Sailboat Travel & Crewing Opportunities | Spring / Summer 2023

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As the Ocean Nomads network grows, more and more sailing travel opportunities are offered and created by members from all over the world, as well as by us as an organization. 

Here’s a snapshot of a few current sailing possibilities to get the ocean in your veins and jump on board to experience travelling by sail. Some crewing opportunities are by vessel members. Some are organized by us as an Organization. Some are paid, some are paying, some and somewhere in between. All with similar values and intentions to connect you to the ocean, adventure and a meaningful way of travel. 

Join the tribe to learn more about the different crewing opportunities, get connected to the captains, and to accelerate your ocean nomads lifestyle with adventure, impact, and community.

Offshore Sailing Crew Opportunities

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Sail the Atlantic

Atlantic Crossing on Steel Ketch | December '23

Our Atlantic crossing is currently planned for 2023. 3 ocean nomads can join me on this passage across the Atlantic and/or also in the Caribbean to have some unforgettable sailing adventures. I’ve met so many awesome ocean Nomads in the past, and it would be a pleasure to have some of you guys on board. So landlubbers, get out of your comfort zone and show me that you’re the right person to join in. It would be very cool to unite with some other ON-boats that wants to cross, so we can build up a little ON-fleet.ON Verified Vessel.

offshroe sailing crew

Crew Wanted Sicily - Gibraltar - Lanzarote | June '23

Around the begining of June momo will start sailing her to Lanzarote. On 16th of June I will take the helm over on to sail her fro Gibraltar to Lanzarote as Momo needs to get back to Germany for work.For this delivery we are starting to crew up and there are two spots open to join this awesome maiden voyage.Costs 15 euro a day contribution to the ship and you also will share in the food and fuel expenses.

Sailing into the Mediterranean | Spring ' 23

Join me going eastward in the med this spring/summer as crew. My boat is a Hanse 400 sailing boat. Me and my boat are Norwegian- sailed from Oslo last year, now in Gibraltar.

Ocean Nomads Travel by sailboat across the atlantic 07

Canada - Bermuda - Caribbean | June ' 23

I am currently looking for crew to join me for a sail from Prince Edwards Island (Canada) to Bermuda and then down to the Caribbean, most likely St Martin. This would be around the start of June.Boat is a 38ft C and C. Recent survey done on her. My name is Ross I am commercially qualified up to YM Ocean.

Coastal Sailing Crew Opportunities

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Work Exchange Learning & Sailing

Hi beautiful salty souls!!After two, epic years of sailing around the Atlantic. She is now back for a pitstop at the shipyard in Almere, the Netherlands for the summer. She needs and deserves some good attention and upgrades. We learned a lot navigating around the Atlantic.My plan is to throw them lines loose and steer south around mid September, with destination Canary Islands, probably Lanzarote to begin with but open for suggestions.I'm looking for salty souls who are up for an adventure, someone whos up for spending a summer close to Amsterdam & working on the boat and ofcourse also for some sailing later on.

sailing crew wanted

Sail the Aegean Sea

Crew opportunity for offshore delivery in Greece (250nm) July 8-15 in Greece!

sailing to the canary islands

Crew wanted Mediterranean sailing and for a delivery to the Canary Islands this fall

You can already mark this in your calendar, share with other Nomads or just keep in mind that in September there will be a ON vessel sailing from Corsica/ Sardinia to the Canaries and I’m happy to welcome ocean nomads crew any time. The rough idea is to start in mid September and move west to make it to the Canaries with no hurry by mid/end of October.

Sailing & Surfing the Coast of Central America

Any experienced surfers want to explore the Pacific coast of Panama (maybe Costa Rica & Nicaragua) in search of waves? I'm currently in the Caribbean side of Panama and plan to cross the canal by the end of June.Learn more & Contact Captain

sailing boat for free

Sailboat for free! (Sold as bunch of equipment:))

Selling my old boat. Swedish Laurinkoster L32, 1970. Ready to continue bluewater cruising. (Sold as a bunch of equipment, boat for free)Boat will be available from August in Sweden, but can be delivered within reason.

Day Sailing in the Balearics

In Ibiza waiting for Perfect wind to Mallorca Thursday ! Open for Any nomads who would like a few days sailing in the Balearics on short notice.

Our mission: Keeping Ocean Nomads a happy, safe, and meaningful ocean adventure network! As a member you can now get verified through recommendations from fellow members.

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Explore More Ocean adventure, impact & Community

Crewing Opportunities come and go. And change, as sailboats go with the weather. This is a snapshot of what’s currently being published within the Ocean Nomads Network. Check and follow the Sailing Adventure Wanted & Available Space on the Ocean Nomads Network to see all the latest crewing opportunities and to be the first to learn about new adventures.


