From Zero to Sailing the World and how you can too | Founder story

Fulltime sailing crew living the ocean nomad lifestyle.

Hi! My name is Suzanne and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Pretty much my whole adult life (Guess how many years is that;)), I’ve been living a minimalistic nomadic life in, on and near the sea. 8 years ago I started getting into sailing having no idea about it. Only an extreme curiosity and drive to explore. I thought sailing was for rich people or people growing up Sail the World. Now, I sailed in every continent and as amateur crew, professional crew, captain, boat caretaker, and expedition organizer.  I experienced the different ways of sailboat travel. And how and how not to travel on boats to make it rewarding. In this video I share a little bit more about me and how I got into sailboat travel.

This video is a sneak peek into the Sailboat Travel Crew Discovery Course on How to Sail the World as Crew. We created the course we wish was out there when dreaming of sailing the world and having no idea where to start. And get ready to sail the world with us. If you are considering sailing the world (whether it’s on your own boat or not), and like to be guided by someone who has sailed over +40,000 Nautical Miles ⛵, on +50 boats, as crew, as captain, as an expedition organizer, and authored Ocean Nomad, then you’re in the right place (that’s me 😉, Suzy). 

In Ocean Nomads brand new Sailboat Travel course, I share about what I learned over all these years (+ocean nomads share their stories). To help you get you out there, in a happy, safe, and meaningful way. And not too far from today!

I made this course to help you create your sailing adventure in tune with nature and your values, and to empower you to realize or at least explore your dream sailing lifestyle

It’s my drive is to connect you to the ocean, with adventure, impact and community. I believe experience is the greatest teacher. 

When you are ready to take the next step towards realizing your sailing dreams, Sign up Today! (We created a super offer for the first 50 participants joining us)

You can be among the pioneers taking the course by signing up today and sail the world with us. + You”ll be part of the Ocean Nomads adventure impact community with millions of miles experience and happy to support. 

Benefits of this course 

✓ It’s easy to start today! Intro, insights and reality check to sailboat travel from at your own pace from wherever you are. 

✓ Save time, money, and situations. 8 years of experience summarized into a few hours of content 

✓ Experience Freedom and Adventure: Break free from the ordinary and learn how to embrace a lifestyle filled with adventure and exploration. 

✓ Safe and Confident Sailing: Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to navigate safely, ensuring a positive sailing experience. 

✓ Live & Travel Sustainably on the Seas: Discover how to sail responsibly with our focus on ecological awareness, helping you protect the oceans while enjoying their beauty. 

✓ Join a Community of Like-minded Adventurers: Connect with a network of sailing enthusiasts who share your passion for adventure and exploration. 

This course is designed to empower you to explore the world by sailboat there for we have called it sail the world, connect with like-minded individuals, immerse yourself in different cultures, and make a positive impact on the world. 

Sail the World 

Why Learn from Suzy? 

  • Founder Ocean Nomads
  • Author of Ocean Nomad (+2500 Copies sold) 
  • YachtMaster Offshore Sailboat Captain (Qualified skippering up to 24 meter Sailboats) 
  • + 40.000 Nautical Miles Sailed as crew on +50 different Boats in +30 Countries, in every Continent
  • 5 Atlantic Crossings
  • + 15 years of Nomadlife (& counting)
  •  + 55 countries travelled & 10 lived (more than 6 months) 
  • +15 always sold out sailing trips & expeditions organized, including Offshore trips. 
  • Student of Ayurveda: the Science of Life in tune with nature Started from 0 in sailing as an ‘Adult ;)’.
  • Ambassador for Natural Living 

But you won’t just learn from me. Ocean Nomads ambassadors are recording their experiences + when you join you also become a member of the ocean nomads community with a wealth of experience and eagerness to support.

If you say: Yes! I want to travel by sailboat this year, supported by a safe and kind ocean-minded community, and get hands-on skills while living it, without a huge financial investment. 

Embark on your sailboat adventure today! Go All In and enroll today in the Sailboat Travel Crew Discovery Course

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