3 Ways to find YOUR sailboat ride with Ocean Nomads

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A bit more background on how we go about connecting you to the ocean, each other, and support in accelerating sail boat travel dreams and ambitions.


Spontaneous Ocean Nomads Meet-ups

Yesterday we rather spontaneous united a boatload full with ocean nomads. All of us about to go on big ocean adventures! But on different vessels. The vessel we gathered on is setting south this week, with an open end. The rough plan: sailing around the world! First stops: Madeira, Canary Islands, Caribbean. Different ocean nomads jumped already on board to support, learn, experience and adventure and later more will come and go. There are still possibilities to sail across the Atlantic with him, or across the Caribbean sea form the West Indies to Central America. Learn more and get connected.

Spontaneous meet-ups happen all the time. Thanks to our MAP, and members simply keeping a look out and look after each other knowing, who, when, where fellow nomads will be.

Photo below: Wingo the salty sea dog on Watch.

Sailboat travel with fellow members

What not everyone may know is that besides the trips we organize we also have a member network of currently +300 nomads and +70 vessels teaming up and meeting up for fun, support, and ocean nomads life acceleration. Nomads often invite each other on their vessels, adventures, homes, or simply for a chat with someone who can relate or is at the point you. Sometimes the crewing opportunity is put out on the network hub in our crew wanted and available topic. Sometimes not but one invites one after getting to know each other. Sailing offshore with a bunch of strangers is not and endaveour to taken lightly! Relationship building and getting to know each other takes time. That’s one reason why we still only have yearly memberships and the real committed and stoked ocean souls join accordingly. Via our member hub members can connect with each other, tap into the resources, and stay in the loop on what’s going on. Also we have the Ocean Nomads map! Where you can explore who is navigating the seas near you.

Trips organized by Ocean Nomads

The nomads not joining this vessel, jump on board setting sail October 15 from Amsterdam! And now have a potential next sailboat ride lined up later in the tropics. When joining a trip with us you don’t join just the trip and that’s it. Prior and after we walk the extra mile to make personalize connections with people, vessels, and projects matching your ocean dreams.

The Preparations are in full swing! The countdown in ON! And we are incredibly excited to for the first time facilitate Atlantic ocean crossings AND Tropical sailing (and free diving and kitesurfing) in the Caribbean. After five years of organizing sailing trips, this winter we go bigger and further than ever before.

We’ve updated our webpages with more information on our captain (Amsterdam – Madeira – Canary Islands) and what you’ll learn, and theme trips in the Caribbean (Ocean Nomad Lifestyle design) (Kitesurfing & Sailing)

The voyages we organize on SV Twister require financial contribution. In turn they bring a lot a value. These trips are not to be compared with anything else out there. Safety, professionalism, legality, sustainability, teaching and quality take resources to make real. Especially when sailing offshore. If you want to save time, sail a legendary vessel, with legendary people, maximize learning and meeting likeminded people, guaranteed, your investment with joining Ocean Nomads on Twister pays back multifold. We aim to transform peoples lives, not just sail you across.

Our upcoming trip Amsterdam- Madeira is a great starting point to get ready for the next big adventure. You’ll be equipped with skills and connections contributing to your personal development and future ocean lifestyle dreams,  From sailing the Atlantic to getting your own boat. Great emphasis will be put on learning sailing and seamanship. Our captain is an experienced sail training teacher, shipbuilder, sailboat racer, and will be teaching on meteorology, passageplanning, the rules of the sea, chart work, and other elements relevant to both coastal and offshore sailing.

Amsterdam – Madeira: Full

Madeira – Canary Islands: Full

Atlantic Crossing: 1 spot for Female

Xmas & New Years in the Caribbean: Space!

Kitesurf & Sailing in the Caribbean: Space!

And more… See an overview of all trips here.

Questions about our trip in collaboration with SV Twister? Check the FAQ

We hope to sea many of you en route this year on the Atlantic Sailing circle! Afterall, we are an outdoor exploration community. This is not an online club. 


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sail the atlantic or caribbean sea with adventure and community.
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