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Hey Ocean Dreamer!

Craving adventure, freedom, ocean exploration, and a deeper connection with nature? 

Curious to what it’s like to travel between countries by sailing boat?

Eager to create a lifestyle change in tune with your adventure spirit?

Longing for new friends as excited about an ocean lifestyle as you? 

Perhaps even dreaming of sail around the world? 

But not really knowing where to start without experience, a sailing network, or a boat.

And you want to learn by doing and living it!, not just take a standard sailing course.

We get you! And we got you covered.

Is this you...?

Back home after navigating traffic jam and a long day of work in the office you start scrolling the feed and the epic sailing images in wild remote places of people living the dream life pass the feed, again. The long term sailing the world dream. Meanwhile the healthiest years of your life are passing by spending too much time in front of the screens.

Do you find yourself longing for something more, something beyond the ordinaryExploring new cultures, places, learning skills and to just BE with nature. Without an agenda that tells you what do. Are you tired of routines and yearning for a life of full ON nature connection filled with purpose, adventure, and connection to nature and people as excited about ocean exploration as you are? 

Some fire is burning within you, a deep desire to explore the world and make a positive impact. But pursuing a dream of travelling the world by sailboat can be daunting. A world that seems a distant reality without having sailing experience, a boat, time, money to buy a boat, connections, and a supportive spouse, family or friend.
If this is you, then keep exploring this page! We created something that helps you move faster towards realizing your dreams.

YOUR compass TO
your first week of ocean
BY SAIL. THis year!

Experience the sailing lifestyle with

A sailboat icon depicting offshore sailing with a turquoise background.

Ocean Adventure

Two offshore sailing crew members clutching a star atop a verdant backdrop.


A team of offshore sailing crew on a boat with a tent, set against a green background.

Likeminded Buddies

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an icon of a tent on a turquoise background representing an offshore sailing crew expedition.

Nature connection

Accelerate the sailing lifestyle dream and dip your toes into the waypoints of sailing the world this year, or maybe even this month! Not that day in the future you have enough money, time, connections, a partner, support and all stars are aligned. Because who knows if that comes! Break free and ignite your ocean spirit and adventure today.

Gain the confidence, be prepared, stay safe, get connections, and be ocean adventure ready, ecostyle, with out brand new course for novice navigators.



Social media post expressing gratitude for support in pursuing sailing dreams and acquiring a sailboat through a Mini Course.

Imagine a few months from now you

Wake up on a sailboat in a remote anchorage only reachable by sail

✓ Explore islands and coastlines you didn’t even know existed

Feel Happy, Safe and Confident with the people you sail with

✓ Scrolling and screentime have gone down to 0 & nature-time to an all-time high

✓ Made more memorable moments in 1 week than your last months combined

✓ Gain practical skills necessary for a safe and fun journey at sea and beyond

✓ Know what it’s like to live resourcefully and that you don’t need much to be happy

✓ Have made new friends as excited about ocean adventuring as you are 

✓ Experience personal growth and navigate the challenges of a life at sea

✓ Know if the sailing lifestyle is something you like to experience more of, or maybe not.

✓ Have opened doors to new opportunities and ways of living 

✓ Changed your life course to one closer to your dreams of sailing the world on your own boat

Let me guess, you are here because you are looking to EXPERIENCE and ADVENTURE the world. In a low impact way.


You’ve done some research and…learned that you could travel by sailboat as CREW. But how does it work? Where to start? How to be safe? And make it a meaningful adventure? We got your back!


Instagram comment by paula_mata praising Suzz's work and ongoing course on raising awareness about the importance of healthy oceans, how to travel by sail as crew, with blue heart and clapping hands emojis.

myth busting

Myth: You need to have sailing experience

Knowing or learning how to sail is only a little part of traveling by sailboat and the sailboat lifestyle. There is so much to it  and there’s so many skills that are important to have or learn on a sailing boat. But most important is your attitude! Sailing skills are only about 10% of liveaboard life, and to be learned on board through doing. In this course, we help you prepare for the other 90% of skills and knowledge relevant when wanting to travel countries by sail, whether you’re a newbie, or can already sail.

Myth: You need to have a lot of time

The time you need for a sailing adventure depends on the nature and length of the trip. Afterall, the weather rules. But you can also opt for day, weekend or a week sail somewhere near you. You do need to have quiet some time if you own a boat. After all, a boat needs maintenance. Even if you don’t have time now, you can anticipate and start the excitement and preparation today going through the buffet of videos and tips designed to maximise learning in minimal time, to be aware what it’s all about, to build your foundation, and to have you ready when the time comes you step out of the door. By sailing as crew, you can start today and save lots of time avoiding the cost of error comitting to unsafe boats and unqualified captains.

Myth: You need to be rich to sail

That’s what I always thought. Until I discovered and experienced travelling as crew. Crewing: a cost effective and quicker to realize alternative to owning a boat. This course is a super tiny investment compared to what owning a boat costs, or the costs some make after committing to the wrong boat. Avoid costly mistakes and open doors of opportunity, giving you a return of investment beyond just doing this course. You don’t need to be rich in money, but will become rich in memorable moments and beautiful connections with people and nature.
A social media post by Janneke Dijkhuis recommending ocean nomads and her transformative sailing experience inspired by Suzanne, now promoting a Sailboat Travel Mini Course.

