Wanted: Ocean Impact expedition Support Vessel(s)| Portugal | Spring | 2022

a view of the ocean from the bottom of the water.

We’re joining forces with the value-aligned 💙 ocean souls of Oceans and Flow Portugal. For their upcoming ocean impact expedition Missao Atlantis, we’re looking for one or two support vessels that can host and sail the ocean ambassador crew for two weeks, May 30 – June 15, along the Portuguese coast. The expedition includes ocean films, talks, stories, workshops, clean-ups, meet-ups, and team ups to celebrate and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

Do you✋: Have or know of an ocean-minded vessel, eager to use the boat for positive ocean impact, and can be in the north of Portugal end of May, host 3-8 ocean souls, for 15 days, sailing from the North of Portugal to the South? Costs covered! 

Hell Yeah? Learn more and Contact us to join forces

You don’t have a suitable vessel but would like to join the happenings? During the expedition, we also aim create raft up and meet-up synergies for all OceanNomads and vessel members.

The expedition includes 5 stops, featuring ocean films, talks, stories, workshops, clean-ups, meet-ups, and team-ups to celebrate and activate ocean love, adventure, impact, and community.

A beautiful opportunity to meet-up and team up with fellow ocean nomads and meet up for ocean adventure and impact.


How to join?

  1. With your vessel! Tag along the fleet for more fun, impact, and community! Maybe marina’s can sponsor our berthing. We’re working on it but can’t guarantee this (yet). Let Suzy (PM) know asap your possibilities to join the fleet, whether partly or fully, and the possibilities for other Ocean Nomads to join you on your vessel, so we can coordinate accordingly.

  2. As a nomad at one of the stops, or if you’re lucky sail with a fellow Ocean Nomads vessel Member.

    We aim to unite a bunch of Ocean Nomads at least the following stops:

    Ocean Nomads Meet-up 1: 7 and 8 of June: Carcavelos, Lisbon On World Ocean Day allocating a big army of eco pirates joining the Clean up!
    Ocean Nomads Meet-up 2: June 11: Lagos


Please RSVP  if you think you can make it! Knowing who can join when helps us coordinate the movement.

Photo: Perigrinus Studio

When we find suitable vessel(s) that can facilitate the whole ocean adventure crew, we can be present the whole 2 weeks and host Ocean Nomads meet-ups at all stops (31 May – Matasinhos | 3 June – Oeste | 14 june Sesimbra). At all stops, you are welcome to join the ocean impact program.


This event is simply an effort to connect more of you to each other and the ocean. No financial contribution is required. Just ocean love and presence. 


Check out the presentation by Ocean and Flow to learn more about the mission and team up.

RSVP here


photo credits: Janna Nadjejda Guichet


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