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You’ve found a boat to sail offshore, or maybe even an ocean. Congratulations! (Or if nothere’s a resource to get started on finding sailboat rides and here is a blog on how Ocean Nomads can help you with that) You must be thrilled and excited. You are one step closer to making the sailing dream a reality.

Huge part of all the excitement is in jumping into the unknown, letting it all happen, and in the exploration. That said, a huge part of having a pleasant, safe and most meaningful offshore sailing experience is in the preparation. Sailing offshore is quite something. This resource presents some things to consider for crewmembers before sailing away. Perhaps it has some takeaways for captains too. Feel free to add your tips and suggestions! We can learn from each other.

How to prepare the offshore sailing gear kit, assess the safety, and minimize risk as crew before sailing oceans?

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.” – Paulo Coelho

How to prepare as a crew member? What should you pack? What skills can you work on prior to the trip? What to bring and download for on board entertainment? How to prepare to stay fit and healthy? How to prepare for research and science projects? How can friends and family follow you? What is seasickness and how can you prepare for that? What to prepare when arriving by boat in a new country? This resource makes sure you are ready!

How can you minimise risk and negative consequences as a crew member? What to be alert for as ocean sailing crew? What to consider for safety offshore sailing gear for crew? What can you do as crew to prepare?

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Crew preparations for offshore crew.

Resource content:

Develop Seamanship skills

Preperation On Board

What else would you like to see covered in this resource?

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