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Exploring by boat brings a feeling of freedom. You can reach new places powered by the wind. Isn’t that amazing in itself? It’s how we travelled back in the days before airplanes and engine driven vessel. It’s a natural and adventurous way to travel. And it can turn into a way of life. It’s a way to go to places that are hard or impossible to reach by land, surrounded by nothing but nature.

But isn’t sailing only for rich people, or people growing up sailing? It’s not! So how and where to start? If you have no idea about sailing, no boat, and not a massive budget either. You found the right place.

A big focus of the Ocean Nomads community is making travelling by sail accessible. We also started by having no idea, not that long ago (see Suzy’s background story). Ongoingly we are here to help you get started. But especially the upcoming month! This new moon our main focus is to help you to get started with this way of travel with ‘sailing newbie’ theme month.

We have lots of members who started from zero to hero, and lots of members who are looking to do so. We can learn a lot from each other. Join the conversation, absorb the information, ask your questions, share your ideas, stories, curiosities and experiences in relation to getting started on travelling the world by sailboat.

Here’s what you can expect by joining the ‘Sailing Newbie’ theme month.

Sailboat Travel Tips & Resources

We’ll sharing tips on sailboat travel related topics like:

  • Where to start: Finding information & research
  • How to find your first sail boat ride
  • Sailing as crew: How you can prepare
  • Safety & equipment: All you need
  • The feeling of community

We already have quite a library of content. Here are some resources you can navigate freely and at your own pace, any time:

  • Find a Sailboat Ride. 
  • Offshore packing lists
  • Happy and healthy provisioning
  • Waste management at sea.
  • An extensive happiness and safety checklist to figure out if the vessel, captain, and crew is a good and safe! match.
  • ‘Sailing across the Atlantic as crew. Learn about the bearings (like route, distance, money, weather, preparation, and packing.
+ If you still have questions, simply ask the network for knowledge sharing with fellow members

Sailboat Travel zero to hero Stories

Ocean Nomads Members sharing stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from their experiences going from being sailing newby to learning how to sail to buying their own boat.  


Sailing Newby Events

We host Online Meet-ups to get to know each other in different parts of the world, share questions and answers and help each other move forward.

But the best event you can possibly join to accelerate everything in your ocean travel dreams is to join an actual sailing expedition. We have 13 legs to choose from Offshore and Coastal sailing, all aimed at maximum learning experience.  Learn more and apply now! We are walking extra miles to recruit an epic diverse but likeminded crewteam.

Crew opportunities to travel by sail

As the Ocean Nomads network grows, more and more sailing travel opportunities are offered and created by members from all over the world, as well as by us as an organization.

Here is a snapshot of sailing crew opportunities late summer / autumn we currently have on the network, to get the ocean in your veins and jump on board to experience travelling by sail. Some crewing opportunities are by vessel members. Some are organized by us as an Organization. All with similar values and intentions to connect you to the ocean, adventure and a meaningful way of travel. We currently have 4 vessels recrewting for Atlantic Ocean voyages. 

Join the tribe to learn more about the different crewing opportunities, get connected to the captains, and to accelerate your ocean nomads lifestyle with adventure, impact, and community.


Connections in the sailing world

What makes the theme month most valuable, in our opinion, is the connection and interaction with fellow Ocean Nomads that are as stoked about travelling the world by sail, as you are!

Exchange questions, ideas, projects, dreams and more with fellow Ocean Nomads who are also new to sailing or share their experience as captain, crew and sailing lover!

The ‘Sailing Newby’ theme month is free of access to all ocean nomads members. Some content will only be available during this month, so make sure you join in realtime!

How to join the ‘Sailing Newbie’ Theme Month?


Login or Join the tribe to jump on board.

And navigate to ‘Follow the Sailing Newby Topic to join the happenings. 

What else would you like to learn or share as Sailing Newby? 

Share it in the comments here, or on the Ocean Nomads network hub.



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