Call for local environmental conservation people and projects around the Atlantic and Eastern Caribbean | Team up with Ocean Nomads for positive impact

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*Local environmental focused Destination Knowledge, Projects & People around the Atlantic and Eastern Caribbean* Call for recommendations!
to Maximize Learning about Places & Giving Back to places we Visit*

Making a positive impact as sailors

We arrive in a new place by sail and we want to learn, experience, contribute, give back and lend a hand. How is the waste seperation and collection process? What’s the local food in season and are the most healthy and responsible food choices? What is responsible to forage? Where find the organic produce and ‘grandma’s’ kitchen shack? Which ocean conservation projects are to be found and perhaps contribute to, with our hands, mind, and perhaps even financially? What challenges is the destination facing and what can we do as sailors to support? Are there certain items that we can collect elsewhere and ship by sail into the place? Is there a certain skills set welcome or needed that we can re-crew-ed for? What can we learn about the place and spread the word about?

A lot of the excitement is in exploring the unknown, in not knowing what to expect on arrival. But a lot of impact, depth in experience, and positive change comes with preparing. Anticipation and preparation plays big part in making a difference!

As sailors, and especially as a community of sailors, we revisit places, we have a unique skillset, and unique opportunity to support with our tools, skills, hands, eyes, and cargo sailing possibilities. We can build connections between places that do not exist in any other way. And very often we are priviledged living the lifestyle we are living, and drives us to be more giving. Beach cleanups and walking the extra mile for that local fruit is part of our routine but we want to do more, be more, give more! 

Islands & Coastal destination people! How can we team up for a healthier ocean, place and Lifestyle?


Upcoming winter 2022/2023 we are sailing around the Atlantic, visiting the islands in Macaronesia and the Eastern Caribbean with a boat load of impact driven ocean adventurers and environmentalist with all sorts of background. also, we continuously have member vessels navigating between countries and islands eager to lend a hand and contribute. Where can we put our overflowing energy? How can we learn about your place?

We are expanding and updating our database on local collaborative ocean projects and positive change – driven destination representatives, tour guides, bush people, ocean companies, and places to source our food locally and organically. For our upcoming Expedition ON, but also for all ocean nomads sooner or later sailing the Atlantic circle. Together we are creating a web of connections with vessels, local, nomads, projects, and basecamps to maximize our learning and contribution and minimize our negative impact.


Are you a local hero?

Are you a local environmental minded (tour / food / foraging) guide / ocean conservation project /  freedive/dive/kite/surf companies or other ocean nomads value and vibe sharing initiative we should know about on the Atlantic sailing route (Maderia / Canary Islands / Cape Verde / Eastern Caribbean / Bermuda / Azores) ? What can we learn? How can we support? Or simply team up!

Let us hear from you!

Get in touch via if you’re interested in teaming up with us!


On the photo: Boatbuilder Alwyn who made this model of a Carriacou sloop still to be build. The upcoming winter we visit Carriacou again, and explore what we can do to build this sloop some day, perhaps together with a bunch of Ocean Nomads? To be continued…


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