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Big part of the the adventure, and making a positive impact, is in the preparation part, and connecting with fellow adventurers that are as stoked about ocean adventure as you are.

You’re not just applying for a trip and that’s it. On our community hub we facilitate conversation, action, personalized advisory and connection building, team-ups and meet-ups before and after our expeditions to maximize the impact, fun, and ripple effects for ocean adventure and action. Our community exists out of total newbies and seasoned liveaboards, supporting each other in our ambitions.

Here are some crew resources to get started, get connected, and get prepared! Closer to the trip date, we also create a private group on the network hub to connect you with fellow voyage crew joining the same leg(s) as you are.

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Looking to sail before or after the expedition? Here are tips to find a happy and safe ride!

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