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No boat? No sailing experience? No worries!

Discover the Freedom of Sailboat Travel and Live Your Dream Lifestyle.

Hey Ocean Dreamer!

Craving adventure, freedom, ocean exploration, and a deeper connection with nature? Curious to what it’s like to sail away? Time to follow the ocean dreams!


In this online course, I share my tips, tools and learnings to help you realize the dream of experiencing travelling by sailboat, if you do not have your own boat. And how to make this experience truly rewarding, for yourselves, the ocean and for the places we visit. The ocean brings us so much. As users, we are responsible for bringing life back into the ocean.


Much more to come! I’m currently working hard to get the course out to you by the end of summer ’23. Leave your details behind to get notified when more details (And the early bird deal!! go live!)

suzanne van der veeken

Your Course Host

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Hi My name is Suzanne and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m excited to see you taking action in discovering sailing as a way of travel or as a lifestyle. Now is the time to take the dream of  ‘someday’ I travel the world by sailboat, into reality.

For more than 15 years I’ve been living a minimalistic nomadic life in, on and near the sea.

8 years ago I started getting into sailing having no idea about it. I thought sailing was for rich people or people growing up sailing. Now, I sailed +40.000 Miles, 5 times across the Atlantic and crewed on dozens and dozens of boat. I wrote about about travelling oceans on my Blog and I published a book called Ocean Nomad. I’ve captained boats, I took care of boats as they were my own, as well as organized a dozen of sailing trips and events, even across the Atlantic. I experienced the different ways of sailboat travel. And how and how not to travel on boats. 

In this course I share about what I learned over all these years. To help you get you out there, in a happy, safe, and meaningful way. And not too far from today!

My drive is to connect you to the ocean, with adventure, impact and community. I believe experience is the greatest teacher.

I look forward to support you on this journey!


"Suzanne is extremely knowledgable and experienced in all things sailing. She lives her passion to save the ocean everyday. I know this because I sailed with her where she demonstrated what it means to live a truly sustainable lifestyle that has positive effects towards cleaning up our ocean. Her generosity and enthusiasm is infectious as she provides me with the best advice for helping me in my sailing journey. I will be forever grateful to have met and learnt with this amazing human."
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From Zero to World Sailor and Boatowner

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