Meet Ocean Nomads Captain Anna: Founder of SAILMATE – upcycled bags from old sails

a woman sitting on the deck of a sailboat.

Anna Lena Bruchmann

I am passionate about sailing and sustainability. Sailing connects me to nature and become part of my life and lifestyle during the last 10 years.

Anna! What’s your story?

I moved and travelled around during the last years and stranded in Amsterdam a few years ago to combine city and sealife. Currently, I am based partly in Hamburg and Amsterdam. 2 Years ago I started my brand SAILMATE where we create products out of used sails in local production. It’s my reaction to a career in traditional and commercial textile business, which made me wonder how we treat people and planet. Together with my partner and a small team we design individual products for business customer. With every product, we spread the message about sustainability and try to create awareness for a conscious consumer.

a woman on a sailboat with a backpack on her back.

Why are you passionate about sailing?

When I got into sailing it was fascinated about this special way of travelling. Getting to hidden places, always be moving and the connection to the ocean. It’s a bit like falling in love and the more I got into it the more I started to like the actual sailing with all the techniques and strategy behind it. And that it is such a great team activity where you connect with people in a unique way.

Why are you excited about skippering a sailing & sustainability sail?

I think a sustainable lifestyle is soo much needed to protect our planet for us and for future generations. For me, it especially comes to life on sailing boats. In this microcosmos who get very aware of what nature offers, what you need, what you use and also your waste. That’s perfect to observe and adjust our behaviour.

Anna about the Ocean Nomads trip in Sicily:

What’s your wildest ocean-related dream that you would love to experience in your lifetime?

I always wanted to live on a boat, which I just started with a summer on a sailing yacht based in Amsterdam. So I guess I have to find another dream 🙂

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