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We’re treasure hunting for special deals and discounts for our members aligned with our ocean nomads lifestyles. Keep checking back here! Lots coming up.

E-Book Ocean Nomad

Ocean Nomad - the Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide - Catch a ride and Contribute to a healthier ocean.
30 % OFF

Maunawai WaterFilter

Maunawai filtersystems don't only filter the water, it brings life to it! Maunawai is a German based family company that walks to extra mile to produce as local and qualitative as possible.
10 % OFF

Skippersonline RYA sailing certification

75 Pound discount on your RYA Day Skipper & YachtMaster online Courses
75 £ OFF

Omnia Oven

Oven-cooked meals from your sailboat, camp, or van. Discount & Giveaway May/June 2023!

Kildwick Compost Toilets

A simple, small, business offering eco minded nomad toilet options for different budgets, room sizes, and situations.
10 % OFF

Ecoliving near the ocean in Spain

50€ OFF

Outdoor herbalist

15% OFF

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