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We’re always scanning the horizon for team-ups with individuals, projects, vessels, and organizations, local, global, social and environments, sharing similar values, vibes, and mission for a healthier ocean and better planet. Together we can create waves! 


With our upcoming expedition ON around the Atlantic Ocean and across the Caribbean we’re currently particularly expanding our network in the Atlantic circle sailing destinations for local team-ups, cargo-sailing, sponsorships, and expedition leaders.

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We welcome team-ups with:

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Projects / Organizations / Cargo Sailing

 Local and global ocean conservation initiatives, eco minded sailing vessels /companies, conscious coliving/working places near the sea, conscious communities, ocean impact projects, humanitarian cargo sailing support, walking the extra mile for a healthier environment, we’d love to hear from you an co-create!

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Local guides

 When we arrive in a destination, we want to learn and give back as much as possible.  The best way, through local guidance and participation. Are you a tour guide / local food or foraging expert / local environmental or social project leader, passionate about your place and eager show us around as visitors? Let us hear from you. We’re particularly looking for on site guides around the Atlantic and Caribbean islands. 

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Research / Science

Ocean Nomads are the eyes of the ocean and keen to learn, contribute, collect data. We’re keen to support research and science initiatives to expand on the so little we still know about the ocean. 

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We’re welcoming team-ups and sponsorships with brands walking the extra mile to do good. Ocean, adventure, outdoor, sailing, zero waste minded brands, show what you have developed and how it is of value to our members and the ocean. 

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Atlantic Crossing VesselS

We receive A LOT of requests for Atlantic Sailing crew positions. Are you looking for crew, and are aligned with our vibes and values? Share about your voyage and if it fits we share it in our network of dedicated, ambitious ocean adventurers. OR join our network right away to explore the database. 

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Creators / Teachers

You have a super power, skill, or expertise that you would like to share, that is of value to our members.  Are you an instructor, teacher, educator, environmentalist, scientist or a selfmade inspiring being? Share your skills in a workshop, video, on board of our trips, resource or course on our memberhub.  We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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expedition Leaders

For certain legs for our upcoming Expedition ON around the Atlantic (Offshore as well as in the Caribbean), as well as already for 2023/2024 we’re scouting for Ocean Nomads Expedition Leaders! We’d love to give some driven ocean nomads the stage to shine their light on our voyages and all that comes with it.

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Our ambassadors are a group of exciting, dedicated and motivated salty souls who represent the Vision and the Mission of Ocean Nomads,  share similar values, take the initiative and are determined to make Ocean Nomads work together! They are scattered all over the world. They stand out because of a particular ocean experience, skill, project, knowledge or enthusiasm. We’re particularly looking for: 

  1. Country Ambassadors predominantly based somewhere and knowledgeable about the local sailing scene and sustainability efforts. Strong preference for natives.
  2. Liveaboard ambassadors living the Ocean Nomads values
  3. Expedition Leaders

Also welcoming other superpower minded influencer, outfluencer ambassadorship applications. 

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Scholarship Project

One of our main drives is to make ocean adventure accessible. It’s not only for the rich or people growing up sailing. But we also understand that an organized expedition, that simply costs money to make happen, is not within everyone’s financial reach. When our resources allow, we facilitate scholarship positions, to give back and support you on your mission with your project. Apply here and tell us about your mission / project to be considered for a spot on board one of our next trips. 

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