ECOliving for entrepreneurial nature-minded nomads in Andalucia, Spain (& ON Member Discount)

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We all need to ground sometimes, and not all of us have a boat or van to live from. If you’re looking for a coliving place to stay in nature with other entrepreneurial nature-minded nomad people, check this out!

Ocean Nomads team up: Finca La Palmera ECOliving in La Zarzuela, Andalucia.

Organic veggie garden

Connecting people to nature and to each other. Same mission, different set-up. Of course, we team up!  Stef now turned the old Finca into a beautiful ECOliving Community space, where you can now long-stay as a nomad, entrepreneur, or freelancer to live in tune with nature and other nature people.

After all these years of nomadding and visiting places all over, it’s still THE place most aligned with the ocean nomads values of conscious, healthy outdoor living in tune with nature.

Stefanie  Milo & Ocean Nomads founder Suzy

Stef has bought an old Andalucian building and turned it into an almost self-sufficient eco-lodge over the years. She’s a nomad soul, having slow travelled all over the world for about 10 years. She transitioned from B&B into ECOliving, a nomad space in nature. As eco and sustainable. All cleaning products are DIY. Water is filtered, and lots more little eco-elements which you have to discover for yourself.


The ocean is 2 km away, and the nearest harbour is Barbate (which has a 3-meter depth) which is about a 15-minute drive. Barbate also has a world-class surf wave which you should not tell anyone else about ;). The Costa de la Luz remains a wild and authentic part of Spain with lots of kitesurfing, sailing, freediving, and ocean adventure potential. Tarifa town is about a 40-minute drive a way and Gibraltar is about an hour.

Previously a seasonal B&B and out-of-season work exchange place, she is now welcoming nomads all year round (with a minimum stay of 1 Month) for maximum community vibes. When some projects are finished, there may also be opportunities again for the smaller-budget work exchange contributors. Keep an eye on the ocean nomads network app!

Learn more about Ecoliving Finca La Palmera and if you would like to live here for a while, claim your special discount code as Ocean Nomads member (50 euro off!) She still has some spots open for the rest of the year.


Website & Enquiry Finca La Palmera



Funfact: the Ocean Nomads Membership Network has been officially launched here in 2020!

And the upcoming Sailboat Travel Discovery course will be launched here too:) 

We have a couple of ocean nomads members in the zone, including our Swedish Chef & PCT hiker Jonte, our Founder Suzy, and of course Stef the Ecoliving Queen.

Over the years, lots of members have visited the place!

Jonte  shining as Lead Chef Paella 

Roline  and Suzy planting a frangipani tree at the Finca. After years of foster homes, she now got roots. Give the tree a hug if you pass by. 


As nomads, we move. The sea connects us between beautiful places. We wish to find more place(s) like this for team-ups and to someday build a dedicated Ocean Nomads basecamp! Keep your eyes and ears open. Read more about the basecamps here and let us know when you come across something with lots of Ocean Nomads potential and possibilities.

If you’re planning to sail into the Atlantic and look to ground before departure, pick a fruit, stretch on the yoga platform, hang out in the hammock, and exchange nomad lifestyle stories and tips, come stay at the ecoliving! Or if you sail back into the Strait, it’s the perfect place to get natured after some time at sea.


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