Meet Ocean Nomads skipper: OceanMinded Momo Markus Muttur

a man swimming in the ocean with a mountain in the background.

Markus! What’s your story?

Hola, I am Momo. Began checking this world out 35 years ago in Paris/France, then moved to Germany where I lived until my 20ies. I guess a healthy „unrest“ was always part of me, so I went to travel and work in Chile for 1 year, then moved to Madrid and studied, then to Hamburg where I started sailing and racing Laser’s and 470ies EVERY SINGLE DAY on the Alster in the middle of the city. During that time I also heavily trained Martial Arts and Yoga, which connected me deeply to my body and senses (and the feeling of flow). What more did I discover? That I can never seem to stay in one place longer than 3 years 😉 After quitting my job in Hamburg I moved to the island of the old cero-meridian (El Hierro), where I organized Yoga retreats and really really slowed life down big time in every conceivable way. Then one day got called up if I want to join a delivery from Barcelona to Lanzarote – JJJEP, why not? Through that delivery, I gained a new job as Sales Manager for a Charter Company on Lanzarote, did more deliveries, but also spend an unhealthy amount of time in the office. So, easy solution: QUIT JOB, start up your heart project!!

In my passions (Freediving / Sailing / Photography) and places (Ocean & rural land off the beaten path) I discovered new ways of understanding myself, my way of seeing the world and the ways in which I connect to my surroundings. OceanMinded (the mentioned heart project) was born out of a passion for the sea, lives through the activities I intend to create (Adventure Sailing Expeditions / Freediving Retreats) and grows via connecting and sharing beautiful ideas like waves.

a man is standing on the bow of a sailboat in the ocean.

Why are you excited about joining the Ocean Nomads flotilla?

The term “nomad” is usually equated with wanderer, drifter – a person who doesn’t stay long in one place, for whom change is the only constant. I would call myself a nomad in so far as I firmly believe that in yourself, right here, right now is all the place you’ve got… An attachment to places, in the end, is no different from an attachment to our material world – it sequesters you into a state, where you cease to live with the natural flow. I love to join the Ocean Nomads flotilla to connect with likeminded „Nomads“, to feel that our tribe of eco-positive people is huge (and growing), to dive, to sail, to laugh, to enjoy all the little marvelous moments which in the end is the purpose of life for me.

Why are you passionate about sailing?

Sailing is for me the most beautiful and magic way to travel – let the wind show you around. Furthermore, it is an activity that takes us outside our comfort zone, disrupting our pre-conceptions and the value we place on things around us.  We are obliged to be aware of our surroundings; constantly assessing our location, our heading and the risks associated with being out at sea, in this immense endless blue. Sailing reduces life to its bare essentials: Our collective well–being and capacity to achieve goals depend on the strength and cohesiveness of the team.

a scuba diver in a wetsuit hanging from a rope.

What’s your wildest ocean-related dream that you would love to experience in your lifetime?

Freediving: Get to 100m deep in Freediving and dive with whales one day!
Sailing: Own a sailboat on which I live and sail from place to place
Other: To read „Breaking News – Global Fishing fleet stops plundering the oceans, Oil Drilling & seismic testing prohibited, majority of plastics in the Oceans seem to have disappeared, all oceans declared as a holy heritage of mankind, Marine Protected Areas spread like crazy!“

Come and meet Markus and his abundance of energy, ocean dedication and ocean love at the Ocean Nomads Community!

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