Sailing & Sustainability Adventure on Classic Schooner | Caribbean

Join the more than 100-year-old classic Schooner Twister for a Sail – Green Lifestyle trip in the Caribbean.

This trip is more than ‘just’ a sailing trip. This expedition is about connecting you with the ocean, the islands, and each other. We’ll facilitate connection between a beautiful mix of purpose-driven salty souls and between you and nature. We’ll share ideas, skills, knowledge, support, connections, and above all: fun ocean adventure time!

The expedition starts with exploring Tobago’s beauty, the eco-paradise and most authentic island of the Caribbean. Then we head off north. We’ll visit different islands and countries between Tobago and Martinique. The plan is that there is no plan. We go with the flow, determined by the wind and our adventure and exploration mindset.

This trip is particularly interesting if you’re a kitesurfer. We’ll be passing the Grenadines. The kitesurf conditions can’t get much better than that. BUT not every day will be about kiting. This is a multi-adventure lifestyle trip where the adventure and sustainability mindset is core. This makes the trip also interesting for non-kiters. In both Tobago and Martinique, there are opportunities to learn kiting and to kite as long as you want. 

You can be as involved with the sailing as you would like. But you don’t have to!

Warning: your life will never be the same again

The Ocean Nomads philosophy

We share and care for the Ocean Nomads ‘slow sailing’ philosophy. The focus is on simplicity, health, local food and community connection, active, adventure and sustainability mindset, walking the talk, and collaboration.

Ocean Nomads is a tribe of young (by heart:)) adventurous ocean lovers that are after an active outdoor ocean lifestyle. We share the fun, ideas & projects on low-budget, mindful, self-sufficient positive impact ways to live and travel sustainably at sea.

Read more about our vision and mission here.


About the Ship

Sailing ship Twister is a Schooner, a fore and aft rigged sailing ship with two masts.

In 1902, the original fishing boat was built out of wood. Fifty-five years later they replaced the wooden hull by a steel one. This allowed the ship to re- enter in 1981, but this time as a modern fishing vessel. Desigend only to transport other ships fish catches at lightning speed to the fish auction- she quickly retired after that.

After 17 years of being in various ports, the skipper Andre Hansen bought the ship and with his own hands rebuilt it into the modern schooner yacht that the Twister is now. After the baptism in May 1999,  under the name Twister, her speed since then proves the ship to be one of the fastest sailing ships of the Northern sailing area.

This ship needs crew and it could be you!

Length over all: 36,70 m
Beam: 6,20 m
Draught: 2,80 m
Masthead height: 28,00 m
Sail area: 350 m² on 7 sails
Speed under sails: 9 knots
Speed under engine: 7 knots

About the people

This trip is a co-creation of Classic Schooner Twister & team Ocean Nomads. Frederick will be the host of the trip.

Frederick Smith

Salty sailor. World traveller. Dedicated ocean changemaker. Documenting the effects of climate change on coralreefs and their interdependent maritime communities on EpicOceanAdventure.

Why Join?

  • To meet a beautiful bunch of adventurous unconventional dream chasers on a mission.
  • To accelerate your personal journey to make the dreams happen.
  • To connect to nature.
  • To expand your worldview. You’ll step away from it all and get a dose of fresh perspectives on the world, others, and yourself.
  • To learn about minimizing your environmental footprint and to share what you have learned.
  • To find and explore ocean project partnership opportunities.
  • To create memorable moments. Possibly that epiphany moment.
  • To meet your tribe and expand your network.
  • To experience tall ship sailing on a classic schooner


February 10 – February 20 | 2020

Guest Capacity: 12 pirates

The Investment

For this trip we have arranged an exclusive Ocean Nomads discount!
For 120 euro / day (x10 days) you can be on board.

What’s included?

  • Accommodation (10 day & 9 nights on board Twister)
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks on board
  • The organisation, Adventure & Sustainability Program, Island Knowledge
  • Fuel, water, marina fees
  • Safety equipment
  • Sailing instructions

What is not included?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Flights
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Local transport on the island (including transport to/from boat)
  • Local food on the islands

“In my opinion, Ocean Nomads sailing adventures are: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced or advance into the world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn watching our world and the people from another more conscious perspective. The trip inspires others with ideas and proposals to define or redefine life projects and use inner energy for more noble purposes.” – Jose (Sicily Crew 2018)

Are you interested in joining?

Reach out to us. (ahoy @ We’d love to learn a bit more about you. It’s super important to get a like-minded but varied crew group for maximum fun and impact. We get back to you asap with more event details. If we’re all happy, you can confirm the spot after we get back to you.

Not able to join now? Or not sure yet?  Subscribe to the newsletter to be updated about the next spontaneous sailing trips, meet-ups, crew opportunities and the next steps of this movement. Join the Ocean Nomads community on Facebook to connect with other like-minded ecopirates and stay in the loop about the next projects and events.

Available to join but the trip is above the budget? We get that! Above all we’d like to make sailing and ocean adventure accessible. We have created a scholarship opportunity for the determined. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see how we can team up.

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