Sailing as crew is the fastest and most affordable way to experience sailinglife,
But there are things to be mindful of...

I consider myself a reasonably well travelled person but until now I had never even considered sailing as a means of travel! Suzanne has changed my perspective. It now feels possible, achievable and a very real prospect. But there is more to this than just sailing. And this is what makes Suzanne stand out from the rest. There is purpose behind it and one that I am now inspired to learn more about.
John Clarke, UK

If not now, then when?

Travel by Sailboat as crew
without (or before) you own a boat

Do you want to create a fulfilling lifestyle of adventure, freedom and deeper connection with nature, without feeling overwhelmed by the money, time, skills, resources and network you think you need first?

If YES, explore the Ocean Nomads’ brand new course on Travel the World by Sailboat – How to Do it Happy, Safe, and Sustainable, as amateur Crew. For individuals curious about sailboat travel in a hands-on way.



All you need is:


 A week of time (the more the better)

A small budget to cover the basics.


And the tools, tips, insights, and connections from this course.


Start first. Get a qualification or boat later that matches your dream.

The Ocean NOmads Crew Course

tips, tools, and insights to help you realize the dream of experiencing travelling by sailboat as crew, happy, safe, prepared, eco and adventure style.
From beginner to confident sailor.

A computer screen displaying a woman's face as part of a sailing crew.
Tips and support for travelers.

Jump on board this course to:

  1. Navigate the seas with confidence and develop practical skills for life at sea.
  2. Be ocean adventure ready, safe, prepared and aware
  3. Pack and prepare smartly for comfort and impact
  4. Forge deep connections, and get personalized support and advice from the global eco-minded sailing adventure community
  5. Know where and how to find a relevant and safe boat match and be welcomed on board through your self-presentation.
  6. Embark on transformative sailing adventures around the world and embrace a newfound freedom and independence
  7. Achieve personal growth  and cultivate a resilient mindset through ocean exploration
  8. Learn valuable resourceful competencies beyond sailing.
  9. Discover remote travel destinations, and diverse cultures, and give back
  10. Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle at sea and contribute to marine conservation. Give purpose to your travel.
And lots more to start and accelerate your ocean nomads lifestyle with adventure, impact and community.

Save time, money, situations and start realizing your ocean sailing dreams today

A blue and yellow icon depicting a phone and tablet, perfect for Travel By Sail.

Multiple Device Compatible

A travel icon depicting a video camera, set against a vibrant yellow background.

Video Format

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sailboat travel crew checklist

Templates & Checklists

A clock icon on a background.

At your own pace

A globe icon with a compass and a sail on it.

Accessible from anywhere

Topics covered

practical guidance

Preperation and packing tips

Resource management Strategies

money and time insights

Sustainability and eco aspects

Targeted boat search strategies

understanding the reality of sailboat travel

destination and lifestyle tips

network access and personal introductions

Self presentation & Networking skills

Staying safe and healthy

Trip planning

Tips and support for travelers.

What you'll discover in this course

✓ the Mindset you need to embody to overcome fears and make your sailboat travel dreams happen. We throw the limited beliefs over board for good.

How to start your journey towards becoming a crew member on a sailboat

Why Travelling by Sailboat is so magical, and why not.

✓ What does it mean to crew or boatsit? What is expected? And how to land a good match.

✓ Green and Red flags to look out for to stay happy and safe

✓ Tips to free up time, money, and confidence to finally go for it

✓ How to profile and present yourself so Captains welcome you on board

✓ Discover +50 valuable competencies on board besides sailing experience to get a spot as a newbie

✓ Smart items to pack and actions to prepare for more comfort, fun, and impact

How much time and money you can expect to invest in learning and preparing for this lifestyle

✓ 10 skills you can work on right now to stand out as crew and be ready for take off

✓ How to assess the safety aspects and competence of boat and captain to prevent jumping on the wrong boat

✓ How to Create a personal Adventure Plan that fits your aspirations

✓ Learn which kind of boat and captain to look for, and where, and when to target your search and save time (and money)

✓ Awareness and actions to be a respected, useful and resourceful sailboat crew member

✓ Discover + 25 ways to find your sailboat ride

✓ 15 Ways to minimize your risk as crew to stay safe

✓ Discover Suzy's Secrets to stay healthy on board, and as a vegan or vegetarian

✓ Specific tricks on sailing as a solo female, with a dog,  on someone else's boat

✓ The art of continuing the sailing lifestyle in a sustainable way in tune with your values, nature, and your budget

✓ Steps you can take towards living more sustainably while travelling by sailboat

✓ Steps you can take towards travelling the world by sailboat on your own boat.

& Much more practical advice and insights to get ready for action and empower you achieving your sailing dreams despite the obstacles, struggles, and worries.

Hi! I'm Suzy!
Your Course Host

Full time Adventurer & ambassador of living wth nature

Author of Ocean Nomad & Founder of Ocean Nomads

A woman standing in front of a camera in the jungle, giving a little update.
Two women on a boat.
a woman holding up an ocean nomad book.
A woman traveling by sail on a boat.

