About the Ocean Nomads EVENTS & EXPEDTIONS

2-3 times a year we organize something special and rather spontaneous at sea. Ocean Nomads events and expeditions connect people to each other and to the ocean. Nothing brings people together like actually bringing people together. And nothing triggers more than actual experience. We add nature and adventure into the mix, and we have a recipe for creating a big dose of positive energy and accelerating change for a common good. We provide ocean adventure and encourage low-impact travel.

We live up to the Ocean Nomads’ slow sailing philosophy. We strive to have an onboard environment that inspires adventure and play, with a strong emphasis on health, simplicity, local, teamwork and environmental consciousness. Learn more about our trip values & expectations here.

Can’t wait? We also have lots of members with vessels who are occasionally looking for adventure crew. Or do you have a vessel and could use skilled dedicated crew? Join the family to connect with vessels, crew, and driven nomads.

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UPCOMING Events & Expeditions

Camino de Santiago by Sea

We’re planning to organize a member gathering in Galicia this summer! The region is a paradise on earth. It’s nowhere nearly as crowded as the Med. We have a few vessel members based there. And a few good contacts with marinas and locals. Crew can jump in from the mainland. AND 2021 is the special Holi year of the Camino of Santiago. Fingers, legs, toes crosses the world allows us to make it happen!

Dates: Summer 2021
Destination: Galicia
Uniting Ocean Nomads vessels and Members

Offshore Sailing adventure on a Classic Tallship

Join the more than 100-year-old classic Schooner Twister for an Ocean Nomad trip from the Netherlands to the Canary Islands. The Twister is a fore and aft rigged Schooner with two masts, was build in 1902 as a fishing boat. Since she was rebuilt and baptised in 1999, the Twister has proven to be one of the fastest sailing ships of the Northern sailing area.


Dates: November 2021
Destination: from the Netherlands to Tenerife, Canary Islands in Spain
Number of berths: 14 available spots
Miles: 1800 NM

Athens - Corinth Canal - Ionian

Cross the Corinth Channel and visit the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. 


Dates: Spring 2022

Destination: Greece

Number of berths: 16 – 24 people 

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Netherlands meetup

Spontaneous gathering of salty souls

When? July 19

Where? On Classic Vessel Twister

Who? Members + a couple of introducees

Price: free!

tarifa meetup

Spontaneous gathering of salty souls

When? June 19, 2020

Where? Tarifa, Spain
Price: free!

Brighton Meetup, UK

Spontaneous gathering of salty souls

When? July 2020

Where? Brighton, UK
Price: free!

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