Why we created Ocean Nomads

an anemone with the words our purpose.

We created Ocean Nomads to bring you together with equally passionate salty souls living and ready for ocean adventure and impact action.

To create memorable days, not never ending to-do lists. They never end. Life does. What we are and act now we pass on to our children. So we better be good and do good while playing in the great outdoors enjoying what this beautiful world has to offer. We can combine our energy, network and resources to sail the seas in most meaningful way, but with no day without play!

We believe this is what we are supposed to be doing: exploring, learning, lending a hand where we can. Live with minimum negative impact and doing what we can to make a positive impact to the world around us.

Instead of trying to tackle this never ever ending inbox and to do list, scrolling, and worrying about how we’re going to pay the next bills. It’s not easy. We get stuck a lot too. The world lives around a money-based system and we’re all so busy to keep up the balls. It’s not making us feel alive. It’s not life. And it’s not sustainable. 

But we can start to change that! Together we can. We must for our children. Back in the days, they were doing fine with trading, growing their own foods and the use of natural materials. We can revive some of that. Combine that with the technology that exists today and we can make a massive impact for the good. A kid these things thinks cucumbers comes from the supermarket. If you have the means to read this, you’re equipped with skills that make dreams happen. And not only yours. All together we are responsible for trashing this planet. Together we can turn the tide. With knowing what we know now, we can’t just keep taking the things as they come. We must shape things as they go. We must invest the energy the ocean gives us, into solutions for a healthier ocean. 

And to get the ocean truly into people’s hearts, one needs to experience its magic. Ocean activities and sports like sailing, diving, surfing are all means to do that. And by connecting to the ocean first hand, one does not only see its beauty but also the challenges it’s facing. This triggers to act. Many drops will create a ripple effect of positive change.

We’re all on similar journeys, dreaming and doing about ocean adventures and to make a positive impact around us. We have brilliant ideas, projects, dreams, actions, and desires for experiences, learning, connection, conscious living and to be part of something. We’re looking to connect with others honouring simple and sustainable lifestyles and driven to do good. But alone we can only do so much! 

The online stuff is just a means to accelerate our journeys in the wild. What we aim to achieve is real-life connection and action in, on, and near the ocean. You can spend less time online researching and connecting because here you have the place to find your answers and your people.

A huge part of our nomadic excitement is in the act of setting out for exploration, to let the magic happen and to see what we encounter. But few people enjoy doing it alone. It’s nourishing to meet like-minded souls with shared interests, values, and mission to share the journey. To find answers to questions that google doesn’t answer. To find a project where we can lend our hand. There are sailing forums,  ocean conservation projects, general crew websites, tons of Facebook groups and yacht clubs. There are beautiful places to meet, and to give and ask information both offline and online. But most of these places are generic and single-purpose. Ocean Nomads, like you and me, might belong to half a dozen such groups, but feel unfulfilled. We don’t have one place where we can easily find one another. There is no place out there that connects us Ocean Nomads in a simple way. 

We’ve been listening for years to all of you we’ve come across, online and offline in the boats, bays, marina’s, and islands. There are lots of people eager to be crew adventurers out there looking to help out on a boat. There are lots of captains and boat owners out there, that could use an extra hand or company. And there are lots of beautiful initiatives to bring that ocean impact or community project to the next level. We just need to connect with each other, and with nature.

We’ve been on all sides of the story. We’ve been aspiring crewmembers looking to get on the water and with no idea and connections on how to start. We’ve set up ocean projects looking for hands-on deck but struggling to find a good fit. We’ve been so broke that the last money went to a coconut. Now we’ve qualified as captains and boatowners and we’re simply looking to meet like-minded souls for a good connection, helping hand and sharing stories and adventures.

We arrive in new places. We mix with the locals, the yachties, the retired sailor and holiday makers, the ‘normal’ citizens, the sabbatical backpacker, or holiday surfer. But rarely we find those souls and tribes living similar lifestyles where we just fit in and can relate with. Relationships are everything and if we can’t find our tribe, we create it!

Ocean Nomads is the platform to better connect you all and bring you together. A platform for you to take part. To find support to kickstart or enhance your desired lifestyle. To connect to bring your project to the next level. To make better decisions on your next move. To explore new ideas on travel by sailboat. To increase your impact. And to meet more people like you! Give and find answers from people how they have done and are doing the things.

They are other humans in this world with your way of living. Here’s your tribe!


A few things you’ll see quickly that make the Ocean Nomads online space different than for example a Facebook group:

  1. There are multiple ways to connect. On this platform, you can see who is near you, who is ‘in the same boat’ (e.g. Boat Owner, Crew , Captain), you can see who’s interested in the same topics, and you can join a ‘ship’ to connect with people with the same interest, in the area you are or are planning to go. This is something that a simple Facebook group lacks. Also in the events section, you can see meet-ups and trips organized by us or members.
  2. It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for building databases, creating exclusive content, have deeper conversations, polls, and communicating trips and events. Plus, by building this community off social media, you can have a more efficient and valuable experience with each other. No ads, no noise, and members that genuinely care for each other.
  3. We can do more and be more.  Right now, I’m juggling a bunch of Facebook groups, trips, social media, and creative projects in different places to connect you to the ocean and each other. Then there are tons of other Facebook groups lacking the community spirit. It’s all over the place. It doesn’t necessarily allow me to create the best experience for you. By creating this platform, I can introduce you to more people, we can introduce each other to more and the right people, unlock valuable collaborations, team-ups, meet-ups and the content, resources, ideas and practices for our ocean nomads journey.

What You Should Expect From Ocean Nomads

We are aiming to make your experience memorable. We want you to get five key things from Ocean Nomads:

  1. EXPLORE. You will have access to ocean adventure, conservation content, projects and opportunities. We focus on sailing but include other non-motorized ways of ocean exploration, like surfing, freediving, diving.
  2. CONNECT. You will be able to connect with people around the world online and beyond the screen. Connect with captains, crew and projects with whom you share similar interests, missions, and locations. We are here to help you make better, more well-informed decisions about the challenges and step in your journey.
  3. LEARN NEW SKILLS. You will learn, step by step, to make better, more well-informed decisions about the next steps in the ocean nomads journey, the next ocean adventure destination, project or crew opportunity. Here you find content, conversations, and answers, you can’t find anywhere else.
  4. MAKE POSITIVE IMPACT. Find ocean inspiration, practical ideas on simplification and sustainable/ self-sufficient living, improving ocean-friendly habits thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day. We swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
  5. EXPERIENCES. The whole point of doing all this is to have you have more and more meaningful ocean adventures and experiencesout there. We want you all to thrive. Because when we do, we have the energy to take care and realize our potential to do our part for a better planet. We’ll create meet-ups, yearly events and curate the epic opportunities from our network. 

Welcome on board!


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