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Hey Explorer!

LEt’s make waves together?

✓ You have a burning desire for (ocean) exploration

✓ You like to create, grow, and settle for nothing less you’re capable of living. 

✓ You live in, on or near the ocean to cultivate a conscious alternative active and nomadic lifestyle, or desire to do so

✓ You travel by sail or on wheels (or fins? or foot? or wings?) or are curious to do so. 

✓ You can’t be ‘boxed.’  You have a variety of interests with nature, health, simplicity, adventure, personal development and sustainability at its core. 

✓ You want to combine your ocean passion with positive contribution

✓ The ocean is your home. Your playground. Your place to treasure, respect, and protect.

But alone you can only reach so far.

We get you. And we got your back

imagine a life with more

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Ocean Adventure

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Adventure Buddies

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We created a network to accelerate all of that

Welcome home

Ocean Nomads is home for the free spirits living or after an eco-minded active healthy outdoor lifestyle in, on and near the sea. 

There are other humans in this world with your way of living, with similar ocean travel and lifestyle dreams. Often hidden in the wild somewhere. But here we unite.


We get you and your lifestyle choices. And we are here to support, team-up & meet-up for more fun and ocean impact. 


We live nomadically or aspire to do so. And we support each other at each step of our journey.


Some of us live as an ocean nomad already for decades (age is just a number;)). Others are just dipping their toes. It doesn’t matter. We were all once newbies. What unites us is our passion for the sea, our health and the health of the ocean and our need for more community and making a positive impact in our wild lifestyles. 


We connect ocean people, resources, boats, adventure opportunities, ideas and knowledge to realize ocean travel, accelerate our eco and passion projects, and adventure with more fun, impact and nature connection.

"After joining Ocean Nomads a little over a year ago my life has done a complete 180° ( in the best way possible) and I have the network and so many of you to thank for that!”
From Zero to Liveaboard & Community Manager

You may have spotted us here

How ocean nomads Started

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Hola! I’m Suzy! I didn’t grow up near the ocean, but during the now +15 years of nomadding, I learned to dive, surf, and freedive. Superpowered by the ocean sports, driven by curiousity, and with an urge to learn and explore more, I just had to move to the sea.  I discovered sailing boats as way of travel. More accessible than I thought was possible.  Since, I’ve travelled +40.000 miles, 5 Atlantic crossings, and on dozens of sailing vessels in every ocean. I then got the captains papers so I can also take others sailing and share what the magic is all about. Over the years we’ve been hosting numerous sailing adventures. To keep the momentum and connections going of these beautiful weeks at sea, and to facilitate more ocean adventures between all of you, whether you joined a trip or not, I set up the Ocean Nomads membership. Because I believe to get the ocean truly in your heart, you need to experience the ocean. With Ocean Nomads I’m excited to connect more of you to each other, the sea, and a more conscious way of life on and near the sea. A safe and supportive and purpose-driven community is what I’ve been missing in my sailing journey, so I created it to got your back on your journey.

If you feel home already, we invite you to

Ocean Nomads Membership

When you join the Ocean Nomads Membership, you become part of a vibrant and supportive community of individuals who are passionate about sailing, adventure, and sustainability and sail the extra mile to support and make a difference. 


Share your stories, exchange insights, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow ocean nomads. Together, we navigate with impact, create memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


With Ocean Nomads, you’ll have the support, resources, and opportunities to make your dreams a reality, happy, safe and meaningful.

Your ocean dream acceleration zone

Member benefits

Support network

Access to the global network hub of impact-driven ocean travelers who share your love for sailing, exploration, and sustainability. 

Create meaningful connections with like-minded adventure & eco-minded ocean explorers for support, fun and action.

Expand Your Nomadic Ocean Network. Connect with other Members through meet-ups, our map and the app.

Read stories and chat with members who sailed oceans and are steps ahead. And share yours.

Find value aligned crew opportunities and crew to sail with.

Access & contribute tips, ideas and inspiration for building a conscious ocean nomads lifestyle.

