Wanted: Adventure Sailing Expedition Leaders!

Our biggest expedition so far is coming up! And we love to co-create and lead this with you!

In 13 legs we travel to 13 countries, 10.000 Miles across the Atlantic and Caribbean waters, by the power of the wind. Our voyages stand out because of the adventure, impact and community elements. We walk the extra mile to maintain the ocean nomads standards on board and that’s why we would love to hear from you!


For certain legs for our upcoming Expedition ON around the Atlantic (Offshore as well as in the Caribbean), as well as for 2023/2024 already we’re scouting for Ocean Nomads Expedition Leaders! We’d love to give some driven ocean nomads the stage to shine their light on our voyages and all that comes with it.


About the role:

Our main drive: connecting people to the ocean and each other, build personalized connections, and team-ups, for a healthier ocean and better planet. You will play a big role in facilitating that, on board, at sea! SV Twister provides the captain, mate, and deckhands leading the sailing and navigation part. This role focuses on leading the community and ocean nomads program (beyond the sailing aspects). This includes: 

  • You welcome participants on board (partly including online communication prior departure), personally and in group to set the tone, make people feel home, and ready.
  • You align ocean nomads program and elements with the sailing voyage with professional crew on board and on land team.
  • You oversee the provisioning, cooking, and cleaning goes smooth, and incorporate changes / lend an extra hand where necessary.
  • You take the lead in on board gatherings, group discussion and brainstorms. and on land activities
  • You know how to bring out the super powers in people and facilitate activities/gatherings/games/discussions accordingly. 
  • You ensure adventure, impact, and community elements are integrated during the expedition
  • You ensure maximum learning experience is facilitated (with sailing, seamanship, and ocean nomads lifestyle related subjects) and activate the right people to facilitate that.
  • You’re good with optimizing group dynamics
  • You have a eye for detail, spot the areas/people that need attention, and improve accordingly
  • You connect with local partners to ensure and accelerate local impact and learnings
  • You solve situations and complexities as they arise
  • You play a big part in facilitating the best week of people’s lives!
  • You’ll participate in on board duties like watches, cooking etc, like everyone else.

All the above with back up, support, and toolkits from team Ocean Nomads!


What’s important:

  • You have experienced rough sailing, tough sailing, and all that comes with it.
  • You live and represent the Ocean Nomads lifestyle / values
  • You are a natural host, people connector, and leader.
  • You’re a good anticipator, flexible, and adaptable depending weather / circumstances
  • You’re proactive, entrepreneurial, action orientated, creative, resourceful, organized, independent, communicative, self-motivated, efficient, and have the ocean bigtime in your heart. 
  • You have a working phone, phone camera and connection to communicate and share when in the network zone.

    Bonus skills: destination knowledge, food/ provision experience (organic / vegetarian / large groups), workshopping, environmental science/ knowledge, trip leading experience, social media savvy for instant sharing to our wider community, story telling,  sailing experience on tall ships, live aboard experience.


Ocean Nomads trips are to be experienced to understand what it’s all about. It’s almost essential that you are an ocean nomads member, met Suzanne (or another team member) personally and ideally are a trip alumni to be an Expedition Leader. If you never joined a trip before, show us your personality and your why of leading one of our trips. Drive and mindset are key. Already applied for the trip? We’re looking forward to get to know and consider you for the later legs, or next round:). This call for leaders is focused on the long term.


Expedition Overview

1) Amsterdam – Madeira | Oct 15 – Nov 6 

2) Madeira – Tenerife | Nov 7 – 15 

3) Atlantic Crossing | Tenerife – Cape Verde – Martinique | Nov 19 – Dec 20 

4) Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada | Dec 21 – 28 

5) Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Martinique | Dec 28 – Jan 4 | 6) Martinique – St. St. Lucia, Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, Martinique | Jan 7 – 19 

7) Martinique – St. St. Lucia, Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, Martinique | Jan 21 – Feb 2 

8) Martinique – Dominica – Guadeloupe | Feb 4 -11 | 7 days 

9) Guadeloupe | Feb 11-16 | 7 days 

10) Guadeloupe – Antigua & Barbuda – St. Maarten | 18 Feb – March 4 

11) St. Maarten | March 4 – 13 | 9 days 

12) Atlantic Crossing | St. Maarten – Azores | March 16 – April 5 

13) Atlantic Crossing | Azores – Netherlands | April 6 – 24 

For leg 3 – 7 we currently only seek back – up leaders that could step in in case of.



What’s in it for you?

A ticket to ocean adventure with impact and community! And a stage to shine and share your skills with an epic bunch of Ocean Nomads. 

We are happy to talk about a co-creation and facilitate your ideas and dream project on board. For certain legs in the Caribbean we still have room to co-create concepts on board and in line with our community spirit we would like to facilitate this for ocean nomads members. 


Hell Yeah that’s you!? Let us hear from you!
Make sure you’ve read and are happy with the ins and outs of Expedition ON, Ocean Nomads, and our Trip Values. We created a form with a few questions to make the application process easier. 


a sail boat in the ocean.
a group of people sitting on a boat with ocean nomads written on it.
two people smiling on the bow of a sailboat.
Offshore sailing adventure with a group of people on a sailboat in the Atlantic.


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