Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In simple words: Ocean Nomads is an ocean adventure impact community . 

We are a global opportunity, collaboration, and support network for adventurous, ocean-loving people with a drive to explore and safeguard the ocean. Ocean Nomads is an accessible inclusive community to start, accelerate, and connect with similar souls looking for or living ocean adventures and an alternative nomadic lifestyle in, on or near the sea.

We connect people, sailboats and projects to realize ocean travel, adventure, positive ocean contributions, and establish a more and more conscious way of life. We facilitate, provide, organize, educate, all with the goal to kickstart and accelerate your ocean nomadic adventures and lifestyle.
We connect each other with boats, crew, projects, we connect in meet-ups, we organize 2-3 trips a year, we create synergistic partnerships, we create discounts, and we’re working on developing basecamps around the world in which between we can navigate with ocean nomads vessels, vans and fins:). On our online membership hub we facilitate a safe space for you to get your answers, find your people, find crew, find boats to crew on, learn, share about your projects, and give and receive support by and for people ‘in the same boat.’You can download the app or check in via the computer.


We also amplify your voices, share about your projects and figure out ways to make your dream real and reach people. The world needs to know about the beautiful adventure and missions you’re realizing.


Instead of doing, we like to use the word BE. We ARE. We are aiming to live our truest selves, live our values, and share and care in the process. As a community we work towards living meaningful adventures, travels, and lives in, on, and near the sea.

Ocean Nomads is by ocean nomads for ocean nomads. We welcome your ideas and energy.

To create memorable days, not never ending to-do lists. They never end. Life does. What we are and act now we pass on to our children. So we better be good and do good while playing in the great outdoors enjoying what this beautiful world has to offer. We can combine our energy, network and resources to sail the seas in most meaningful way, but with no day without play!

We believe this is what we are supposed to be doing: exploring, learning, lending a hand where we can. Live with minimum negative impact and doing what we can to make a positive impact to the world around us.

Instead of trying to tackle this never ever ending inbox and to do list, scrolling, and worrying about how we’re going to pay the next bills. It’s not easy. We get stuck too. The world lives around a money-based system and we’re all so busy to keep up the balls. It’s not making us feel alive. It’s not life. It’s not healthy. And it’s not sustainable. 

But we can start to change that! Together we can. We must for our children. Back in the days, they were doing fine with trading, growing their own foods and the use of natural materials. We can revive some of that. Combine that with the technology that exists today and we can make a massive impact for the good. A kid these days thinks cucumbers comes from the supermarket. If you have the means to read this, you’re equipped with skills that make dreams happen. And not only yours. All together we are responsible for trashing this planet. Together we can turn the tide. With knowing what we know now, we can’t just keep taking the things as they come. We must shape things as they go. We must invest the energy the ocean gives us, into solutions for a healthier ocean. 

And to get the ocean truly into people’s hearts, one needs to experience its magic. Ocean activities and sports like sailing, diving, surfing are all means to do that. And by connecting to the ocean first hand, one does not only see its beauty but also the challenges it’s facing. This triggers to act. Many drops will create a ripple effect of positive change. We’ve created a deeper WHY article on the public space.


We want you to feel the magic of the ocean. The only way to feel this excitement is by experiencing it. We see many people around struggling to make their ocean adventure dreams happen as well as their full potential to make this world a better place. We want to help. And the best way we can do that at the moment with the resources we have is by inspiring, sharing and connecting. It’s the sea life that gives us superpowers. And it’s purpose that makes it rewarding. We can travel oceans, do good, save money, and have fun.  All together we are responsible for the life that is depleting in the ocean. All together we can also bring it back! Collectively, our impact can be major.


Also, we believe that if we surround ourselves more with people sharing the same values and dreams we can have way more fun and make more impact. We have no time to lose when it comes to saving the oceans.

You have a burning desire for exploration. You like to create, grow and do good. You live in, on or near the ocean to cultivate a conscious alternative active lifestyle, or desire to do so. You travel by sail or on wheels (or fins? or wings?) or are curious to do so. And to design a natural way of life around it. You can’t be ‘boxed.’  You have a variety of interests with nature, health, simplicity, adventure and sustainability at the centre of it. The ocean is your home. Your playground. Your place to treasure, respect, and protect.


Whether you’re a complete novice and just curious, a salty sea gypsie, or an island-based ocean lover, you are welcome to join! It’s the mix that makes our tribe special and powerful.





