Travelling the Dutch coast under Sail with FairFerry, Twister & Ocean Nomads

people standing on the deck of a sailboat.

Last weekend a group of Ocean Nomads jumped on board the classic Schooner Twister for an ocean adventure as part of the Fair Ferry initiative. What Fair Ferry, Twister, and Ocean Nomads have in common: we facilitate sailboat travel. The adventurous kind. One way trips. Exploring places along the way. Pure, simple and for a common good. We teamed up to accelerate our missions.

From Den Helder to Scheveningen Ocean Nomads members joined one leg of the Fair Ferry, travelling and exploring the Netherlands under sail. In about 70 nautical miles we navigated the North Sea with all sails up. No push buttons, plastic or complicated technology on this classic ship. Hands-on power and physical action is required to hoist the sails and steer the vessel. Pure bliss. Just before entering port in Scheveningen we took the opportunity to dive in for a sunset swim. 

In Scheveningen, Fair Ferry arranged a tour with the Seaweed man, where we learned about seaweed as a superpower food source. Together we collected different kinds of seaweeds and cooked different superpower recipes back on board. Towards the end of the sailing trip, we also hosted a little Ocean Nomads member meet-up onboard Twister. 11 Ocean Nomads made their way to catch up, meet new faces, share stories, plant seeds and make plans for more ocean adventures and achieve salty and self-sufficient living lifestyle goals.

A big goal of Ocean Nomads is to connect people to the ocean and each other. No better way to do that at sea, on a classic built vessel of more than 100 years old, together with others who are after an adventure on and near the sea. 

The Fair Ferry will be sailing Between Harlingen and Vlissingen the rest of summer, stopping in different places along the way, exploring local sustainability initiatives. You can join for one or more 3-4 day legs. 

This trip was the appetizer for the big journey we have ahead. This autumn we’ll sail Twister from the Netherlands to Tenerife over the Atlantic with Expedition ON together with a like minded bunch of Ocean Nomads. We are a mix of entrepreneurs, alternative lifestyle seekers, self sufficiency enthusiasts, and water sports fanatics. Driven by passion and purpose for the love of the ocean, we explore the exciting ways to travel oceans and create regenerative lifestyles. We’ve now tested Twisters sea worthiness, met the lovely owners, skipper, and mate, and experienced the performance and potential of this vessel. She’s beautiful. She’s fast. She’s solid. She’s big. She’s spacious. She’s super comfortable. She’s got soul. She lasts. We’re super excited to take her on an offshore voyage this autumn. 


“We must go and see for ourselves!”

– Jacques Yves Cousteau


Check out more photos of the trip on our past Events & Expeditions page, and even more photos on our online community member space.

Learn more about the upcoming Atlantic voyage and APPLY NOW to be a crew member on Expedition ON. Oktober 26 we sail from the Netherlands to the Canaries with 14 Ocean Nomads. 

Learn more and sail with Fair Ferry and Twister this summer. Ocean Nomads Members can ask for the special Ocean Nomads discount.

Now more than ever it’s clear that living with nature is the answer to almost everything. We are ON it, with the Ocean Nomads adventure impact community.  Home for the free spirits living or after an eco-minded active outdoor lifestyle in and near the sea.


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