KiteSurf, Sailing & Sustainability Adventure on Classic Schooner | Caribbean

Update: Twister has not been able to sail across the Atlantic. We’re re-evaluating for 2020.

Join the more than 100-year-old classic Schooner Twister for a Kite – Sail – Green Lifestyle trip in the Caribbean.

This trip is more than ‘just’ a kitesurfing/sailing trip. This expedition is about connecting you with the ocean, the islands, and each other.

The expedition starts with a couple of days of kiting in Tobago, and exploring Tobago’s beauty, the eco-paradise and most authentic island of the Caribbean. On the 7th we head off north. We’ll take you to some of the best kiting spots of the Caribbean. We’ll visit different islands and countries between Tobago and Martinique, meet the locals, visit the traditional but vanishing wooden beach build boat scene in Carriacou (Grenada), and climate change ocean impact projects along the way. Our final destination is Martinique where you can keep kiting for as long as you want. The bits in between are determined by the wind and our adventure and exploration mindset.

Note that not every day will be about kiting. This is a multi-adventure lifestyle trip where the adventure and sustainability mindset is core. This makes the trip also interesting for non-kiters. In both Tobago and Martinique, there are opportunities to learn kiting and to kite as long as you want. 

You can be as involved with the sailing as you would like. But you don’t have to!

Warning: your life will never be the same again

The Ocean Nomads philosophy

This trip is about sharing and caring for the Ocean Nomads ‘slow sailing’ philosophy. We focus on simplicity, health, local food and community connection, active, adventure and sustainability mindset, walking the talk, and collaboration.

OCEAN NOMADS is a tribe of young (by heart:)) adventurous ocean lovers that are after an active sailing outdoor lifestyle. It’s for sharing ideas & information on low-budget, mindful, positive impact ways to live and travel sustainably at sea.

It’s for the adventure spirits wishing to experience more of the world with sea travel, live simply, sporty, healthy, and after making a positive impact in the world that we call our playground.

Let’s follow the wind, meet up, exchange experiences, learn from each other, (hitch) sail the seas, surf a wave, and make splashes together.

Whether you’re a complete novice and curious or a salty sea gypsie already, welcome to join!


About the Ship

Sailing ship Twister is a Schooner, a fore and aft rigged sailing ship with two masts.

In 1902, the original fishing boat was built out of wood. Fifty-five years later they replaced the wooden hull by a steel one. This allowed the ship to re- enter in 1981, but this time as a modern fishing vessel. Desigend only to transport other ships fish catches at lightning speed to the fish auction- she quickly retired after that.

After 17 years of being in various ports, the skipper Andre Hansen bought the ship and with his own hands rebuilt it into the modern schooner yacht that the Twister is now. After the baptism in May 1999,  under the name Twister, her speed since then proves the ship to be one of the fastest sailing ships of the Northern sailing area.

This ship needs crew and it could be you!

Length over all: 36,70 m
Beam: 6,20 m
Draught: 2,80 m
Masthead height: 28,00 m
Sail area: 350 m² on 7 sails
Speed under sails: 9 knots
Speed under engine: 7 knots

About the people

This trip is a co-creation of Classic Schooner Twister & team Ocean Nomads led by Suzanne (Oceanpreneur).

Our Social & Environmental responsibility

Why is this trip so special? Because we care about the impact that tourism has on the environment and in the society we are visiting, for that reason:

  1. Local before global

    1. We purchase food and drinks locally from local providers and farmers.
    2. We recommend you the best local restaurants and bars.
    3. We visit local community-based development projects from our partners
    4. We transport goods like rum, coffee, tea and chocolate under sail from one port to another as to reduce the CO2 footprint of shipping.

With our fair trade and fair transport policy we aim to promote fair tourism. We visit projects during our trip concerning sustainability. For example, the construction of traditional wooden beach-built sloops on the island of Carriacou (Grenada) in the Caribbean.

  1. Resource & waste management

On our ship we carefully manage our limited resources like water and power, and minimize waste with concious provisioning and management of waste.  

    1. Recycling and separating is part of our daily routine.
    2. We make our own water to be able to avoid single use plastic bottles.
    3. Our captain and crew show how living with limited resources can be done.
    4. Non-chemical toiletries onboard are our favourites ones and
    5. We avoid plastics to the best we can
    6. We have a paperless office as much as possible with a minimum on hand-outs and print-outs.
    7. Our office is location independent which saves time and CO2.
  1. Contribution to a healthier ocean

On our voyages we contribute to research and citizen science projects on plastics, water, and wildlife. We work together with Suzanne van der Veeken (@Oceanpreneur). She’s a skipper, freediver and kitesurfer and has been nomadding the seas for more than 25.000 miles. Her ocean experiences have taught her the good, bad and ugly of our oceans. She support us with her lessons learned and tools and tips how we can contribute to a healthier ocean. She wrote the book: Ocean Nomad –  How to catch a ride and contribute to a healthier ocean. On our voyages we’ll apply her tips written in the book and co-create more solutions and recommendations for the way forward to a healthier ocean. Oceanpreneur is developing a “Zero-Waste Ocean Nomads kit. The kit is a complete set of basic objects any traveller needs to reduce the impact of his/her activities while travelling. We inform and encourage our guests to come well prepared to be able to travel zero waste.


February 4 – February 15 | 2019

Guest Capacity: 12 pirates

The Investment

135 euro / day (x12 days)

1620 euro

What’s included?

  • Accommodation (3 nights in Tobago & 9 nights on board Twister)
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks on board
  • The organisation, Adventure & Sustainability Program, Island Knowledge
  • Fuel, water, marina fees
  • Safety equipment
  • Sailing instructions

What is not included?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Kitesurf gear/lessons
  • Flights
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Local transport on the island (including transport to/from boat)
  • Local food on the islands