I went from ZERO, to sailing +40.000 Nautical miles, on +50 boats as crew (and later captain), travelling on sailboats in +25 countries and every continent. Now I love to help you do the same! And safe.

Hi My name is Suzanne and it’s a pleasure to meet you! Pretty much my whole adult life (Guess how many years is that;)), I’ve been living a minimalistic nomadic life in, on and near the sea. 8 years ago I started getting into sailing, having no idea about it. Only an extreme curousity and drive to explore. I thought sailing was for rich people or people growing up sailing.


 Now, I sailed in every continent and as amateur crew, professional crew, captain, boat caretaker, and expedition organizer. I experienced the different ways of sailboat travel. And how and how not to travel on boats to make it rewarding. In this course I share about what I learned over all these years (+ocean nomads share their stories). To help you get you out there, in a happy, safe, and meaningful way. And not too far from today!


 My drive is to connect you to the ocean, with adventure, impact and community. I believe experience is the greatest teacher. Thousands have read my book, hundreds have sailed with me and joined the Ocean Community. With this course I aim to support more ocean adventurers discovering sailboat travel in a responsible way in tune with nature. I look forward to support you on this journey.

a smiling woman wearing a white shirt and yellow circle.

The image contains a text with various spelling and grammatical mistakes, praising Suzanne for her inspirational qualities and accomplishments in sailboat travel.

Media features

"In the hitch-sailing world, Van der Veeken has become something of a guru"
"Her passion for conservation and sustainability offers insight into a ‘vagabond’ lifestyle that is also socially responsible.”
Yachting World
A sailing magazine featuring a picture of a woman and a man on a boat.
A sailing crew on a sailboat with the words Portuguese national TV.
A woman from a sailing crew enjoying relaxation in a hammock while using her laptop.
Welcome to Virgin.com, a hub for sailing enthusiasts and crew members.

Why learn from Suzy

  • Founder Ocean Nomads 
  • Author of Ocean Nomad (+2500 Copies sold) 
  • YachtMaster Offshore Sailboat Captain (Qualified skippering up to 24 meter Sailboats)
  •  + 40.000 Nautical Miles Sailed as crew on +50 different Boats in +30 Countries, in every Continent
  •  5 Atlantic Crossings 
  • + 15 years of Nomadlife (& counting) 
  • + 55 countries travelled & 10 lived (more than 3 months) 
  • +15 always sold out sailing trips & expeditions organized, including Offshore trips. 
  • Student of Ayurveda: the Science of Life in tune with nature 
  • Started from 0 in sailing as an ‘Adult ;)’.
  •  Ambassador for Natural Living
A social media recommendation post where the user expresses appreciation for ocean nomads, recounting a positive personal experience with the Sailboat Travel Mini Course and the impact of the community on their life.

video intro to the course

"She's the spark that will ignite your sense of adventure and provoke your compassion to create a better world.” -
Monique Mills (Sailboat Captain & Owner)
"Suzanne is extremely knowledgable and experienced in all things sailing. She lives her passion to save the ocean everyday. I know this because I sailed with her where she demonstrated what it means to live a truly sustainable lifestyle that has positive effects towards cleaning up our ocean. Her generosity and enthusiasm is infectious as she provides me with the best advice for helping me in my sailing journey. I will be forever grateful to have met and learnt with this amazing human."

- Annah | From Zero to World Sailor and Boat owner
"The ultimate resource for anyone thinking about sailboat travel but not having any idea where to start or what to expect."
- Josie

In the package

you get access to:

Easy and Fun Videos

A video buffet from Suzanne to guide you through every step of your sailboat travel journey. Dive into sailboat culture, sustainable travel practices, safety measures, finding the right boat, prep talk, life at sea, and more.

  • 8 modules, 4 hours of +55 videos made by Ocean Nomads founder Suzanne
  • 2-10 minute videos (with subtitles). Or listen as podcast.
  • Never-shown footage from Suzy’s adventures (with locations revealed)
  • Easy access from any computer, Ipad or phone
  • Additional insights from the Ocean Nomads Community

Templates and checklists

  • 60 step Sailboat Travel Crew Roadmap Preperation Checklist
  • Crew Ad Template for online and offline
  • Sailing Routes and Season destination chart
  • Question checklists to ask Captains to figure out if it’s a match
  • Extensive Happiness & Safety Checklists
  • Packing Checklists for Coastal & Offshore Sailing

+ Todays Bonus

  • Ocean Nomads Community (Immediate access)
  • Suztainability Ocean Warrior Toolkit
  • Communication Booster to attract your sailboat ride+ More Bonuses in development by Ocean Nomads Ambassadors
  • (Learn more about the bonuses below)
Suzanne: an advocate for ocean conservation and sustainability, actively working towards environmental protection through community and network building, and offering a Mini Course on sustainable sailboat travel.
"As someone who's grown up in the mountains, I have always dreamed of what life on the ocean would be like. Suzanne's gives a taste of it and a lot of inspiration. Not just to sail, but to live life on my terms and follow my passions!"
"A unique opportunity to gain honest and valuable insights learning from Suzy’s life and travel experience." - Jonatan
"I often talk to people about sailing in one way or another, and usually there is a moment when I talk about my first sailing experiences and this is when I tell people about you. About your super calm and chill skills to lead a team of perfect strangers to navigate a boat for a week! And that you greatly inspired me and planted that idea of calm stress free sailing into my head." - Patrick

The Course in detail

This course offers a blend of practical skills, safety tips, mindset shifts, and lifestyle guidance, addressing challenges, fears, and aspirations for ocean nomads. It’s designed to transform your dream of sailing into reality.

