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Video three

Why sail as crew on someone else's boat?

I hope you’re enjoying the videos and a seed has been planted to get out there and explore the world.

Today, we’re diving into the wild world of sailing on someone else’s boat.

You can explore the world and gain incredible experiences without owning a boat. Join me in this video on how to Sail Smart and Slow, not Fast and Financially Draining.


Here is video number 3: Why Sail as crew!

If I were to show you how to achieve travelling by sailboat, so you can create a fulfilling lifestyle of adventure, freedom and deeper connection with nature, without needing to feel overwhelmed by the money, time, skills, resources and network you think you need to build first, in 1 day, is that something you would be interested in?

If so, check this video and explore Ocean Nomads’ brand new course on Travel the World by Sailboat if You Don’t Have a Boat or Much Sailing Experience – How to Do it Happy, Safe, and Sustainable, as amateur Crew. For individuals curious about sailboat travel in a hands-on way.

In the below video, I share more about the course and my experience with travelling on sailboats. 


What you can do after the course

Understand what sailinglife involves and what style matches your values and vision.

Find and secure volunteer crew positions, online and locally, on sailboats worldwide and identify level of safety and responsibility with captains and boats.

Plan short and long-distance sailing routes as a crew member so you can use sailing as a way of transport with your personal adventure plan.

Prepare smart for sailing trips, including what to pack, expect and arrange.

✓ Understand and apply basic sailing terminology and tasks.

✓ Navigate your way around the boat, social dynamics and roles aboard a sailboat.

✓ Implement sustainability actions for sailing and living aboard.

✓ Respond to common sailing and onboard emergencies.

Manage life aboard, from cooking to staying healthy, to maintain good vibes.


You’ll be ready for the real rewards that come with experiencing sailing life.


Here’s what you get

8 Modules with practical tips and tools (+50 easy-to-digest videos) accessible from your phone or computer, and as podcast 

Never-Shown Footage of Suzy’s sailing adventures (+with the locations revealed) 

Templates and checklists to save you tons of time and be ready and safe

A computer screen displaying a woman's face as part of a sailing crew.

+ BONUS:  Ocean Nomads Community Membership for personalized support, a wealth of sailing knowledge and much more.

+ BONUS: Priority Application for our next sailing event (Autumn ’24) Always sold out.

+ BONUS: How to get your first paid gig on boats? Masterclass By Ocean Nomads Ambassador Luca (Coming early 2024)

+ BONUS More Ocean Nomads Ambassadors sharing their tips and stories (Coming!)

In summary: the course helps you transition from a beginner to a knowledgeable crew member ready to actively participate in adventures at sea worldwide. All within a supportive community

Yes! I want to travel by sailboat this year, supported by a safe and kind ocean-minded community, and get hands-on skills while living it, without a huge financial investment. 


Tips and support for travelers.

Special Offer

If you're serious about travelling the world by Sailboat, navigate to the special offer I have for you today! It's the toolkit I wish was out there when I started and had no idea. It would have saved me lots of time, money, and worries.

Tips and support for travelers.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the next email where in Video #4 📽️  where I'll share 5 essential elements of sailboat travel you must realize before embarking on a trip. 


With Ocean Love, Suzy 🧜‍♀️💙

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Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all things sailing. She lives her passion to save the ocean everyday. I know this because I sailed with her, where she demonstrated what it means to live a truly sustainable lifestyle that has positive effects towards cleaning up our ocean. Her generosity and enthusiasm is infectious as she provides me with the best advice for my sailing journey. I will be forever grateful to have met and learned with this amazing human." - Annah | From Zero to World Sailor and Boatowner

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