ON Camp at the Forester Snapshots | Netherlands Meet-up

ocean nomads meet-up Netherlands

ON Camp at the Forester Snapshots | Netherlands Meet-up


Sooo cool to catch up and connect some Ocean Nomads brothers and sisters in the Netherlands this weekend in the nature campside forest in Flevoland. Here’s a little recap!

Camping style catch-up with some beachball and badminton play, home made veggie pizza in the Omnia on the stove Oven (Win one here!), oat banana pancakes by Nadiem, and piles of berries written off by the supermarket but not by Menno and the ocean nomads crew. From the picknick we moved our cold bums to the campfire for sharing more ocean stories, nomad life challenges and life philosophying. Before we know it it was 01.00 wayyy beyond bedtime because of the good times 🙂


Captain Menno Captain & Boatowner Nadiem Coconut maestro Jonte and I (Suzy) came on their tiny houses on wheels. And brand new boat owner Lovisa and fellow solo female boat owner @natalie came straight from their boatworks to join the fun! What a legendary crew came together here! Most knew each other from hearing stories but now for real. 

Lovisa  just got her own steel sailing vessel!  Nadiem just landed his dream job to work on the bigger picture, after going from zero to boat owner and solo ocean sailor in less than 2 years (check out his inspirational posts!), Menno just arrived back from sailing the Atlantic with Sv Twister and Ocean Nomads. 

So proud of having you all part of the Ocean Nomads family! Each one of you not settling for anything less than for the dreams that you have! Thanks for making your way! It’s so good to see your journeys over time and to hear how Ocean Nomads connections and trips has helped you with that. It feels really good to meet likeminded people doing things different in a country where the ratrace is the norm. It made me feel home in the country I’m from but not call home anymore.

 I’m curious when and where we’ll cross seas again!

Couldn’t make it to this meet-up? Stay tuned for the next. They happen rather spontaneous as we all move and navigate by weather and not so much agenda’s. 

Also, each first Thursday of the month (so this week again!) we also have an online meet-up for members to get to know your ocean nomads family from all corners of the world via video. 

Ps. Looking for a nature campside in the Netherlands? www.logerenbijdeboswachter.nl !
Ps 2. Reminded by Nadiem! www.toogoodtogo.com where you can pick up food from restaurants and supermarkets that otherwise go to ‘waste’ 



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