✓ Introduction to sailboat travel 

✓ Debunking myths of not having time, money, experience, and courage

✓ Cultivating the mindset to make it happen

✓ Understanding your drive and motivation

✓ Exploring sailboat culture and the magic of sailboat travel

✓ Time, money, boats, crewing. What to bear in mind?

✓ The realities and rewards of life at sea

Goalsetting, exploring routes, seasons and destinations, understand the types of boats to sail with. Learn about coastal vs. offshore sailing, route planning, and sustainability considerations in sailboat travel.

Navigate the wide web of finding sailboat rides, networking tips, and discover methods of finding a boat. Understand the importance of crew profiles, travelling as a couple, solo or with a pet. Crafting your crew profile and presentation 

✓  Learn how to minimizing risk as crew

✓  Red and green flags for a safe and enjoyable journey

✓  How to figure out boat and captain credentials and competence 

✓ Safety tips for solo female travel

✓ Packing essentials and preparing for life onboard

✓ Coastal and Offshore Sailing prepping considerations

✓ Stay safe as a crew member

✓ Developing basic sailing skills and understanding boat terminology

✓ Managing your budget and handling bureaucratics like visas

✓ Setting expectations and agreements with the captain and crew

✓ Making the most of onboard experiences and recommended tools & apps

✓ Living with Limited Resources

✓ How to stay connected

✓ How to do ‘watch’

✓ Be the best crew member

✓ Exploring the possibilities of boat ownership and continues learning

✓ Financing your nomadic lifestyle

✓ Work on sailing boats

✓ Understanding the environmental impact of sailboat travel

✓ Cultivating conscious daily habits and promoting sustainability onboard

✓ Contributing to marine conservation efforts as an eco-conscious sailor

✓ Embracing local customs and cultures in your sailing adventures

As you progress through each module, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embark on your sailboat adventure and live a sustainable, fulfilling, and connected life on the ocean.

Explore the ocean nomadic lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s not just about sailing away; it’s about embracing a conscious, purpose-driven experience that resonates with your values.

She’s turned hitching rides on boats from a sketchy endeavor to graceful art. Do as she says. She is the doyenne of sailboat hitchhikers!
Cliff Lyon
Sailboat Captain & Owner

This course is for you if

  • You always wanted to travel by sailboat but never got to it.
  • You’re looking to travel by sailboat in an adventurous sustainability-minded way.
  • You want to experience the sailing lifestyle. 
  • You’re an ocean enthusiast, an adventure seeker, and looking for meaningful adventure travel in nature.
  • You’re thinking sailing the world one day and like to test the waters.
  • You’re a newbie in sailing.
  • You already can sail but like to learn about the travel and lifestyle aspects on sailboat travel.
  • This course welcomes anyone with a passion for exploration, nature, and making a positive impact on the world. It’s perfect for those seeking a simpler way of living that embraces connection with nature and like-minded individuals.
  • Who is it not for? If you are not ready to take action to make it happen. This course provides tons of tips and tools but at the end, it’s up to you to take the steps and make it real. If you’re not keen on that, then it may be better to book a sailing holiday with fixed times, dates and arrangements. 
I absolutely love what Ocean Nomads is doing: combining adventure and sustainability go hand in hand. I want to spend my time, money and energy on people and companies that aim to make the world a bit more beautiful. You do that and I love being a part of that.
(boathitchhiked across two oceans from zero to hero)

Why join this course Today

Save time and money

Stay Safe

Be Prepared

Make Impact

Experience the world

Vibrant Community

Door to a new lifestyle

Start today

Realize dreams faster

Why this course is unique

Guided by Ocean Nomads founder Suzy and backed up with a community with tons of experience on all parts of the sailing journey, each module is filled with practical knowledge, tips, and insights, personal references and networking that will propel you forward in your journey. 

This course gives you tools to experience the sailing lifestyle. with adventure, impact and community. 

What makes this course unique is its focus on the travel and lifestyle experience. The course is designed to get you out there and to learn by doing on the right boat for you. At your own pace and in line with your values.

The places you may reach and the people you meet can be life changing. We have plenty of sailors in our network that worked for years to be able to buy a boat, years to make the vessel ready, and then work hard to maintain it all. While this is a beautiful journey in itself, it’s also a serious dedication. This course aims to equip you with the tools to dip your toes into the lifestyle right now, to explore if it’s for you, and with the essential preparations and precautions. It’s created to make sailing more accessible. And fun. And meaningful.

This course aims to guide you to a fulfilling, ocean-conscious lifestyle that mingles adventure with a deep respect for Mother Earth.

