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Video two

Introduction to Sailboat Travel as crew

I hope you are excited to dive deeper into the world of sailboat travel. I believe experience is the greatest teacher and the ocean has so much to show you! It’s my drive to connect you to the ocean with adventure, impact, and community.

Here is video number two: 5 Reasons to experience Travel by Sailboat!

In this video, I share my favourite reasons why sailboat travel is such a magical experience.

I hope it makes you as excited about embracing the ocean nomads lifestyle as me.

Enjoy Video #2 5 Reasons to experience travel by sailboat.

This mini-course is a sneak peek into the brand new complete Sailboat Travel Crew Discovery Course where I share about what I learned over all these years. To help you get out there in a happy, safe, and meaningful way. And not too far from today! In the below video, I share more about the course and my experience with travelling on sailboats. 
Tips and support for travelers.

Special Offer

If you're serious about travelling the world by Sailboat, navigate to the special offer I have for you today! It's the toolkit I wish was out there when I started and had no idea. It would have saved me lots of time, money, and worries.

Pioneer Alert: Sign up HERE today and get as a bonus: Free Ocean Nomads Community & Priority Access for our next sailing event.

Tips and support for travelers.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the next email where in Video #3 📽️ I'll share 3 reasons why you should sail on other peoples sailing boats. 

With Ocean Love, Suzy 🧜‍♀️💙
Author of Ocean Nomad
Founder Ocean Nomads Community

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I consider myself a reasonably well travelled person but until now I had never even considered sailing as a means of travel! Suzanne has changed my perspective. It now feels possible, achievable and a very real prospect. But there is more to this than just sailing. And this is what makes Suzanne stand out from the rest. There is purpose behind it and one that I am now inspired to learn more about. John Clarke, UK


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