Introducing new Ocean Nomads Community CaptainS: Jacky & Brianna

introducing ocean nomads community captains.

I’m super excited to introduce you to not only your new Ocean Nomads Community Captain, but CAPTAINSSS!

The ocean nomads community keeps growing organically all across the world. It’s exciting and inspiring to connect ocean souls with each other and to nature. This is at the core of what Ocean Nomads does.  To level up our game and bring more value to you globally and locally, I reached out for more hands-on-deck earlier this year. I’ve been blown away by the number of epic applications and enthusiasm about ON I received from you! Thanks for that! With more people on deck we can implement the ideas,  consistently continue sailing smooth seas, create meaningful connections, keep up the value and maintain the personalized approach. It was tough choosing. I hereby proudly introduce you to our new Community Captains!

Welcome to the team: Brianna Brady and Jacky Werny . 

Both beautiful ocean and adventure souls full of energy and potential to navigate Ocean Nomads community across seas. Brianna has been my cabin, hummus and carrot buddy on SV Twister. With Jacky, I spent beautiful times in Fuerteventura, in, on and near the sea. Both adventure ladies live the Ocean Nomads values and I’m stoked to have them shine their light and facilitate and inspire for adventure and impact in their way. 

Jacky and Brianna are here to welcome and support you, connect you to fellow nomads and ocean adventure opportunities, to facilitate, and to help ocean nomads reach the potential it has.

Here is an intro of both Community Captains.

Come and say hi in the Monthly Ocean Nomads Member Intro & Meet-up every first Wednesday of the month!

With Ocean Love, Suzanne 🧜‍♀️

Community Captain Jacky

“Ahoi, Community!  Captain Jacky here.  Of course, not (yet) a sailboat captain (I wish!)  but one of the two new Community Captains for our lovely Ocean Nomads Community.

I am beyond excited to join Suzie in connecting adventure souls and ocean lovers around the globe, facilitating sailing experiences and much, much more. Before I get lost in all the details, let me quickly introduce myself.

I’m an adventure nomad, ocean lover and travel journalist who is passionate about all things ocean sustainability, authentic connections and sustainable travel. For the past 7 years, I’ve spent most of my time abroad: volunteering in America’s National Parks, studying abroad in the Netherlands, exploring the Pacific Northwest by van for 3 months, moving to Canada during early 2020 and starting a completely location-independent life in summer 2021… 

Most of those (and many more) experiences pushed me way beyond my comfort zone. And that’s probably the place in life I like the most, haha. Always growing, learning and expanding. 

During a sustainable marketing campaign about slow travel with my own business Chameleon Trips, I hiked the 160km long High Coast Trail in Sweden … where I randomly bumped into Ed, one of the lovely Ocean Nomads members. He invited me to stay on his sailboat for the night … and that evening, I re-discovered my passion and childhood dream about sailing, a life on the ocean and protecting our sacred sea as best as possible.

Long story short, but I met Suzie and a few fellow Ocean nomads on Fuerteventura where I lived over the winter… and completely fell in love with all of you, your drive to make an impact and live in alignment with nature. 

As one of the community captains together with Bri, my intention is to support you as best as possible – whether you’re a sailing newbie like me, living on your own boat, wanting to be a part of a conscious community or simply connecting with like-minded, impact-driven souls: I’m here to connect, facilitate, create and make change happen – as one community. 

When I’m not doing community things or empowering people to travel alone, you can find me at any local Crossfit gym, learning how to surf waves, researching upcoming crypto projects, doing breathwork and energy healing or getting lost in the outdoors. 

 I’m always down for a spontaneous road trip, sunrise hike and oat milk latte  and can’t wait to get to know you all a little better as well.

Let’s set sail for the unknown waters together.  I’d love to adventure with the Ocean Nomads Community.”  Say hi to Jacky Werny 


Community Captain Brianna

Hello!  My name is Brianna or Bri (yes, like the cheese ) and I am so happy to join the Ocean Nomads Team as Community Co-Captain! 

I grew up on the East Coast of the United States in New York City and the surrounding area. I have always been a water and ocean lover but never really understood where it came from. I did not grow up by the coast nor did my family have strong connection to the ocean, but I myself have always felt the draw to be near the sea. According to my mom, I swam before I could walk… I will take her word for it. 

Some years ago, I was living in New York City and felt like something was missing in my life.  I decided to make a semi-impulsive decision and volunteer with a marine conservation program in Thailand to learn about coral reef restoration and community outreach to protect the local marine environment. For this program I had to learn to Scuba Dive, which I immediately fell in love with and became hooked. 

:hook: Later that year I decided to go ALL IN and become a divemaster as well because… well I like a challenge.

That experience inspired me to go back to school to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies as well so I could learn about the threats facing the earth today and figure out how to make an impact somehow, someway. Living in upstate New York proved to be difficult, with the access to the ocean basically being non-existent.

I decided to get more involved in the local farming community and worked on organic farms raising chickens, goats, cows, sheep, and bees, growing organic vegetables and even spending a winter  “farming” Maple Syrup, yummmm. BUT once again….. the Ocean was calling.  

Fast Forward some years and some interesting life changes, (Think: Eat Pray Love  ) I made another semi-impulsive decision ( Wait, I think I see a pattern forming…). I found the Ocean Nomads Expedition from Madeira to The Canary Islands, had an amazing talk with Suzanne, took a leap of faith and joined the crew for this exciting adventure, knowing deep down it was going to change my life

Being that I work remote, I quickly took up Suzanne’s suggestion to stay in the Canary Islands as long as I possibly could and I am so happy that I did!  I spent my first winter outside the USA surfing, sailing, RVing, hiking/hitchhiking, and connecting with other Nomads along the way and I AM NEVER LOOKING BACK.

All the members I have met online and IRL (in real life) have inspired me. This is the exact community I have been looking for and I could not be happier to work alongside Suzanne and Jacky. My main goal as Community Co-Captain is to connect fellow nomads and help facilitate opportunities in all things sailing, environmental awareness, ocean sports and adventure, the way others have helped me.

When I am not staring at my computer screen (working remote) I am running and swimming with my dog Marvin, extensively researching my next adventure and daydreaming of the next sailboat I can convince someone to let me on.  SEA you out there!

Say hi to Jacky & Bri in the welcome post on the Member hub here!


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