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It’s that time of the year again that many are starting to prepare to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. You may be preparing your own ocean worthy vessel to sail across, or looking into sailing across the Atlantic as crew. Or perhaps you’re just curious what an adventure like this is all about. This August we dedicate the full month to Sailing Across the Atlantic. We have lots of members who have sailed across, and lots of members who are looking to do so. We can learn a lot from each other. Join the conversation, absorb the information, ask your questions, share your ideas, stories, curiosities and experiences in relation to sailing the Atlantic.


Here’s what you can expect by joining the Sailing Across the Atlantic Ocean Nomads theme month:

Atlantic Ocean Sailing Content


We host a Q&A with Suzanne, author of book Ocean Nomad and founder of the Ocean Nomads community. Four times she ‘hitchhiked’ across the Atlantic as Crew. Ask her anything about sailing across the Atlantic as crew, and she does her best to give your personalized support to get you happy, safe, and prepared out there. 



Access to the resources:

  • ‘Sailing across the Atlantic as crew. Learn about the bearings (like route, distance, money, weather, preparation, and packing)
  • Find a Sailboat Ride. 
  • Offshore packing lists
  • Happy and healthy provisioning
  • Waste management at sea.
  • An extensive happiness and safety checklist to figure out if the vessel, captain, and crew is a good and safe! match.
+ knowledge sharing with fellow members

Atlantic Ocean Sailing Stories

Ocesail the atlantic ocean as crewan Nomads Members sharing stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from their Atlantic Ocean Sailing experiences. We also host an online video meet-up for story sharing.



Atlantic Ocean Sailing Events

We have the following Online Events planned in relation to Sailing the Atlantic Ocean.




Last but not least, the biggest event we have planned is an actual sailing expedition across the Atlantic!  After 5 years of organizing adventure and impact sailing trips we now go bigger and further than ever. And you can join!Learn more and apply now! We are walking extra miles to recruit an epic diverse but likeminded crewteam, and take safety super serious. You can join one or more legs. 


But what makes this Atlantic Sailing theme month most interesting, in our opinion, is the connection and interaction with fellow Ocean Nomads that are as stoked about an adventure like Sailing across the Atlantic, as you are!

The ‘Sailing across the Atlantic’ theme month is free of access to all ocean nomads members. Some content will only be available during this month, so make sure you join in realtime!

How to join the ‘Sailing Across the Atlantic’ Theme Month?


Login or Join the tribe to jump on board.

And navigate to ‘Follow the Sailing across the Atlantic Topic to join the happenings. And remember to RSVP to the online events. 



What else would you like to learn or share about sailing across the Atlantic? 

Share it in the comments here, or on the Ocean Nomads network hub.



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