We also have many members not publishing crewing opportunities but simply offering rides during our online meet-ups and casually spontaneously as we connect or cross seas. Join the Membership to check the latest (It’s 5,50 euro / month)


Not sure about becoming a member but still curious?

Keep an eye out on the trip page , newsletter, and our Instagram, where we sometimes also share crewing and meet-up opportunities.



On the ON Map you can see where Member vessels are currently navigating. Join the club or log in to get in touch. 



Check out this blog how you can maximize the possibility of finding a happy, safe and meaningful sailboat ride with Ocean Nomads. We facility and connect but you have to show up and shine to make the dream real. You got our support! 



Are you a vessel welcoming dedicated adventure crew? We do our best to find you beautiful adventure, impact, and community minded ocean matches. Join the tribe, share your crew needs, and we get ON the case.

Connecting you to the ocean and to each other is at the core of what Ocean Nomads DOES. But we ARE much more than that. We aim to simply walk our talk, and live the conscious lifestyle. And we love to bring you along the way. If you align with our vibes and values, welcome to the family! Here you can learn more about Ocean Nomads. Here you can explore more about our members. Questions? Check the FAQ or drop us a note.


“What I hoped to gain from this community was the option of finding crew. Instead what I found is a collection of people who get what I do, who understand why we make certain choices and who are willing to support each other. And that is something i needed way more than just someone to sail with.” Vessel Member Michiel

“The big opportunity of this platform is, that we all are driven by the same spirit. That makes it easy to build up a team aboard, for me the most important thing out on the ocean. Sailing skills are not as important as many people believe, you will learn everything you must know in less than one week, I promise. ” – Vessel Member & Captain Wolfgang

“I always had the dream to go sailing one day. But, like many, I did not grow up with sailing and I thought it’s something for the very wealthy. Now, thanks to the Ocean Nomads, I know different.. Last summer I had my first sailing experience on an Ocean Nomad Sailing Trip in Spain. I initially signed up for one week, but ended up staying 1,5 months, and sailed as part of the crew from Northern Spain to the Canaries Islands. On this trip, I met a lot of like-minded people with similar goals and dreams. I also realized that it is possible to learn sailing in a low-key, affordable way. After this trip, I got so inspired that I decided to buy my own sailboat. After some research, I decided to buy a previous sailboat of an Ocean Nomad friend that I just met, and together we sailed the boat from Ireland to Spain. Thanks to him I gained enough confidence to continue on my own. Without Ocean Nomads this would not have been possible. So if you are slightly interested in sailing, the ocean, meeting like-minded people and perhaps want to join a sailing trip in the future, have a look into Ocean Nomads!- Nadiem” March

“During my interview call with Suzanne for ExpeditionON with Twister last summer, I immediately knew I wanted to join the Ocean Nomads network and sailing adventure. Her energy and values were exactly what I was looking for and I could NOT wait to get onboard and meet everyone. As soon as I hung up the phone I thought to myself “This trip is going to change my life”…. and it sure did. So I packed up my life into a duffle bag a few months later, boarded Twister in Madeira and set sail towards The Canary Islands. 

Long story short, after I hopped on Twister and sailed off into the sunset😉, I was surrounded by amazing people and had the complete feeling of freedom I had hoped for. With little convincing from fellow ON members during one of the monthly meetups, I also decided to take their advice and spend the winter in the canaries. This included…renting a caravan 🚐 with fellow Nomad Cay, sailing on Bluepearl 🏴‍☠️with Captain Wolfgang 🦜, Thomas, Robert, Kyra, and meeting Jacky, Eoin, Luca, Sael and of course Suzanne.

My lifelong dream has been to spend time outside of the US, explore different places, meet , new people and just live somewhere different than what I grew up with. If you told me this time last year that I would have spent the better part the last 365 days sailing around The Canary Islands🌴,surfing in Ireland, sleeping in a van ALONE in England and writing this newsletter on an island in the Adriatic Sea,🌍 I would have rolled my eyes at you.  But after joining Ocean Nomads a little over a year ago my life has done a complete 180° ( in the best way possible) and I have the network and so many of you to thank for that! “


Looking for eco minded adventure crew?

Are you a vessel welcoming dedicated adventure crew? We do our best to find you beautiful adventure, impact, and community minded ocean matches. The nomads in our network are extra dedicated to the ocean, environment, adventure, and learning and have access to crew resources to help them become best crew member. Join the tribe, share your crew needs, and we get ON the case. We can give your crew ad a communication boost amongst our public channels (newsletter, social media, our website) to maximize chances of a good match. *We screen every vessel to the best we can for value alignment.

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