Discuss sailing challenges and exchange best practices and maintainance and repair tips, including information on sustainable technologies and environmental impact reduction as sailors

Personal advisory board from your pocket (1)
sailing community
"Authentic, enthusiastic, caring and sharing: the Ocean Nomads community is all about living a conscious life on this beautiful blue planet in real life, using the platform what is meant for: connecting to each other."
Nomad legend
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Discover Ocean Nomads near you

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Meet-ups & Events
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Connections made
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Meet-Ups & Events

Participate in the monthly online member meet-ups for personalized connections.Or join or host a meet-up or raft-up in the wild near you! As a member you are also the first to know and sign up for our next sailing camp, trip or expedition.  

"I absolutely love what Ocean Nomads is doing: combining adventure and sustainability go hand in hand. I want to spend my time, money and energy on people and companies that aim to make the world a bit more beautiful. You do that and I love being a part of that."
(boathitchhiked across two oceans from zero to hero)
""I always had the dream to go sailing one day, so I signed up and joined the Ocean Nomads Community. From that moment everything escalated quickly. One week sailing turned into 1,5 months and together with some other Ocean Nomads we sailed from Northern Spain to the Canaries. I fell in love with the sailing lifestyle and I knew I wanted to get my own sailboat. A lot has happened since then. In short, I bought an old sailboat of a new Ocean Nomads Friend. I sailed the Canary Islands. And now maybe across the Atlantic. Without joining Ocean Nomads, I would not be where I am now."
From zero to solo sailing the ocean in his own boat

the big member accelerator is the support network,
but there's more:


We created resources and mini-courses with tips, tools, guides, and contacts for a well prepared ocean adventure with impact. And we keep adding more!

Find a Boat ride tips
Offshore & Coastal packing Lists & Tips
Zero Waste championing tips
Ocean Education & Conservation Action points
Offshore Crew Preparation tips
Vegetarian Recipes for at Sea
Local & Organic farm to table provision contacts
Atlantic ocean Boatfinding & Sailing preparation Tips
Waste Management tips & procedures
Tips for Captains considering taking Crew

Freebie (3)

Sneak peak into Popular Resources

Zero waste prepare as crew for offshore membership.
A membership based cell phone for captain to crew communication via texting.

what members say

Deals & Discounts

Exclusive Ocean Nomads Deals & Discounts and priority sign up on Ocean Nomads Trips and useful nomad tools. We're just getting started.

EBook Ocean Nomad

50 % OFF

Maunawai WaterFilter

10 % OFF

Skippersonline RYA sailing certification

75 £ OFF

Omnia Stove Oven


COmpost Toilet

10 % OFF
"I absolutely LOVE what Ocean Nomads is about and how you are building this network! Getting connected to fellow ocean lovers who thrive on and close to the water has been a real pleasure so far. Going on spontaneous boat rides with similar minds has really helped to keep the nature spirit alive! "
(Founder of Searious Business)
"Joining Ocean Nomads, I found so many beautiful souls & teachers at one place. Each step brings me further to a life, aligned with nature and waters, and I am grateful to know that there are people who I can trust, share time and connect with." - Valeska

Tribe Vibe

Are you...

you value...

Do you embrace an eco-minded, active outdoor nomadic lifestyle on and near the sea, and looking to mingle more ocean adventure, impact and community in your journey? 


Then ocean nomads is for you!

When it's not for you?

Drugs, drinking, heavy consumption, and conventionality is not our thing. We are privileged with a passport and a healthy body and are driven to dream big, give back, be healthy, and make the most out of our time on planet ocean, 

Reality check

To give you an idea of how pricy sailinglife can be

  • Cost of renting a boat: 200 – 700 euro / day
  • A sailing course: 500-3000 euro
  • Hiring crew: 150-300  euro / day
  • Buying a boat: Continous $
  • Hiring a specialist on a certain skill (Mechanic, Engineer etc). At least 50 euro / hour.

Not so accessible huh? 

Ocean Nomads network is created to make sailing AND maintaining the lifestyle more accessible. And fun. And meaningful. And sustainable.

Learning from and Sailing with an Ocean Nomad: Priceless! 

Get started from 20 cents / day!

