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We’re looking for crew to help grow Ocean Nomads to better assist the dreamers, do-ers and adventure seekers for ocean adventure travel and contribution to ocean conservation. This is an ideal position for someone looking to learn about the ocean nomads lifestyle, make a difference, and bring adventure into your house/vessel/vehicle now. We make splashes but to really make an impact it’s time to create waves! We need more hands on deck to implement the ideas. Who’s up for a challenge?

Since the membership launched in June 2020, we’ve been growing our community organically and it’s exciting & inspiring to connect you with each other. To level up our game and bring more value to our members globally and locally, we’d like to scale up. We need more hands on deck!

We’re looking for someone who is excited to support with Social Media and Community Management. Our vibe attracts our tribe. This is a unique opportunity to play an integral part of an adventurous endeavour with a cause.



  • Content creation and management of the Ocean Nomads social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) (ocean conversation content, member introductions, & community happenings)
  • Growing and developing our social media channels
  • Support with the newsletter and blog
  • Support with the Ocean Nomads Map
  • Support with the Facebook groups
  • Welcoming, answering and connecting people on the Ocean Nomads hub
  • Support with Member engagement and questions
  • Fresh eyes and your creative input on everything we develop


  • “Let’s do it and it can be done” DRIVE + MINDSET!
  • Value driven passionate and enthusiastic about everything ocean, sailing & sustainability
  • Super positive attitude
  • Super curious to learn what every member is dreaming and doing
  • Being up to date and living the Ocean Nomads values
  • Have a computer and connection to Wifi
  • Entrepreneurial, action orientated, creative, resourceful, organized, independent, communicative, self-motivated, efficient, and pro-active.
  • Helpful skills and experience: Social Media Savvy, well written English, wordpress knowledge, creative, sailor, watersports, nomad, and/or environmentalist by heart. 


  • You’ll play a key part in expanding Ocean Nomads network 
  • Access and introductions to ON members, partners, ambassadors
  • You will be taught the ropes in ON related areas of your interest and develop skills that can help you sustain a nomadic lifestyle
  • You can receive mentorship, insights, intro’s from Suzanne on digital nomad lifestyle design, crewing, boat living, and ocean adventure travel.
  • ON VIP treatment and appropriate discount or if possible free pass on membership, merchandise and/ or our next sailing event
  • Lots of room for your creative input

In consultation, we can work out the hours / workload. This is a dynamic position and sails will be adjusted as we go. If we see something that doesn’t work, we change tack until we’re on course. We are a small start-up on a mission, so there is limitless room to grow, become more involved in other areas of the organisation, and be rewarded for your efforts. 


We currently only welcome intern and volunteer proposals. Our drive is community and impact. You must be in it for benefits other than financial gain. If you’re specifically skillful and interested in helping out with one facet, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps we can make a win/win. We’d love to hear from everyone thought give strong preference to something already within the Ocean Nomads community, living and breathing the Ocean Nomads values.


Contact Suzanne with ‘hands on deck’ in the email subject. We’d love to hear from you (in which ever way you like to express yourself: photo, video, or writing):

  • Why you would like to be on board?
  • What makes you a great mate for this digital ship?
  • Ideas you may have
  • What would you like to gain/learn/develop in return?
  • How can WE help YOU grow?

Write to ahoy @ oceannomads . co subject: Hands on deck available!

“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” — Michelle Obama


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