Unlike traditional sailing courses, this toolkit emphasizes travel, lifestyle and eco-conscious practices, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in a sustainable sailing lifestyle. Sailing courses with schools can be great to learn the hands on skills but they are dense skill drills and often not in tune with nature, lifestyle, and your kind of people.

You have the opportunity to join an international network of like-minded sailors who value conscious lifestyle design as much as you do. Our community comprises of freedom-loving individuals who are eager to live beyond the status quo, maintain a healthy lifestyle, respect the ocean, and lead a purpose-driven life. Shared learning experiences and support within this community will be integral to your growth.

Access to Personalized advice: Benefit from experience from other ocean nomads happy to share their learnings and expertise. Over 80 boat owners in the ocean nomads network and +300 nomads. You can join a meet-up, ask on the support app or chat when you need a personal answer, just from your phone.

You can start and do this course anytime, anywhere, no matter the weather.

This course is not...

A sailing course that teaches you HOW to sail. This course teaches you how to get out there and learn by doing, in tune with your values, budget, time and adventure wishes. This can be overwhelming and turn out costly or worse, if you are unprepared. We created this course to have you prepared, safe, and confident.



To give you an idea on the average costs of sailing ‘as usual’

Renting a boat:  200 – 700 euro / day

A sailing course: 500-3000 euro

A sailing holiday: 700-3000 euro / week

Hiring a captain: 150-500  euro / day

Buying a boat: +10.000 euro and up


Sail as Crew: 0-50 euro/day (or getting paid)

It’s a different way of learning sailing, with more adventure, impact and community involved. Find out how in this course. 

Highlighting a global community united by a love for sailboat travel, the ocean, and a commitment to conservation.


What you can after the course

Understand what sailinglife involves and what style matches your values and vision.

Find and secure volunteer crew positions, online and locally, on sailboats worldwide and identify level of safety and responsibility with captains and boats.

Plan short and long-distance sailing routes as a crew member so you can use sailing as a way of transport with your personal adventure plan.

Prepare smart for sailing trips, including what to pack, expect and arrange.

✓ Understand and apply basic sailing terminology and tasks.

✓ Navigate your way around the boat, social dynamics and roles aboard a sailboat.

✓ Implement sustainability actions for sailing and living aboard.

✓ Respond to common sailing and onboard emergencies.

Manage life aboard, from cooking to staying healthy, to maintain good vibes.


You’ll be ready for the real rewards that come with experiencing sailing life.


Review of a sailboat travel mini-course by a student named Katie from Ireland, highlighting its comprehensive coverage of planning, safety, and practical skills necessary for life at sea.

Here’s what you get

8 Modules with practical tips and tools (+50 easy-to-digest 2-10 minute videos) accessible from your phone or computer, and as podcast. 

Never-Shown Footage of Suzy’s sailing adventures (+with the locations revealed) 

Templates and checklists to save you tons of time and be ready and safe

+ BONUS:  Ocean Nomads Community Membership for personalized support, a wealth of sailing knowledge and much more.

+ BONUS: Priority Application AND 150 euro OFF for our next sailing event (Autumn ’24) Always sold out. Enrollment is open!

+ BONUS: How to get your first paid gig on boats? Masterclass By Ocean Nomads Ambassador Luca (Coming early 2024)

+ BONUS More Ocean Nomads Ambassadors sharing their tips and stories (Coming!)

A computer screen displaying a woman's face as part of a sailing crew.


benefits of the course

It’s easy to start today! Intro, insights and reality check to sailboat travel from at your own pace from wherever you are, whenever you want, if your preferred way of learning (watch, read or listen)

Save time, money, and situations. 10 years of experience distilled into a few hours of content, main take-aways and action points. Time is precious. Take your advantage.

Experience Freedom and Adventure charting your own course. Break free from the ordinary and learn how to start a slow ocean lifestyle filled with adventure and exploration in nature.

Safe and Confident Sailing: Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to navigate safely, ensuring a positive and safe sailing experience with purpose, and elevate your sailing resume with real world sailing experience.

Live & Travel Sustainably on the Seas: Discover how to sail responsibly with our focus on eco-minded travel and living through personal action. Achieve eco-friendly travel goals with reduced carbon footprint.

Access a network of Sailing opportunities, Resources and Supportive like-minded Adventurers: Connect with a network of boat owners, nomads, and purpose driven ocean enthusiasts who share your passion for adventure and exploration for meet-ups and support.

Invest in lifelong memories and stories to share!  

The course helps you transition from a beginner to a knowledgeable crew member ready to actively participate in adventures at sea worldwide. All within a supportive community. 


Is that you? Embark on your sailboat adventure today and design your desired ocean lifestyle. 


Yes! I want to travel by sailboat this year, supported by a safe and kind ocean-minded community, and get hands-on skills while living it, without a huge financial investment. 


Get started

1. Enroll today

2. You receive immediate Ocean Nomads Course + Community access

3. Watch / Listen the videos and start making steps and connections to realize your dream. Ocean Nomads supports you on the way.


todays offer

14 days Travel By Sail logo.