Why Ocean Nomads

Accessible Ocean Adventure & Exploration

Creating Meaningful Connections

Learn & Expand Skills

Supportive, Safe & kind community

Healthy, Eco, AMbitious members

Make Impact & Cultivate Conscious living

"Ocean Nomads makes you feel really connected. So much of my journey in conservation, with this lifestyle and also as an entrepreneur, has been about finding those people who understand and who can give the experience alongside. I'm not feeling like I’m shouting into a giant void of the internet with tons of people who don’t get it or are not interested. I’ve definitely felt like I have a whole mix of solidarity of people beside me. I’m really excited to see where that goes. I can feel the positivity leaking into my life already."
( long-term nomad & Impact Founder of The Sustainable Tourist)


Why join today?

✓ Supportive global network helping out each other before, during and after trips (Priceless)


Personal Introductions (Not seen anywhere else)


✓ Access to +10 nomad resources and mini-courses (Valued +1000 euro)


✓ Member deals and bonuses (Valued +500 euro) + More coming


Priority Access to upcoming trips (Always sold out)


Be the first to know and jump on crewing opportunities, ON trips, driven crew available, boatsitting, raft-ups, meet-ups and other adventures (Priceless)

✓Minimum of 12 Online Meet-ups & Network Events in your membership deal (Priceless)


✓ LifetimeS and millions of Nautical Miles of experience to be found in this network accessible from your pocket and happy to advice. (Priceless)


Belong and contribute to the one and only global eco sailing tribe for a healthier ocean (Thank you!)


✓ Lock in the best deals today for the membership, upcoming courses & trips.  Price locked in today is forever yours. 


Get out there faster, safer, more sustainable & with your people.


Total value: Happy Memories for life!


Ocean Nomads Travel by sailboat Caribbean 224
Bri & Su and many other members will be welcoming you on the inside.
Accelerate your sailing dreams, purpose project and stoke for life TODAY with the investment comparable with the price of half a pizza / month! (Really? Really!) What would give you most superpowers?


By Joining Ocean Nomads you pledge to:

Be supportive

Step up for the environment

Act local

Give before you get

Walk the talk

Be open & kind

…and have no day without nature play!

“What I hoped to gain from this community was the option of finding crew. Instead what I found is a collection of people who get what I do, who understand why we make certain choices and who are willing to support each other. And that is something i needed way more than just someone to sail with.”
Ocean Nomads Vessel Member

Pan pan! Pan pan! To stay afloat Membership fees going up. Lock in current rate today.

How it works

ocean nomad community, app

Frequently Asked Questions

So far we have +300 members from +35 different nationalities. We have +70 members with vessels who are occasionally looking for ocean nomads valued crew and therefore prefer to find within our network. 

Our members are liveaboards, adventure travellers, (aspiring) sailors, people working in the sailing, surf or ocean sports industry, eco project initiators, impact entrepreneurs as well as surfers and (free)divers looking to design their lives around the ocean. We have a growing group of vanlifers and overlanders as well who navigate the coastlines. We’re a varied mix of salty souls with a shared drive to live pure, simple, free and protect planet ocean.

Our members are young by heart. We do not exclude someone because of their chronological age. We have members in there 20s up to maybe even someone in their 80s! We all have a lot to learn and give to each other.  It’s about the mindset and drive for ocean adventure and making a positive impact.

On our membership portal you can sea who is near you. On the Ocean Nomads map  we feature members, vessels, basecamps, projects, friends and other local happenings ocean nomads should know about.

You can learn more about how to network came about here (3 minute video) and more member videos in our member story section.

