An introduction to Travelling by Sailboat as crew: A Journey Into Freedom, Adventure, and a Conscious Lifestyle with nature.

A woman is sailing on the deck of a sailboat at sunset.

Introduction to travelling by sailboat

Traveling by sailboat represents a unique blend of adventure, freedom, and a pure, natural way of travel. It’s not just about booking a sailing course or a holiday, or get a certification; it’s about experiencing life on the open seas, and embracing a different perspective on travel, the world, nature and life.

Different forms of Sailboat Travel

Sailboat travel can take many forms: it could be a day trip, a multi-day adventure, coastal voyages, or even crossing oceans. It’s as diverse as the sea itself. The idea is to immerse yourself in the sailing life, whether for a short duration or for months, even years.

Travel the seas as crew

Captains often seek crew to make trips more relaxed, fun, and safe. This opens up opportunities for aspiring sailboat travellers like you, who are keen to get a taste of the sailing life, or are looking for an environmentally friendly way of travelling. It’s a unique opportunity community where sharing and collaboration are at the heart.

Environmental Consciousness in Sailing

With increasing awareness about our environmental impact, sailboat travel is becoming an increasingly popular greener alternative. A sailboat, powered by the wind, symbolizes a natural way of moving forward, potentially evolving into a self-sufficient lifestyle. That said, sailboat travel has it’s impact. And with the Ocean Nomads community we’re driven to maximise the positive and minimize the negative impact.


Accessibility of Sailing

Contrary to popular belief, sailing is not reserved only for the rich or those who grew up sailing. It’s accessible even on a budget, without owning a boat. There’s a world of sailing boats and captains who welcome strangers aboard to share in the joy and responsibilities.

Preparing for the Sailboat Adventure

Traveling by sailboat is an adventure that requires preparation and awareness. For a happy and safe experience, it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into, who you’re joining, and what to look out for. Safety and compatibility are key since your life does depend on these factors.

Finding the Right Boat

Finding a boat is one thing, but finding the right boat, one that resonates with you and your values, is what truly makes the difference. It’s about feeling good and safe with the boat and its crew, and creating happy positive moments.

Ocean Nomads member Journeys

Over the years many of our members have been creating and sharing their sailing journeys with ocean nomads. You can find them on our blog, on our member app, and connect with ocean nomads to learn from those who live your dreams.

Resources for Aspiring Sailors

For those interested in travelling the world by sail but not sure where to start, you found a good place! Here is what we created for you as a newbie in the sailing world.

Free Intro to Sailboat Travel mini course

Watch our FREE Intro to Sailboat Travel mini-course where Ocean Nomads founder Suzanne introduces you to the magical world of sailing and the realities. Also she shares her story how she went from zero into sailing to sailing all oceans.

Free Tips & Stories on our blog

Explore our blog and get inspired with Ocean Nomads stories and tips from the sea.


Join our Ocean Nomad Member network to connect with other living the lifestyle and supporting fellow ocean nomads in their journeys.

The complete Sailboat Travel Crew Discovery Course

Enroll in our brand new Sailboat Travel Crew Discovery Course where our founder Suzy shows you how Travel the World by Sailboat if You Don’t Have a Boat or Much Sailing Experience – How to Do it Happy, Safe, and Sustainable, as amateur Crew. For individuals curious about sailboat travel in a hands-on way.

Sailing as a way of life!

Sailboat travel is more than a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle choice that embraces freedom, adventure, and environmental consciousness. It’s a way to explore, experience the magic of the ocean, and contribute to preserving our natural playgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious newbie, the sea calls for those ready to create memories for life. So, be kind, be curious, and set sail towards a memorable and conscious way of life with nature.

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