Scholarship Ocean Nomads

One of our main drives is to make sailing accessible. It’s not only for the rich or people growing up sailing. But we also understand that a responsibly organized expedition, that simply costs money to make happen, is not within everyone’s financial reach. When our resources allow, we facilitate scholarship positions, to give back and support you on your mission. Apply here to be considered our next adventures.  

Over the years we’ve been able to give back and contribute to dedicated members in the form of scholarship for the trips or other perks. Where possible to the determined ocean nomads with beautiful dreams and projects. And we’re sure we can learn so much from you too!
We currently have a scholarship open for the following trip: Sailing Greece with Ocean Nomads, October 2024.
If this is of interest to you, let us know from you via this form about your ideas, skillset, dreams and projects. 

We're here to help make dreams real!

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No patience to await a scholarship opportunity or not available for any of the current trips? Join the network or a trip to accelerate your ocean dreams and missions. Via the member network (Currently +300 nomads & 70 vessels), meet-ups, resources, and our we aim to accelerate your ocean nomads journey, catering for all budgets. Members often take each other sailing or find each other their next matching sailboat ride looking out for each other.


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