  • You can check the latest opportunities in the Sailing Adventure Wanted & Available space in our member hub. The more specific you are the better we can tag and connect you to relevant people who may have or know about an adventure opportunity. 
  • Explore the Ocean Nomads MAP and see if there are any vessels in the area you’re looking for (only members can access). We currently have +80 vessel members who are often eager to share the experience. 
  • Check out the member resource ‘Find a Sailboat ride‘ where we share websites, ideas, and ways to find a ride. 
  • Simply ask the community for tips. We are an active and engaged group, walking the extra mile for a fellow Ocean Nomad. Show up in a meet-up and the first personalized connections are being made. Very often members don’t need crew and don’t put the word out but they welcome them if the right person shows up.
  • Looking for a ride across the Atlantic? Also check out Suzanne’s book: Ocean Nomad (50% discount for Ocean Nomads members). In the member hub we also have a resource on Sailing the Atlantic and lots of members who shared their experience. You can watch some replays inside.
  • We amplify our members voices on Social Media. Tag us and we repost on our Instagram and facebook groups totalling +25.000 people, if you want.
  • Suzy is launching a course on how to travel the world by sail as crew in 2023! Be the first to know and claim the best price as a member.
  • If adventure and impact driven salty souls are what you are looking for, we have a growing pool of ready to jump on board members all around the world. Members have access to resources and mini-courses related to the ocean nomads lifestyle, crewing, provisioning, cooking, and walk to extra mile to make things real. 
  • Share your crew needs / wishes on the Ocean Nomads member hub in topic Crew Opportunities. We make personalized connections with people who think may be a good fit. 
  • We can also amplify your search in our new moon and full moon newsletter, social media channels, and facebook groups.

Yes! While big focus of our community is on life AT sea, most of us also love the land. Our common interest in a love for nature, cultivating conscious living. and connecting with other freedom spirits creating a lifestyle around this. Besides many member living on boats, also many of us live off grid, in our van, just with a backpack OR are curious to learn more about all it. As sailors we also need places and people on the land to visit, and as land people we also need adventurers in our life :). If you align with our values, you’ll find beautiful connections in our network.

At the moment we offer two memberships:

Nomad Membership (65 euro / year) And Vessel Membership (119 euro / year).

We don’t have monthly memberships for the reason that relationship building takes time. We do our very best to create meaningful personal connection and therefore we simply got to know each other a little bit. We go for quality over quantity.  

We believe with a little barrier-to-entry membership fee, we attract those truly determined. And it helps us do what we do. We don’t want to mess around on social media too much. It’s too shallow, too noisy, and not real. Via the ocean nomads membership we can do more and become more.

Pan pan! Membership fees go up later in 2023. Lock in the current rate today.

We are not an online community. We’re all about sharing, exploring, and thriving in the great outdoors. We host a couple off facebook groups, started initially to simply enhance the sharing economy by sharing and posting relevant ocean adventure opportunities. But we intend to move away form the big corporates that can sell your data or delete your efforts with a click, and have fake profiles. We’re not actively managing the facebook groups. Life is too short for that. And we don’t want to encourage scrolling while the outdoors is waiting for you. All our efforts are going into cultivating a kind, safe, and adventure community offline. We have a dedicated membership platform set up using a platform called mightynetworks with the goal to create more meaningful connections, support each other with questions and answers, so at the end of the day we have more time for the important stuff: connect to nature. By becoming a contributing member we can contribute to your journey. Oh. and we will NEVER sell your data. Welcome to the family!

Hell yeah! But away from corporate giant infrastructure. We don’t want to facilitate scrolling, we want to facilitate outdoor action! We like to be independent and the whole idea behind the online platform is for us to spend less time online and on the dream realization distracting socials. That includes us who manage Ocean Nomads. Our members are our top priority! And outdoor play. If there’s time left or the weather is bad we connect to social media now and then. 

Safety and Kindness first. Membership can be denied or cancelled if we feel reasons to do so. We automatically accept member requests but all gets reviewed. Especially when it comes to sailing we want to do what we can to connect you to kind, responsible, happy people. We have experienced 1 case where we declined and of course then refund the fees. We also just rolled out a verification system where members can leave references to each other.

Of course! Through the member network you can reap the benefits of more adventure, impact and community in your life all year and near you. As long as you align with our values and vision you are welcome to join! 

We have pulled all our community management into one place to be able to focus on YOU. We are using a tool called Mightynetworks. You can access our network via their app or via desktop. Also, it works in the browser. The APP though is really good so we do recommend you to download that. You’ll have like your personally nomad journey advisory board in your pocket! No advertisement, no data being sold,  just you and community.

Simple, Wild and Free
That's how
we like to be


You Are The Average Of The five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

Spent time with people who live or are looking to live the lifestyle, adventures and missions you dream of. Before you know it, you live it too! 

Members & Meet-ups in the wild

A few more words from our members

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