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Introduction to Sailboat Travel

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Dip your toes into this natural way of travel

In a series of 5 videos, you’ll learn:

✓ What is sailboat travel? And what forms can it have?

✓ Why Sailboat Travel is such a magical way of travel, and life

✓ The story of Ocean Nomads founder Suzanne. How she got into sailboat travel as total newbie to sailing the world.

✓ 3 Reasons to sail as crew on someone else’s boat, also if you want your own boat.

5 Things you must realize before you sail away, for a positive memorable experience

✓ Learn if the sailing lifestyle is something you’d like to experience

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I consider myself a reasonably well travelled person but until now I had never even considered sailing as a means of travel! Suzanne has changed my perspective. It now feels possible, achievable and a very real prospect. But there is more to this than just sailing. And this is what makes Ocean Nomads stand out from the rest. There is purpose behind it and one that I am now inspired to learn more about.
John Clarke, UK

If not now, then when?

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