Trip Values & Expectations

The vibe attracts our tribe

We put a lot of care and thought into bringing a diverse but like-mined group on board of our fleet. For you this starts with having an idea who we are, how we run our trips, and why you should join!

The vibe attracts the tribe

We put a lot of care and thought into bringing a diverse but like-minded group onboard our fleet. For you this starts with having an idea who we are, how we run our trips, and why you should join!

Who we are

Ocean Nomads is a growing community of young (at heart :)) adventurous ocean lovers that are after an active outdoor lifestyle in and near the sea, and that are eager to make a positive impact. We share ideas, information and connections on simple, mindful, and positive ways to live, travel, work and play in, on and near the ocean. 

About the Ocean Nomads Trips

Ocean Nomads trips connect people to each other and to the ocean. Nothing brings people together like actually bringing people together. And nothing triggers more than actual experience. We add nature and adventure into the mix, and we have a recipe for creating a big dose of positive energy and accelerating change for a common good. We provide ocean adventure and encourage low-impact travel. . The goal of ON trips is to connect you with the natural world, to build relationships with other impact-driven salty souls, and to facilitate knowledge-sharing to learn from each other on how to accelerate our dreams, journeys, and collaborate on projects for positive change. We live up to the Ocean Nomads’ slow sailing philosophy. We strive to have an onboard environment that inspires adventure and play, with a strong emphasis on health, simplicity, local, teamwork and environmental consciousness. 

Trip Vibe & Expectations

Each trip has a different angle, destination or element. Here is what’s in common:

SPONTANEITY |  We run our trips rather spontaneously on purpose. We’re dependent on the weather. We don’t plan out routes. We go with the flow. If we see potential for a treasure (e.g a cool cave to dive in oran epic hike), we may change course. We embrace the art of getting lost. 

PEOPLE | We make our gathering big enough to guarantee a wonderful mix of inspiring souls, but small enough to drop anchor in the middle of nature. Participants usually don’t know each other,but after days of shared adventure and collaboration, new friendships have been made. Many of our previous pirates come back again and again.

Ocean Nomads come from all walks of life;  We put a lot of effort in creating a diverse mix of people, so that we can learn from each other and pass on inspiration and ideas . What we all have in common is openness to each other’s world views and an eagerness to learn.

SAILING | You don’t need to have sailing experience. The Ocean Nomads skippers are professionally qualified and can teach you the basics to help you become a competent crew member by the end of the week. We can sign off miles and give you a reference if you need one.

TEAMWORK | Sailing is an active way of travel that needs teamwork. We share the tasks, operation, and sailing of the boat. We provision, cook, sail, fix things (if necessary) together as a team. Our trips are not a laid back luxury experience. Hands-on participation creates the adventure, and helps you learn to be a better sailor. 

IMPACT | We share adventure time and relaxation time, as well as thoughts, tips and ideas about how we can live more simply and sustainably, whilst exploring the natural world. No one of us has the answer, but together we do have. Awareness is key but in the end it all comes down to action.  By connecting people to the ocean and each other more action is possible. Many Ocean Nomads already have teamed up with each other to accelerate their adventure and impact projects. Connection and conversation at sea go deeper in one day than months on the land. 

ADVENTURE | Our days include a mix of sailing, jumping in the sea, snorkelling, exploring islands, finding treasures, hiking, SUPping, while chatting about life and sustaining life. We try to avoid marinas, so we can be closer to nature, while keeping the trip as affordable as possible…

SHARING | You will share a cabin with a fellow nomad. We aim to make a diverse mix on every boat. Boats may differ slightly in size/model but will all be equipped with the necessary safety features. Boats are between 40ft – 55 ft monohulls and sailed with 6-8 nomads plus one skipper.

Per boat we share the costs for fuel, moorings/marinas, and food. Depending on the trip and destination, this is between €100 – 150 per person/week. Per boat, the crew also takes care of feeding your skipper. The skipper doesn’t chip in for the food kitty. He/She takes care of your safety.  

We share skills, tools, resources and connections to help each other further.

VESSELS & VEHICLES | We rent boats. We select our partners as well as we can and give preference to locally owned and sustainably-minded charter companies. . We’re actively looking for the best ways to maximize our positive and minimize our negative impact. We are aware that many need to fly to join one of our trips, and highly encourage transport options such as train, bus, ferry and carsharing. Our skippers run and manage the boats with our shared values to minimize negative and maximize positive impacts. 

LOCAL | We work with locals to learn the best we can about the local situation, Working with a local partner comes with different habits, customs, awareness levels and cultural backgrounds. This is how we learn. We stay open and look beyond our ‘eco-bubble’ to plot better routes for positive change. 

HEALTH | We can only do good if we feel good. Our trips have elements of yoga, breathwork / freedive clinics, healthy and local food provisioning, and lots of outdoor action and adventure.

PEACE | Our trips are not a party experience. Boats and anchorages are to be quiet after 22:00. We value the mornings and like to maximize daylight for exploring and connecting to nature. Alcohol has the potential to take away from the amazing experience we are offering you. Above all alcohol risks safety. Therefore we run dry boats, meaning no alcohol and no drugs is taken on board. There usually are opportunities to enjoy a glass on shore if you want to. 

ENVIRONMENT | We do what we can to minimize our environmental impact. We sail as much as we can and use the motor as little as we can. We aim to provision as locally as possible, and minimize plastic use. Preparation and doing your part is key. And we encourage and welcome your ideas, tools and tricks on improving our positive footprint.

Our trips are vegetarian (fish and meat-free). There are occasional opportunities to eat at restaurants on land if you struggle with this.

We use less freshwater and power than the average sailboat charter.  We share thoughts, ideas, and knowledge on no-fridge food preservation, eco-friendly sailboat maintenance, and other solutions to reduce our consumption and footprint.ADAPTATION | Boats rock and make noise. Boats are small. People snore. Weather rules. We have limited resources. Adaptability is key.

Returning Crew

We love it when you come back again and again. To show you our appreciation:

If you join a third time, you receive 30 euro off

If you join a fourth time, you receive 40 euro off

If you join a fifth time, you receive 50 euro off

Crew Resources

In our App you can find all the resources you need to be well prepared for the upcoming adventure!

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