A brief resume of my sailing life so far… And exciting ocean adventures ahead!

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A brief resume of my sailing life so far… And exciting ocean adventures ahead!


7 years ago I sailed the first time across the Atlantic as crew. I figured if I can cross an ocean, I may pursue the sailing lifestyle. I had no idea about anything sailing. I learned how (and how not) to ‘hitchhike’ on sailboats. Nevertheless, I LOVED it all.


6 years ago I went full ON with crewing on sailboats all over the world. Learning by doing. Then I badly sprained my ankle, so I finally kept calm and started writing down some tips about it all. 


5 years ago I sprained the other ankle and managed to publish those tips which turned into book Ocean NomadThe initial 20 pager turned into 400 pages of stories and advice on happy, safe, and meaningful sailing the Atlantic. 


4 years ago I got my captains license so I could take you sailing and create the adventure and eco vibe on board. Something I hardly found during all those years of ‘boathitchhiking.’ And to gain a bit more confidence in my sailing and captain skills. I organized my first sailing trips with being myself a captain. Thank you all who joined on one of the sailing trips!

All the above while crewing +30.000 NM, 4 Atlantic ocean crossings, on +50 different sailboats


3 years ago I took care of a boat for a season to experience live aboard life as captain, boat ‘owner’, take people sailing, and learning even more how important community and having a value-sharing support network is. And time, and money, and skills, and safety, and attitude, and good crew (not necessarily sailing experience).


2 years ago I, together with the support of other beautiful ocean souls, launched the Ocean Nomad membership network to be able to focus and do better on facilitating personalized support, local meet-ups and team-ups, resources, and connections. Your contribution of 3 coconuts / month allows us to establish value, trust, and quality with full dedication. Social Media went to the background a bit. It’s too big, unpersonal, commercial, and a little bit dodgy when it comes to sailing opportunities offered.


1 year ago with Ocean Nomads we organized the first offshore sailing event on the beautiful classic SV Twister. Sailing offshore requires next level respect for the ocean and serious preparation for a happy, safe and meaningful experience. It went so well and was so priceless because of the beautiful value sharing crew mix on board. The professionalism, ocean worthiness, and authenticity of the classic SV Twister, make us go ALL IN around the Atlantic this year with this legendary ship.

So this year! I sail across the Atlantic again. On the Twister! At least from East to West, and of course some Caribbean sailing (and freediving) I’ll park my camper van house for the winter, will miss my dog A LOT but I cannot NOT join. if not now, then when?

After sailing the ocean a few times in a smaller boat and with just a few people and little movement, I’m super excited to go with a value and vibe sharing boat load full of Ocean Nomads! A new experience for me, for you, for everyone! So much to learn from each other! 

With Expedition ON Atlantic, we are sailing around the Atlantic on a classic 36 meter schooner originally built in 1902. In 13 legs we travel by sail to 13 countries, +10.000 nautical miles, powered by wind and the energy of like minded ocean nomads on board. A hands-on ocean adventure discovering ways to live and travel more simple, wild, and pure. Learn more here and apply now if you think ‘hell yeah’ I must be on board!

The next couple of weeks we are processing applications, doing interviews and finalize crew teams for the different legs. If you have been considering joining, now is the time to take the leap! For some legs (including the Atlantic) we already have more applications than spots. We carefully curate a beautiful crew mix. It’s YOU and a balanced diverse mix of ocean adventurers who make the trip.We aim to have the crew team complete as soon as possible so we can put serious effort in the preparation and making a difference part, together! Applications approved and confirmed by Ocean Nomads members before August 30 receive 10 percent discount (Special Member Deal). 

I would love to hear from you if anywhere along the years, I, or Ocean Nomads, somehow helped you realizing sailing dreams. +2000 copies have been sold of my book. Did you sail across? Did you team up / sail with a fellow ocean nomads through the network? Let us know! Drop a comment, write a review on facebook (@oceanpreneur / @oceannomads) or message on Insta.

It’ll help me, and the growing team with Ocean Nomads, and of course the community, learn about the impact we’re making, and adjust the sails accordingly to create more, do more, and bring more value!

Above all, I hope to sea you! Keep an eye out for SV Twister this Atlantic circle in Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, The Caribbean, and the Azores, and come and say hi! Or sail with us.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm, support, and trust over the years. I keep going full sails up ahead.

With Ocean Love from Galicia,

Suzanne 🧜‍♀️


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