We want you to feel the magic of the ocean. The only way to feel this excitement is by experiencing it. We see many people around struggling to make their ocean adventure dreams happen as well as their full potential to make this world a better place. We want to help. And the best way we can do that at the moment with the resources we have is by inspiring, sharing and connecting. It’s the sea life that gives us superpowers. And it’s purpose that makes it rewarding. We can travel oceans, do good, save money, and have fun.  All together we are responsible for the life that is depleting in the ocean. All together we can also bring it back! Collectively, our impact can be major.

Also, we believe that if we surround ourselves more with people sharing the same values and dreams we can have way more fun and make more impact. We have no time to lose when it comes to saving the oceans.

I started with a book: Ocean Nomad, and a little facebook group so Suzanne could connect with her readers and further help out connecting boats, nomads, and people. Then the sailing trips came. Over the years we’ve hosted more and more sailing trips, and we concluded that nature, adventure and being surrounded with like-minded people are the ingredients for more fun and ocean impact. Out of each trip grew such a beautiful family but then we seperate ways. How to keep the dreams alive? The connections alive? And welcome others to the family? Then we launched the membership. Aline we can only do, be, and figure out so much. We need to connect! Read the full story here

Have a look on our impact page. We believe a connected, conscious community is key to accelerate positive change. Through community, we can harness our collective passion for the ocean into solutions for a healthier ocean.

We impact lives and life in the ocean accordingly.

  1. By connecting people to the ocean. Adventure brings awareness. From that, comes caring. From caring comes action and leadership. The ocean has to be in the heart of people for having people care
  2. By connecting people to each other. 
  3. Through creating resources on zero waste travel, oceanminded provisioning, ocean education and more. We have hosted documentory screenings, beach clean-ups, sea clean-ups, ocean impact think thanks on board. We share and connect with other ocean impact initiatives to accelerate ocean impact. 
  4. Most importantly, we live our values. Show. And hopefully ignite the ocean ambassador in you by doing just that.

We measure our impact not by the size of the network but by the value of the interactions, connections, synergies, and stories created. Each one of us has a story, a journey, and along the way drops of impact are made. Many drops create a wave. And those waves impact many lives along the way. It’s the ripple effect we’re after. We plan to create impact reports to measure our progress.

Some small drops we’ve dropped:

  • We’ve taken +100 souls into nature on sailing expeditions. Result: lots of cross pollination between crew members
  • We have different educational resources on our membership portal like: Ocean Challenges Explained (Plastic Pollution, Climate Change, Overfishing, Biodiversity Change and more), Conscious provisioning, Zero Waste Nomad life, and resources to get started with sailboat travel as a way to facilitate nature connection.
  • Spontaneous beach and sea clean-ups are held to increase awareness.
  • Lots of meet-ups and team-ups, peer support to accelerate and amplify missions, and voices for the ocean. 
  • To create a global network of thousands of energetic adventure and impact-driven eco-minded souls exploring the seas and acting locally, individually, and together for a healthier ocean.
  • To exponentially create synergetic and deeper connections, relations and partnerships between members serving individual journeys, communities around the world resulting in social and environmental improvement.
  • To organize multiple yearly Ocean Nomads events bringing people together in a nature / adventure setting, accelerating our journeys, deepen our relationships and educating for ocean conservation. Ideas for events: flotillas in epic sailing destinations, offshore tallship adventures, sailing trips in combination with freediving/surfing/kitesurfing/yoga, a fleet across the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, snowmads trips, (free)diving trips, sailing/surfing trips, wilderness survival trips, permaculture experiences. 
  • To establish basecamps in different places in the world where we can grow veggies, ground to the earth, drop anchor, have a shower, connect, live, share and celebrate.
  • To build a Carriacou Sloop by members and for members to be used as a cooperative impact vessel. And more of this around the world.
  • To have multiple Ocean Nomads vessels around the world serving the local community and/or the ocean, operating as a cooperative boat.

To become a lead movement to create a regenerative world with the ocean being our center of stage.

Every first Thursday we host a video meetup on our member network to get to know one another, and to learn more about how Ocean Nomads can help you on your way to ocean adventure. This is a member perk.

For every trip applicant applying for 10 days or more we schedule a video call. So if you’re considering joining, just apply and you get face to face with either Brianna or me. 

We also host spontaneous little meetups now and then and you’re welcome to come and meet us! Whether you’re a member or not. We announce this on our member hub and sometimes on Social Media or in our Newsletter.