We are convinced that you will love this course, so we give you a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can simply explore this course risk-free, and if you are not happy just let us know, and we refund. 

pioneer bonuses

BONUS: Ocean Nomads Community

In this bonus

As a pioneer of this course, you also get immediate and free access to the Ocean Nomads community after enrolling. A network with +300 nomads, 80 vessels, and millions of miles sailed by kind people who have got your back, are happy to answer, and may even welcome you on board! Includes a monthly meet-up, personalized support, and access to all our contacts, and access to our continuously expanding resource library. From your pocket. It’s all found through our shiny app aimed for you to spend LESS time online researching.


We got your back at each part of the journey

Text expressing gratitude and enthusiasm about being part of a network of sailing enthusiasts called #oceannomads and participating in the Sailboat Travel Mini Course.
A picture of a person with a heart on it at home.

Meet ocean Nomads near you

"I met Suzanna in 2020 in Portugal. It was not only the atmosphere sitting at the bonfire just by the cliffs and with the waves in the background. It was also her stories that she shared with me – about her experiences, how everything started, how she is living her life ... Joining Ocean Nomads, I found so many beautiful souls & teachers at one place. Each step brings me further to a life, aligned with nature and waters, and I am grateful to know that there are people who I can trust, share time and connect with." - Valeska

+ BONUS: Communication Booster to attract your sailboat Adventure

In this bonus

We highlight and feature your sailboat crew ask in front of our audience on the world wild web. This includes our newsletter, sailboat crew Facebook groups, and Instagram account, reaching thousands of ocean people including many boat owners.

+ BONUS: Ocean Warrior toolkit

In this bonus

 The ocean brings us so much life and lifestyle. As users we are responsible to bring back life into the ocean. In this Bonus you’ll learn:

✓ How to minimize YOUR impact. It’s not just about sailing ‘low carbon’.

✓ Cultivating conscious daily habits and being the eco warrior on board

✓ Contributing to marine conservation efforts & Citizen Science programs and contacts

✓ What YOU can do to give back, make impact, and bring by life into the ocean 

+ more coming: Ocean Nomads Ambassador Tips and Tools

First up: Luca sharing how to land your first paid sailing gig

More Results from ocean nomads

"I really do thank you! You set up something very special there. It is my impression that you very well achieved what you aimed at: bringing together like-minded people who share the love of the ocean, sailing, nature, probably a different lifestyle and attitude towards lifeIt’s a beautiful community you have built and I am honoured to be part of it."
Boat owner & Captain
"Having sailed with Suzanne from France to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and St Lucia I have seen how enthusiastic and committed to her mission she is. Having read her book now, I can sense the enthusiasm coming out at me from the pages and feel that her book is an inspiration and fantastic guide on hitch sailing and ocean preservation. It should be on every yacht out there at sea.” – Steve Green
"This girl puts inexhaustible energy into getting us out on adventures and save our beautiful big blue along the way. She really knows what she talks about. Supporting the Suzy and Ocean Nomads won't only benefit yourself, but truly has a positive impact on the future of all of us!" - Pim (Sailboat hitchhiked around the world)
"A huge value bomb that makes even the stiffest armchair traveler want to get up, hitch a ride, and cross the ocean. It also does a great job in creating awareness of the grave state the oceans are in, and of the huge impact we can make – if only we choose to." - Jordan Smith
What to say about Suzanne? You have to meet her in person, but she is everything you would expect after you look at her Instagram. She has a deep love for the sea and she is helping others to experience the same. It was an amazing experience to sail with her. She constantly inspired us to explore, to test things out and enjoy her little surprises along the way. I highly recommend to sail with her and was always feeling safe with her at the helm.
"Suzanne is one of the most generous souls I have ever met. She gives all she has! Literally! She offered me the opportunity to learn and enjoy sailing, as the most precious gift, even if she didnt know me!!! AT ALL!!!
She will give all she has: knowledge, food, bright and calm energy, wonderful experiences, beautiful photos, hard work, safety... But the most important presents you will get from her are definetely a bunch of amazing and powerful dreams!!! She is a dreamer, opening doors around her for everyone!!!

Suzanne made many of her dreams come true and will make you feel that everything is possible!!! It is overwhelming her will to care for the Sea, the Earth and the people; and her vast knowledge about sailing, which she shares, in an easy and calm way. She is kind, calm, cooperative, open-minded, self-confident, very generous, very understanding, very patient, very curious, determined and brave as Hell!!! Believe me!!! (I saw a few things...) She will take you to the most beautiful, remote and isolated places, enjoying every adventure, while making you feel at home and safe... Suzanne, take me with you, as a Towaway, in your sailing dreams!!! Love Ahoy!
"I always had the dream to go sailing one day, so I signed up. From that moment everything escalated quickly. One week sailing turned into 1,5 months and together with some other Ocean Nomads we sailed from Northern Spain to the Canaries. I fell in love with the sailing lifestyle and I knew I wanted to get my own sailboat. A lot has happened since then. In short, I bought an old sailboat of a new Ocean Nomads Friend. I sailed the Canary Islands. And now maybe across the Atlantic. Without joining the Ocean Nomads community, I would not be where I am now."
From zero to solo sailing the ocean in his own boat
I hadn't even gone further than Mediterranean and seen the ocean even once in my life. I found out about Suzanne who stood out there with her stories across the Atlantic. The positive vibe she was sparkling in our correspondence encouraged me, and has always made me sure that I could do whatever I dream of. Thank you, Suzanne for helping me opening up a new path, a new mindset of life, not only with the way you hit the oceans but also with you being so sensitive about the future of our world and the oceans and making efforts for it.

