Sailing along the Coast of Portugal for Ocean Regeneration: Mission Atlantis

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Mission Atlantis: Creating a wave of regenerative change

Only one more week until the next ocean adventure and impact gathering: Mission Atlantis!  From the next new moon at the end of May until full moon we’ll be sailing the coast of Portugal in a beautiful team-up with the Portuguese ocean community, to celebrate and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

Mission Atlantis is an ocean impact expedition initiated and superpowered by Oceans and Flow Portugal, a value-aligned ocean organisation dedicated to connect people to nature, and inspire for local and conscious regenerative living for a healthier ocean. A dream team-up! The mission is to create a wave of positive change: bringing fresh perspectives to ecological education, awar/eness to the importance of ocean regeneration, attention to the importance and the power to act and consume locally. The expedition includes 5 stops, featuring ocean films, talks, stories, workshops, clean-ups, freediving, SUPping, meet-ups, and team-ups. Many drops can create a big wave of change!

We got involved with Ocean Nomads to support in facilitating some of the navigation, eco and ocean adventure elements, and international ocean voice amplification. Our Suzanne has been welcomed as proud ambassador for the mission.

With multiple vessels, numerous ocean organizations, and ambassadors involved we aim together to create a big splash of ocean awareness, adventure and inspiration. We take our surfboards, freedive, and film gear and are excited to create all sorts of ocean experiences and productions along the way. A beautiful co-creation and opportunity to create raft up and meet-up synergies for all Ocean Nomads, adventurers, activists, and the simply curious!

Photo: Gustavo Neves

About the Ocean Impact Program and People

Oceans and Flow re-crew-ted an impressive program and presence from the local and global big blue ocean community. 

The Program

The Atlantis Mission starts on the 30th of May and will navigate to five nautical stations along the coast or Portugal: Matosinhos, Oeste, Cascais, Lagos and Sesimbra. At each stop, the film Programa Atlantis, directed by Gustavo Neves, will be presented. As well as eco actions, clean-ups, and spontaneous ocean adventures and meetups. 

Two big eco actions are organized: June 5th – World Environment Day – on Santa Cruz beach, at 10 am and on June 8th, on the 30th anniversary of World Oceans Day, Carcavelos beach will ‘hug the ocean’ with more than 1000 Ocean Souls! The initiative is a co-realization with Route Portugal called  “Aquele Abraco.” 11 AM we unite!

31 May Matosinhos
18h00  – Auditorium Infante D. Henrique, Leca da Palmeira
Presentation of the Film ‘Programa Atlantis’
With Eunice Maia (Maria Granel)

3 JuneOeste 
18h00 – Noah Surf House, Santa Cruz
Presentation of the Film ‘Programa Atlantis’
With Manuel Centeno

4 June Somewhere along we way we cross seas with Caminho maritimo de Santiago and raft up with 20 vessels!

5 June – Dia Mundial do AmbienteOeste 
11h00 – Praia Azul, Foz do Sizandro, Torres Vedras
Eco Action – Beach Clean Up 
With Association Sealand

7 June Lisboa
18h00 – Impact House, Estoril
Presentation of the Film ‘Programa Atlantis’
With Miguel Blanco

8 June  – Dia Mundial dos OceanosCascais 
11h00 – Praia de Carcavelos, Cascais
‘Aquele Abraco’
With ROUTE Portugal
18h00 – Casa das Historias Paula Rego, Cascais

Presentation of the Film ‘Programa Atlantis’
11 June Lagos
18h00 – Auditorium Pacos do Concelho Sec. XXI
Presentation of the Film ‘Programa Atlantis’

21 June – Dia Mundial da Localizacao Sesimbra
17h00 – 20h30 – Cineteatro Municipal Joao Mota
Ocean Talks 2022
With Andreas Noe, Eunice Maia, Livia Tirone, Joana Campos Silva, Francisco Basilio, Barbara Leao de Carvalho, Virgilio Varela. Presented by Mafalda Matos.