The best ofcourse, join us on a trip! You get to meet many ocean nomads at once, and your life will never be the same 🙂 See some of our testimonials to learn what transformations ocean nomads has brought. 

Become a Member!

& Share about Ocean Nomads in your circles.

In 2020 Ocean Nomads is registered in the Netherlands as Ocean Nomads B.V.

It’s a social business with a cause. 

See what happens with the membership fees further in this FAQ.

We also would like to create a foundation. That said our main drive is to connect you to the sea and to make this happen fast. This is how we believe to make biggest impact. We don’t want to loose our time dealing with bureaucratical challenges. 

Ocean Adventure Questions


  • You can check the latest opportunities in ‘Crewing Opportunities‘  post what you’re looking for in the ‘Hands on Deck Available‘ topic on the Ocean Nomads Membership Hub. The more specific you are the better we can tag and connect you to relevant people who may have or know about an adventure opportunity. 
  • Explore the Ocean Nomads MAP and see if there are any vessels in the area you’re looking for. We currently have +40 vessel members who are often eager to share the experience. 
  • You can join one of our Expeditions.
  • Check out the free member resource ‘Find a Sailboat ride‘ where we share websites, ideas, and ways to find a ride. 
  • Simply ask the community for tips. We are an active and engaged group, walking the extra mile for a fellow Ocean Nomad.
  • Looking for a ride across the Atlantic? Also check out Suzanne’s book: Ocean Nomad (30% discount for Ocean Nomads members)
  • We amplify our members voices on Social Media. Tag us and we repost on our channels and facebook groups totalling +25.000 people.
  • If adventure and impact driven salty souls are what you are looking for, we have a growing pool of ready to jump on board members all around the world. Members have access to resources and mini-courses related to the ocean nomads lifestyle, crewing, provisioning, cooking, and walk to extra mile to make things real. 
  • Share your crew needs / wishes on the Ocean Nomads member hub in topic Crew Opportunities. We make personalized connections with people who think may be a good fit. 
  • We can also amplify your search in our new moon and full moon newsletter, social media channels, and facebook groups.
  • All of our members pledge to
    • Be supportive
    • Step up for the environment
    • Act local
    • Give before you get
    • Be open & kind
    • …and have no day without nature play!

Membership Questions

So far we have +300 members from +35 different nationalities. We have +70 members with vessels who are occasionally looking for ocean nomads valued crew and therefore prefer to find within our network. 

Our members are liveaboards, adventure travellers, (aspiring) sailors, people working in the sailing, surf or ocean sports industry, eco project initiators, impact entrepreneurs as well as surfers and (free)divers looking to design their lives around the ocean. We have a growing group of vanlifers and overlanders as well who navigate the coastlines. We’re a varied mix of salty souls with a shared drive to live pure, simple, free and protect planet ocean.

Our members are young by heart. We do not exclude someone because of their chronological age. We have members in there 20s up to maybe even someone in their 80s! We all have a lot to learn and give to each other.  It’s about the mindset and drive for ocean adventure and making a positive impact.

On our membership portal you can sea who is near you. On the Ocean Nomads map  we feature members, vessels, basecamps, projects, friends and other local happenings ocean nomads should know about.

You can learn more about our members in our member story section as well as on the community membership landing page.

We believe the main value of being an Ocean Nomads member is being connected to others with similar ocean adventure dreams, mindsets and lifestyles. But there is much more to it. In summary:

  • Opportunities | Find (and be found for) cool ocean adventure opportunities and impact projects. In most safe and trustful way.
  • Connections | Create meaningful and deep connections with like-minded adventurers, eco-minded explorers, and ocean initiatives.
  • Resources | Find inspiration, practical ideas and tips on sailboat travel, buying/building boats, self-sufficient living, provisioning, crewing, zero waste nomadding, and ocean-friendly habits
  • Belonging | Contribution and being part of the impact movement

To facilitate connection we aim to organize more meet-ups & trips, and we have set up a safe, kind private online community space to help you find answers, people and resources based on location and interest. Learn about what this means and includes here: Additionally, Ocean Nomads members receive priority access and discounts on ON trips, and increasingly more goodies and services reaching far beyond the actual membership investment.

At the moment we offer two memberships:

Nomad Membership (65 euro / year) And Vessel Membership (119 euro / year) Check out the perks on

We believe with a little barrier-to-entry membership fee, we attract those truly determined. And it helps us do what we do. We don’t want to mess around on social media too much. It’s too shallow, too noisy, and not real. Via the ocean nomads membership we can do more and become more.

