We Sailed around the Atlantic! We made a specific photo page of this big voyage here.


What a year it has been! 3 successful Ocean Nomads events are added to the logbook. Thank you Ocean Nomads for the energizing week(s) of adventure and connection to each other and nature! We’re so happy we could pull off the gathering this summer in Galicia: with 11 nomads, 2 vessels, and a priceless amount of memorable moments. Followed by our biggest voyages so far: Sailing from the Netherlands to Madeira to the Canary Islands with 17 nomads on the + 100-year-old SV Twister. Beautiful connections have been made and many seeds have been planted to continue our ocean nomads journeys.  Check out the photos!


2020 has been challenging so far. Due to Covid we postponed our Sailing Flotilla in Greece to 2021. Summer 2020 we run rather spontaneously organizing local events. We just got back from exploring the Dutch Coast with Fair Ferry and Twister. We’re currently exploring on a Flatbottom boat AND we have a big offshore sailing adventure from the Netherlands to the Canary Islands coming up for which you can apply now.


The year 2019 was full of trips, we started January organasing a flotilla in Lanzarote, we enjoyed sunny Croatia in September, and we finished the year with an adventurous delivery  from Mallorca direction Canary Islands.

In Lanzarote, we ran a multi adventure trip involving sailing, diving, surfing, hiking and whale & dolphin spotting with our partner of Sail & Whale Project who presented how to recognise cetacean, the importance of contributing to science, and protecting biodiversity.


In year 2018, the idea of creating Ocean Nomads emerged from the need of some of our friends for finding like-minded people with whom to share adventures around the Ocean. Suzanne started that year organising improvised meetups events where she was travelling. Until we realised that people wanted more than one day event, they wanted adventure.

But not any type of adventure, adventures with purpose.

That year we decided to organised the first (ever) flotilla sailing trip to Sicily. We didn’t do it alone, we team up with Paula AllendelosMares, and together we brought together more than 30 people from around the globe. We started testing some water filtering solutions to reduce plastic bottles, our meals on board were vegetarian and locally sourced.

And it was only the beginning! Numerous participants said ‘it was the best week or their lives’ so let’s do more of this, right?

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