing.

Be mindful about bringing chemicals. Can’t find it or not sure what to bring? We make sure to have some ocean-friendly products on board that you can use.

What else?

  • Bedsheets are provided (and blankets but that is not necessary)
  • Try to bring a soft suitcase or a rucksack.
  • Lifejackets are provided.
  • Make sure your passport is valid and to bring it.

Not sure? Doubts? Need help? Ask!

Together as a team, we take care of the provisioning and cooking. This is part of the fun, consumption awareness journey, skill development, and team spirit! Trips are vegetarian. If you struggle with that, let us know and we talk about how we make sure you’re happy.


Twister is a big vessel and we will be a big group, compared to the typical liveaboard vessel. She is also quite luxurious compared to other vessel (watermaker, waterfilter, hot water, showers, fridge, and even a freezer). Though the capacity is large, the more resourceful we all behave the less the watermaker needs to run, which runs on the generator. The ocean is the best shower 🙂 

What else?

Be fit, stay healthy, keep smiling, and expect the unexpected for maximum personal development, fun, learning, growing, and impact.


Suzanne, Brianna 🧜‍♀️ & Jonatan 🌴
Your Ocean Nomads hosts in The Caribbean

& Community Captains Brianna and Jacky
& Robert, owner SV Twister 

& Twister Crew! 



Meanwhile, why not continue the excitement?


Big part of the the adventure, and making a positive impact, is in the preparation part, and connecting with fellow adventurers that are as stoked about ocean adventure as you are.

You’re not just joining for a trip and that’s it. On our community hub we facilitate conversation, action, personalized advisory and connection building, team-ups and meet-ups before and after our expeditions to maximize the impact, fun, and ripple effects for ocean adventure and action. Our community exists out of total newbies and seasoned liveaboards, supporting each other in our ambitions.

Here are some crew resources to get started, get connected, and get prepared! 


Log in / Join the Ocean Nomads Member and Alumni network to explore.


Introduce Yourself

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Say hi on our monthly Member Intro (Every first Thursday of the month)

Learn! What's going on with the ocean and why should we care?

What else can you do to prepare and be ready for the unexpected?

Looking to sail before or after the expedition? Here are tips to find a happy and safe ride!

Get the excitement started!

Sea you there! Team Ocean Nomads
Jacky, Brianna & Suzanne

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