Navigate to our membership landingpage to learn more and request to join.

Founding Members are an integral part of our community, help shape the future direction of Ocean Nomads, and receive early access to future developments, trips and events. Founding members jumped on board in an early stage. As of May 2021 we have wrapped up our founding membership. 

Your membership includes:


🥥 Priority sign-up and discounts on all Ocean Nomads sailing trips (They have always been sold out)

🥥 Join and team-up for ocean adventure with community members. We have lots of members with vessels and we have nomads with eagerness to jump on board.

🥥 Access to our resources and waypoint library to get your ocean adventure started. We have mini-courses like ‘how to find a sail boat ride’, how to prep for offshore sailing as crew, and much more. All included in the membership. 

🥥 Join and host Ocean Nomads meet-ups and events in your area

🥥 Exclusive Ocean Nomads Deals & Discounts: On Ocean Nomads Trips, the Ocean Nomad book; access to our deals with sailing schools and other partners (Coming Soon); discounts on Ocean Nomads sailing trips and merchandise (Coming Soon)


🥥 Introductions and team-ups with ocean conservation and local community impact projects

🥥 Thought-provoking conversations on ocean travel, conservation and sustainability

🥥 Share and get ideas, belong and contribute to this ocean impact movement

🥥 Your voice matters. Our voices together have the potential to create waves of change

🥥 Shout-outs and feautures on your projects in our newsletter, on our blog and/or social media


🥥 Access to the Ocean Nomads global network to create meaningful connections with like-minded adventure & eco-minded explorers who are navigating the sea near you for support, fun and action. Within our community, we have our 30 super Ambassadors from 15 nationalities on their nomad journeys, and happy to help you move forward.

🥥 Access to the Ocean Nomads online space (App & Desktop) where you can:

  1. Find and be found by captains, boat owners, crew and other like-minded salty souls based on location
  2. Access a safe place to share questions, answers, stories, lessons learned, tools & tricks. Away from social media noise. No spam, no bullying, no judging and no data being sold here. Find and give answers on your sailing, conscious living and impact journey (from newbie to pro)
  3. Meet other like-minded salty souls based on shared interest (Surfers/(Free)divers/Creatives/Forestry fanatics and more subgroups to go deeper on subjects)
  4. Access to content and conversations you can’t find elsewhere, e.g. catching sailboat rides, crewing, learning how to sail, becoming qualified, skill development, destinations, nomad lifestyle, conscious living, ocean-friendly habits, sustainable nomad living and much more
  5. Access to our continuously expanding database of in-depth resources including: Ocean Conservation Challenges Explained, Tips on Conscious Provisioning & Waste Management, How to Find a Sailboat Ride, Prepare for Offshore Sailing as crew, and Sailing across the Atlantic as crew.

ocean nomads resources

🥥 Access to all out Online Events. 1 x per month Ocean Nomads intro’s and Q&A. And spontaneous webinars and meet-ups organized by members. 

And we’re just warming up 🙂

Some members are and post it in our ‘Crewing Topic.’ Especially for certain voyages crew calls are being made. Mostly though, people invite each other on a spontaneous base while learning to know each other better via the online or offline meetups and trips. 

Income generated from Membership fees will first go into simply being able to run the show and pay for the tools, systems, risk management and resources. At some point hopefully also for our time. When there are more funds we can maybe even facilitate jobs. Members will be the first to hear about it. We’d like to create exchanges as much as possible and step away from money to the best we can.

We would like to dedicate a % of the membership earnings towards scholarships for trips / other impact initiatives to help people and the environment / a fund for community members in need. Also sooner or later we need a ship or headquarters and a % of the membership will be reserved for this. If you come across a ship that needs a team, do not hesitate to make us aware! We have the people, the passion, and the drive.

1000s of hours of voluntary work is going into this, out of passion and drive for purpose. To make Ocean Nomads truly sustainable, at some point this does need to happen. So more energy can be dedicated into making ON a success for everyone involved!

Huge thanks for your support to move this movement!

