Ocean Nomads vessel members in the spotlight! These ocean dream realizers are living it (and all welcome crew)

A sailing crew consisting of two people standing on a boat.

Ocean Nomads in the spotlight! These ocean nomads choose a life with nothing less they are capable of living. From dreaming to doing in their sailing and sustainability journeys.

In this blog, we shine a light on a few ocean nomads members to inspire you that if it can be dreamt, it can be done and by supporting our ocean brothers and sisters! We are proud to have them part of the Ocean Nomads network. All of them welcome fellow ocean nomads on board to share the adventures.

Robert & Kyra made it to Gambia

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We met Robert & Kyra 3 years ago when they hitchhiked by sailboat into the Canary Islands. They manifested their dream boat. They spent more than a year refitting and fixing and now set sail living the dream exploring exotic places.

They made it safe and sound to Gambia! With the extra hands on deck of ocean nomad Jan. They found out about each other through the ocean nomads network. And we are so happy that safe and meaningful adventures are being lived out there thanks to the ocean nomads network.

Our Brianna met up with them in Las Palmas a couple weeks ago to catch up and also say farewell. We are so happy for them and their first long (safe) passage after a long refit with lots of obstacles, but they did it. And what an adventure they have ahead!

They have written a couple of articles about their journey on the ocean nomads network, including an article on how to refit an old steelboat.


Follow & Connect with KyraRobert and Jan on the Ocean Nomads network

Robert & Kyra welcome fellow ocean nomads on board for their journey in West Africa and Across the Atlantic.

Check out videos of them on their Youtube.

Andy and Jess set sail soon

A sailing crew with a dog on a beach.

We met Andi and Jess earlier this year in the Caribbean. We handed over the Ocean Nomads Sourdough starter that Brianna and Dani brought on board on the other side of the pond. They just purchased their own vessel, Tixi Lixi and are now making her ready to sail away. Andy has been an Ocean Nomads ambassador from the very start. We love having his happy positive vibes and ocean ambassadoring on board and are looking forward to follow and support on their journeys to come. Lots of crew possibilities coming up!



I’m a sailing instructor who just bought a boat and keen to explore. Still lots of work to go to make her fully ocean capable but I’m having fun doing the work and learning loads as I’m doing most of it myself.
I left a previous life in heavy steel construction building oil and gas platforms in Saudi Arabia to become a salty sailor. I did this for many reasons but mostly that sailing and ocean living on a small boat is a lot more fun! I started my sailing journey in Cape Town finishing off my yachtmaster crossing to Rio de Janeiro. Then I worked for a small NGO onboard a yacht raising awareness and action to plastic pollution. 

Ocean Achievement

Worked onboard yacht Boaz creating awareness and action to plastic pollution in our oceans during the global awakening to the single use plastic crises we’re currently facing.


Current Mission

Running a global sailing school doing lifestyle trips (sailing, diving and kitesurfing) for people interested in buying a boat and going adventuring.

Follow & Connect with Andi and Jess on the Ocean Nomads network. 


They still have a few crew spots for their upcoming sailing trip in Thailand & Malaysia. 5 Ocean Nomads are IN so far.

Annah from crewing half way around the world to buying her own vessel

A sailing crew member smiling on a sailboat.
We have met Anna way back in 2018 when she was on a mission to travel as sailboat crew from Europe to her home in New Zealand. Lots of crewing experiences later, she bought her own boat in New Zealand, where she is now taking learning by doing to a next level. She is based near by Auckland and just logged her 5th ocean crossing!
Ocean Achievement
I’m just proud that I am learning to look after myself and this boat! I love to sail with people of all sailing abilities. I am a good teacher and love to spread the sailing love to anyone whose keen. In NZ, believe it or not, sailing is still such a niche sport or lifestyle, I want to show people of all backgrounds that it’s totally accessible and brings so much joy.
I just learned to service my engine. A pretty big accomplishment for me but actually very really simple! Before that I grew up sailing with my family at the bottom of the North Island in NZ and the Marlborough Sounds. I have done a handful of ocean crossings and am ready for so much more. I am the proud owner of an excellent small and racey yacht. A Marauder 8.4, designed and built here in NZ. She won’t go across oceans but she will take around NZ!
Team up with Anna and let’s grow the Aotearoa/ New Zealand Ocean Nomads community! She welcomes crew, buddies, and house/boat exchanges.
We are proud to have her part of the Ocean Nomads network and are looking forward to follow her further on her journey. 
A sailing crew of two people on a sailboat.


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