Sailboat Travel & Crewing Opportunities with Ocean Nomads | Autumn 2021

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As the Ocean Nomads network grows, more and more sailing travel opportunities are offered and created by members from all over the world, as well as by us as an organization.

Here’s a snapshot of a few current sailing possibilities to get the ocean in your veins and jump on board to experience travelling by sail. Some crewing opportunities are by vessel  members. Some are organized by us as an Organization.

CREWING OPPORTUNITY: Galicia to Canary Islands 

Departure: Around Early October.

The Plan: Sail from Finisterra to the Canary Island Ocean Nomads meet-up end of October, visit Madeira on the way.

Everyone on board is an Ocean Nomads member.

Small daily Contribution + Shared Expenses

Learn more & Contact Captain.

Crewing Opportunity: Sailing Algarve (Portugal) to Canary Islands (Spain) on a 57 ft Ketch

Departure: Around September 9. Welcome on board before!

Ideally someone who can stand watch independently.

Everyone on board is an Ocean Nomads member.

Small daily Contribution + Shared Expenses

Learn more & Contact Captain.


Departure: Around Mid September. Welcome on Board before.

Captain is a retired RYA sailing instructor. All levels welcome

Small daily Contribution + Shared Expenses

Learn more & Contact Captain.

Sète to Marseille France on a sweet little sailing vessel.

A quiet coast sailling trip around 100 miles. 24h Hours sailling or two or three days with stops in nice places. 

Learn more & Contact Captain.

Free. Some Experience required.

Sail in Sicily with Pirates for the planet 

Laura and her partner are a beautiful example of ‘dreaming it AND doing it! With impact. They organize sustainable sailing expeditions and are active marine conservationist. We’re proud to have them as members and happy to amplify their sailing and ocean conservation efforts! Chat and connect with them via our member network and explore their sailing opportunities. 

Learn more & Contact Laura


Crewing opportunity  Las Palmas to Tazarcorte in the Canary Islands on a steel Ketch

“Hey pirates, we are back on the boat at 25. August. Then we want to sail to Valle Gran Rey on Gomera and stay there a week or longer on anchorage. Afterwards we sail to Tazarcorte on La Palma. So if someone likes to join us, we will find a place for you.”

Learn more & Contact Captain.

Simply sharing fun and adventure.

Sailing crew wanted in the Pacific

Sail with Zen from Nuku Hiva or Tahiti to Fiji. You need to be fit.

Learn more & Contact Captain.

Video Crew Wanted for a Documentary

Claudio is making a documentary about the past, the present and the future of the Mediterranean with his boat Sam and is looking for someone who want to sail and make videos. Also welcome to join for sailing to Menorca or Mallorca from Barcelona.

Learn more & Contact Captain.


Sailing Netherlands to Madeira and/or Madeira to the Canary Islands on a +100 year old 36 Schooner | Ocean Nomads gathering on the Ocean

With Expedition ON, we are sailing from the Netherlands to Madeira (1700 NM | Leg 1 ) and Madeira to the Canary Islands exploring the remote islands in between (350 NM |Leg 2) onboard Twister, a classic 36 meter schooner originally built in 1902.

A hands-on voyage for life together with a likeminded bunch of Ocean Nomads, driven by passion and purpose for the love of the ocean, exploration and creation of a conscious, true, authentic lifestyle.

Expedition ON is an experience unlike anything we’ve ever organized. It’s offshore and on a bigger vessel than our usual flotillas. SV Twister allows us to connect more souls in one place, away from civilization where we disconnect from everything but each other and nature. We’re ON to Adventure, Skill Building, Community, Lifestyle and Impact. On arrival (end of October / early November) in the Canaries we’ll do a raft up with other vessel members in the zone.

Led by our Suzy @oceanpreneur who also joins the voyage.

Departure Leg 1: October 3, 2021 (2 spots left)

Departure Leg 2: October 23, 2021 (4 spots left)

Learn more Learn more & Apply now

Crewing opportunities come and go and communicating them publicly is beyond our capacity and focus. We walk the extra mile for our members. Quality over quantity. We are and ambitious bunch and connecting crew with vessels and vice versa is only part of what we do. But an impactful one, we believe! Learn more about our ocean impact approach.

Check the Crewing Topic on the Ocean Nomads Network to see all latest crewing opportunities. We also have many members not publishing crewing opportunities but simply offering rides during our online meet-us, via PMs and casually spontaneously as we ‘click,’ or cross seas.

On the ON Map you can see where Member vessels are currently navigating. You have to log in to see the contact details. 

Check out this blog how you can maximize the possibility of finding a happy, safe and meaningful sailboat ride. We facility and connect but you have to show up and shine to make the dream real. You got our support!

Connecting you to the ocean and to each other is at the core of what Ocean Nomads DOES. But we ARE much more than that. If you align with our vibes and values, welcome to the family! Here you can learn more about Ocean Nomads. Questions? Check the FAQ or drop us a note.

“What I hoped to gain from this community was the option of finding crew. Instead what I found is a collection of people who get what I do, who understand why we make certain choices and who are willing to support each other. And that is something i needed way more than just someone to sail with.” Vessel Member Michiel

“The big opportunity of this platform is, that we all are driven by the same spirit. That makes it easy to build up a team aboard, for me the most important thing out on the ocean. Sailing skills are not as important as many people believe, you will learn everything you must know in less than one week, I promise. ” – Vessel Member & Captain Wolfgang

What is Ocean Nomads? A 30 second Intro to Ocean Nomads


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