We are not an online community. We’re all about sharing, exploring, and thriving in the great outdoors. Yes, we do host a couple off facebook groups, started initially to simply enhance the sharing economy by sharing and posting relevant ocean adventure opportunities. But we intend to move away form the big corporates that can sell your data or delete your efforts with a click, and have fake profiles. We’re not actively managing the facebook groups. Life is too short for that. And we don’t want to encourage scrolling while the outdoors is waiting for you. All our efforts are going into cultivating a kind, safe, and adventure community offline. It’s about the quality and not the quantity. We have a dedicated membership platform set up using a platform called mightynetworks with the goal to create more meaningful connections, support each other with questions and answers, so at the end of the day we have more time for the important stuff: connect to nature. By becoming a contributing member we can contribute to your journey. Oh. and we will NEVER sell your data. Welcome to the family!

Hell yeah! But away from corporate giant infrastructure. We like to be independent and the whole idea behind the online platform is for us to spend less time online and on the dream realization distracting socials. That includes us who manage Ocean Nomads. Our members are our top priority! And outdoor play. If there’s time left or the weather is bad we connect to social media now and then. 

If you really can’t afford to join but believe you have to be part of it, apply for our scholarship or Ambassadorship. Above all, we like to be accessible and provide an opportunity where we can. Over the years we’ve invited numerous ambitious salty souls on board with scholarships thank to the contribution of fellow members. Also, we welcome contributions in terms of skills or coconuts 🙂 Let us hear from you and we’ll see what we can make happen! Please note we get a huge amount of scholarschip requests and are still a little organization. We may not get back to you right away and have opportunities right away but your details won’t go unnoticed. 

You can join our free Facebook group, newsletter and connect with us on the socials to stay in the loop of what’s happening. 

Safety and Kindness first. Membership can be denied or cancelled if we feel reasons to do so. We automatically accept member requests but all gets reviewed. Especially when it comes to sailing we want to do what we can to connect you to kind, responsible, happy people.

Of course! As long as you align with our values and vision you are welcome to join! 

We have pulled all our community management into one place to be able to focus on YOU. We are using a tool called Mightynetworks. You can access our network via their app or via desktop. Also, it works in the browser. No advertisement, no data being sold,  just you and community.

For frequently asked questions about Expedition ON with SV Twister, see this FAQ page.

What Members Say

“Ocean Nomads makes you feel really connected. So much of my journey in conservation, with this lifestyle and also as an entrepreneur, has been about finding those people who understand and who can give the experience alongside. I’m not feeling like I’m shouting into a giant void of the internet with tons of people who don’t get it or are not interested. I’ve definitely felt like I have a whole mix of solidarity of people beside me. I’m really excited to see where that goes. I can feel the positivity leaking into my life already.” Caitlin – Ocean Nomads Founding Member, long-term nomad & Impact Founder of The Sustainable Tourist


“I absolutely love what you guys are doing: combining adventure and sustainability go hand in hand. I want to spend my time, money and energy on people and companies that aim to make the world a bit more beautiful. You do that and I love being a part of that. – Janneke Dijkhuis (boathitchhiked across two oceans from zero to hero) Founder of Mindful Surprise.


“In my opinion, Ocean Nomads provides: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced into the nice world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn to watch our world and the people from another more conscious perspective. Our oceans need strong committed people like Suzanne to advocate for our natural resources and leave them intact for the generations to come.” – Jose Maria Perez, sailed with us in Sicily on the Flotilla together with ON ambassador Paula from Allende Los Mares

If not now, then when?

“I absolutely LOVE what Ocean Nomads is about and how you are building this network! Getting connected to fellow ocean lovers who thrive on and close to the water has been a real pleasure so far. Going on spontaneous boat rides with similar minds has really helped to keep the nature spirit alive!” – Willemijn– Founder of Searious Business – Accelerator of circular economy in plastic use.

I had the privilege to sail on two of Ocean Nomads impact adventures. Where I met a lot of beautiful people with whom I shared a lot of inspiring moments and so new friendships created. I‘m very thankful and proud to be a part of this awesome community. Who introduced me and M.Khalid Ibrahim to each other when we sailed under the nomads flag in the Mediterranean for three weeks. We became friends and he joined last year November with me to rainy Holland to help out with the mayor refit of my boat: Windfall. Now one year later the refit is done our friendship even better en we are starting this month to sail around the world. so we can meet all of your nomads out there!!  Thomas – Sea Gypsie and Founder of NGO By the Ocean we Unite

“More people should connect to nature, the ocean, to the real world that is out there. If more people know, hopefully, they will want to change as well. Ocean Nomads has given me so much, I only hope to do a little in return.” Pim (Netherlands) Bought book Ocean Nomad, Joined trip, Became a member, sailboat hitchhiked around the world.


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