This course will empower you to explore the world by sailboat, connect with like-minded individuals, immerse yourself in different cultures, and make a positive impact on the world. 

Course + Community OFFER SEtS SAIL SOON

"Suzanne is living her dream in a nomad lifestyle. With outstanding determination and strength, she lives and acts very consistently according to her values grounded in environmental protection, sustainability-oriented solutions and network creation between likeminded people working in similar fields of action.

In my opinion, sailing adventures organized by Captain Suzanne are: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced into the nice world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn watching our world and the people from another more conscious perspective.

I see her as an inspirational person who, with her example, inspire others with ideas and proposals to define or redefine life projects and use inner energy for more noble purposes. Please gather support in every possible way at your hand for Suzanne. Our oceans need strong committed people like her to advocate for our natural resources and leave them intact for the generations to come."
Jose Maria


Yes! This course includes the basics of what sailboat travel is about and how to get started. If you are new to sailing and like to explore if it’s for you this is definitely for you. It’s the course we wish was out there when we started discovering sailing as a means of travel and would have saved us tons of time, energy, and errors.

Yes! While the main aim is total newbies in the sailing world, this course is designed for ocean lovers who dream of exploring different cultures, connecting with nature, and making a positive impact on the world through travelling by sailboat. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to sailing, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently embark on your sailboat travel adventure. 

This course doesn’t teach HOW to sail. It’s teaches what the lifestyle is about and what travelling by sail entails. If that’s what you’re after you surely get some value out of it, even as a skilled sailor. Remember there’s a 14 day money back guarantee. 

That’s completely understandable! This course will help you explore whether sailboat travel aligns with your interests and aspirations. By providing valuable insights and experiences, we aim to help you make an informed decision about pursuing this lifestyle.

Absolutely! This course is designed for anyone with a passion for the sea, whether you’re looking to crew or aspire to own your own boat one day. While sailing as crew is the main focus of this course, with that it provides a comprehensive foundation in sailing lifestyle essentials that are critical for both crew members and skippers. You’ll gain insights into the practicalities and realities of life at sea. By the end of this course, you will not only be ready to join a sailing crew but also be well on your way to confidently making informed decisions about boat ownership, taking crew and the sailing lifestyle. Whether your dream is to explore coastal waters or embark on ocean crossings, this course will help remove doubts and equip you with the knowledge to make that dream a reality. We have a full module on making the lifestyle sustainable, as well as a couple of bonuses where ocean nomads share their journeys towards boat ownership. + You’ll also get access to the Ocean Nomads community which has +80 boat owners in their happy to share their advice and support. 

Though this course includes perspectives and ideas on finding paid working opportunities, the main focus is to teach about the amateur crewing and lifestyle aspect of sailing. For us that has been the most rewarding aspect of sailboat travel so that’s what we encourage most. That said, we do share tips and tools to continue financing the lifestyle, including working on boats. Also, we have ocean nomads sharing their journeys and tips to becoming paid crew. Ambassador Luca recorded a mastercalss specifically on this topic. 

It is likely that when you start your first sailing adventure that you would like to keep on going for a while. That said, the sailing lifestyle does require some funds and time. For funds a budget of around 1000 euro per month would be more than enough. I mostly lived on less. Timewise, ideally, you have a month free to really test the waters. But there are also shorter opportunities to be found, and we share tools and tips on this too.

Got that! Here are some considerations:

If you wouldn’t take this course, how would you realize your dreams? Maybe it’s the push you need to really go and do it! Not in 10 years time when you have the funds, life partner, and dream boat. This is all to be found along the way.

A sailing course aka 300-1500 euro, could be a fasttrack in learning skills. I took a 5-day prep course once for the Yachtmaster offshore. I learned, but it had nothing to do with living in tune with nature, at my own pace, and the values I stand for. It’s a different thing.  To give you an idea of how pricy sailing can be

  • Cost of renting a boat: 200 – 700 euro / day
  • A sailing course: 500-3000 euro
  • Hiring crew: 150-300  euro / day
  • Buying a boat: Continous $

A different, faster and more accessible way to experience sailboat travel: as crew! But it’s not a straight forward adventure.

Imagine this. You find a boat, travel to it and things don’t work out the way as planned because you jumped right at it without asking the right questions in advance.

A flight and accommodation can easily cost 500 euro. It happened to me more than once. Not talking about the time you lost finding the right boat for you. Or worse, an unsafe environment you may ended up in.

Here is an opportunity to avoid the cost of error. Save yourself lots of money, time, trial and error learning from my mistakes.

The info I share in this course took me years to figure out. The journey itself was all worth it. But wow how I wished there was a course like this out there so I didn’t have to spent too much time researching, sailing on ‘wrong boats, ’ etc. that in turn also can add up with costs.