The People

On board two sailboats from the Ocean Nomads community will be Violeta Lapa (Expedition leader and founder of Oceans and Flow) and Cris Santos (production and communication), as well as Filipa Coutinho (Digital Editor of National Geographic Portugal), Gustavo Neves (director and photographer), Filipe Moreira Alves (researcher and mountain guide), Luís Brito (sailer founder of the Vela Solidaria project), and Suzanne Van der Veeken (skipper and Freedive instructor, founder of Ocean Nomads) and Francisco Basílio (Gastronaut) who will create the ayurvedic meals on board. Last but not least, Wingo, the dog, who will be a real “sea wolf” these days.

During the mission numerous ambassadors will support us along the way: Eunice Maia, founder of Maria Granel, the first Zero Waste grocery store in Portugal , Manuel Centeno, national bodyboard champion, Miguel Blanco, environmental surfer, Andreas Noe, molecular biologist who created The Trash Traveler project, and we’re proud to have our Suzanne Van der Veeken, from the Ocean Nomads community, been asked and present as ambassador as well.

All together we share the ocean knowledge, inspiration, and action and raise our voices for a healthier ocean. 

The Atlantis Mission ends in Sesimbra, on June 21, during the celebration of World Location Day, with the presentation of Ocean Talks, a set of inspiring talks that aim to draw attention to the importance of acting locally.

Explore the Oceans And Flow website for more information, the full program, see who’s involved, and to register!

During the full program numerous members from the Ocean Nomads organisation and community are presented to be able to facilitate maximum ocean adventure, meet-ups and team-ups!

SV Nala during Ocean Nomads camp Galicia 2021

From Ocean Nomads

Ocean Nomads SV Charlie and SV Castaway are the official supporting vessels for the expedition. You can follow us live via the AIS (SV Charlie) Also our dedicated member Anja will join the fleet with SV Nala. From the Ocean Nomads team, our new Community Captain Jacky will co-host the happenings in Lissabon. Suzanne will navigate the whole mission as ambassador of Mission Atlantis. Last but not least, the star of the event is our salty sea dog Wingo! Along the way we may be able to facilitate some spontaneous crew spots for Ocean Nomads members.

Team Ocean Nomads: Jacky, Brianna, Suzanne & Wingo

How to join and Support

The mission starts May 31 in Matosinhos in the north of Portugal and ends June 14 in Sesimbra. Many meet-ups, eco actions, talks, ocean adventures are organized and spontaneously created on the way. We try to facilitate as many ways and possibilities to get you into ocean adventure, and connect you to fellow ocean nomads.

Join one of the local events

At one of the five stops: Matosinhos (May 31), Oeste (June 3), Carcavelos (June 8), Lagos (June 11), and Sesimbra (June 21), you are welcome to join the ocean impact program. You can register on the Oceans and Flow website. It’s free.

Ocean Nomads will be present at all events. Come and meet-us! Depending on the numbers of RSVP we organize some spontaneous gatherings. RSVP to express your interest. 

Join the sailing action

For some lucky and determined ocean nomads members we may be able to facilitate a spot on board one of the support vessels, or another ocean nomads vessel tagging along. Drop a comment and motivation on the Memberhub and you’ll be the first to hear when a crewing opportunity arises.  

Join with your vessel

Tag along the fleet for more fun, impact, and community! Contact one of the Community Captains to express your interest and coordinate. 

Join the stoke online

Follow the organizations, crew and ambassadors on Social Medial to explore abd engage with the happenings real time.

Oceans and Flow
Oceans and Flow Facebook
Oceans and Flow Instagram: @oceansandflow

Ocean Nomads
Ocean Nomads Facebook

The Crew

Violeta Lapa @violetalapa
Cris Santos @cristiesantos
Filipa Coutinho @filipaazevedocoutinho
Gustavo Neves
Francisco Basílio @masala_basi
Filipe Moreira Alves @filipe.moreira.alves
Luis Brito @lfcbrito
Suzanne Van der Veeken @oceanpreneur

The Ambassadors

Manuel Centeno @manuelcenteno
Andreas Noe ‘The Trash Traveler’ @thetrashtraveler
Eunice Maia ‘Maria Granel’. @mariagranel.lx
Miguel Blanco @_miguelblanco_
Suzanne Van der Veeken @oceanpreneur

Sea you in Portugal this spring?

Thank you for your enthusiasm, support, ocean voice amplification and hopefully, your presence!

This event is simply an effort to connect more of you to each other and the ocean. No financial contribution is required. Just ocean love and presence.

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