Your Captain for Expedition ON Leg 1, 2 and several Caribbean legs

a man sitting on the deck of a sailboat.
your captain podcast - october 2017.

This is Frans Veldstra. Captain of Expedition ON Leg 1,2 and several Caribbean legs.⛵️

Frans grew up in a seafarer family, both boat builders and seamen. He started racing at a young age sailing regatta’s in Europe and has done many deliveries and captain jobs throughout his life. At a young age he also explored the world as a nomad (see photo in the jungle of Malaysia). He now holds a 500GT Captains license worldwide. He sailed many Tall Ships and oceans in several functions: engineer, officer and Captain. He has led many sea training trips and is eager and experienced to teach you about sailing, seamanship, passage planning, chart work, meteorology and all that comes with navigating the big blue. Next to this experience he has a carpentry nearby Amsterdam. He has done the Netherlands to the south voyage numerous times. One of the most magical things of this trip? Sailing from the north sea, the channel into the big blue Atlantic ocean, her wide swell, into the wild. In Madeira and the Canary Islands it’ll be the remote wild anchorages he’s keen to go after. He’s looking forward to welcome you on board and make the experience a beautiful memory of a lifetime!

☀️We’re proud to have Frans commitment to lead our first ocean voyages!

Sailing Netherlands – Madeira is a great starting point to get ready for the next big adventure.  From sailing the Atlantic to getting your own boat. You’ll be equipped with skills, teachings, experience and connections contributing to your personal development, sailing resume, and future ocean lifestyle dreams.

The crew is complete up to the Caribbean

The Caribbean trip pages as well as the Atlantic crossing back to Europe are online and we are currently handling applications!

What are you most eager to learn or experience on an offshore passage?

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