You can ask me or someone else to do everything 1 on 1. Let’s say I charge 60 euro/hour. That’s 360 Euro for 6 hours of coaching. Now for less than half you get many more tips you’d squeeze out of me 1-1. + You get full access to the ocean nomads community for more personalized support.

1 tip or connection can put you on a different course, saving you tons of time and money. 

Last but not least, as a course participant, you can apply to join the affiliate program and earn the investment in no time, as you sail the seas. 

It’s a shortcut. And life is short. If not now, then when are you going to make steps to make it happen?

Know that your purchase is risk-free. You can get full money back within 14 days if, after completing the course, you’re not feeling helped further.

It is also good to know, the price will go up. Since it’s new and we like to make it accessible, this is the moment to step in. The sooner you decide, the better deal you lock in. New Moon November the price goes up.

Don’t have the funds right now? We understand! Here is a free mini edition to get your introduced into Sailboat Travel. You can also find free tips on the Instagram: @howtosailboattravel and on the Ocean Nomads blog. 

Thank you and Awesome that you read book Ocean Nomad! I still stand behind almost everything I wrote back then and some of the tips from the book I also share in this course. The book though has been published 6 years ago now (and written 6-8 years ago). Since, I made many more miles, got my Captains license, skippered boats, took care of boats, organized trips, and got a little wiser;). In the course I share my current view, tips and lessons learned on video, with footage that I have never published before. + The network has been evolving. While the book focuses on the Atlantic Ocean. This course focuses on sailboat travel as crew in general and global, whether you aspire to sail oceans or dip you toes into sailboat travel on the coast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! 🙂 We created a mini-course from 5 videos out of the complete Course, sharing a basic introduction to Sailboat Travel. You can watch the videos here. It’s free!

We have +300 members from +35 different nationalities. We have +70 members with vessels who are occasionally looking for ocean nomads valued crew and therefore prefer to find within our network. 

Our members are liveaboards, adventure travellers, (aspiring) sailors, people working in the sailing, surf or ocean sports industry, eco project initiators, impact entrepreneurs as well as surfers and (free)divers looking to design their lives around the ocean. We have a growing group of vanlifers and overlanders as well who navigate the coastlines. We’re a varied mix of salty souls with a shared drive to live pure, simple, free and protect planet ocean.

Our members are young by heart. We do not exclude someone because of their chronological age. We have members in there 20s up to maybe even someone in their 80s! We all have a lot to learn and give to each other.  It’s about the mindset and drive for ocean adventure and making a positive impact.

On our membership portal you can sea who is near you. On the Ocean Nomads map  we feature members, vessels, basecamps, projects, friends and other local happenings ocean nomads should know about.

You can learn more about how to network came about here (3 minute video) and more member videos in our member story section.

The course is designed to help you go from zero in the sailingworld to realizing to realizing ocean adventures, safe & prepared. You’ll find tips, videos, templates, checklists and personal support. From Suzanne’s experience + Ocean Nomads ambassadors who will share their tips and stories in upcoming bonuses. 

The community has been around longer. It’s a network of ocean people: a mix of newbies, nomads, boat owners, and ocean lovers of all sorts with a big heart for nature. In here we support each other during our journeys.

Having access to both the Course AND community is the complete sailing dream realization toolkit. It’s all in the same app. 

We have 50 spots available for the pioneer pack where you get full access to both, with an option for lifetime access. Something we have never offered before. 

Absolutely! Once you become a part of our community, you’ll have access to our private network where you can connect with fellow sailors, ask questions, share experiences, and receive guidance even after completing the course.


The course is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed. You can binge watch it all in 1 day. But you can also choose to watch a few videos each week. Most would complete the course in about a month. You can be sailing within a month from taking the course!


Yes you can! We have gone techy and have now set up payment possibilities with credit card. Paypal, Ideal & Bancontact



YES! Awesome that you are interested in spreading the word about this course! We know more than anyone how tough financing the nomadlifestyle can be. And we love that you love to spread the word about this course. So let’s team up! Anyone who enrolls in the course via this page, automatically gets a personal referral link. The affiliate fee for todays sign ups is 30% ! That means you can earn more than 100 euro commission on a referral. 

Do you have a question? Drop it below

You Are The Average Of The five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

Spent time with people who live or are looking to live the lifestyle, adventures and missions you dream of. Before you know it, you live it too!

This is more than a course; it’s your passport to an exciting yet responsible nomadic lifestyle that connects you with nature!


To Truly travel sustainably by sail, you have to plot your own route.

Do you have the adventure spirit?

"This process of making a foreign place home is one that I find fascinating. For me, it’s a scary moment to embark on any new adventure and it takes a real leap of faith to make the first step. However, the risk is worth taking and the outcomes always exceed my expectations. Of course, It’s not the first time I start a new adventure, but this new overwhelmingly positive experience keeps building up my confidence. I also think it helped me decide to step into my next “scary” adventure, which is the PhD I am going to start in September. So, thank you also for offering me this self-confidence. It’s a beautiful community you have built and I am honoured to be part of it."
Both inspirational and practical to give the nuts and bolts of the how to, and also the necessity of saving our vast oceans.
Jonatan Geraci​
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